Croatia Must Visit – Plitvice Lakes

Stunning, Stunning, Stunning.. Guess that’s all i can say for this beautiful Plitvice Lakes.

I never thought that i’ll be here someday. Well, i love to travel. But sometimes your mind limit you. Things like, ‘Croatia is too far away from my home country’, ‘Is Croatia Save’, ‘Who’s gonna go with me, since i don’t do solo-travel’, and other random thoughts. Well, maybe it’s true that you proximity place a huge part. Like, you will feel safer when you travel to place that is near / familiar to you, or at least speak the same language.

I knew Plitvice Lakes for quite sometime ago, it just keep showing up on our local TV when they cover like, ’10 Best waterfall in the world’ or sth similar like it. And as the world is getting closer (thanks to the internet) i kind see it more often. Things become, a little bit familiar, you somehow know some stuff about Croatia, it might be super random, like Game of Thrones shooting place that took place in Croatia for example. But hey, at least we know something about Croatia. Haha.. and i actually quite amazed as well to know that travel industry in Indonesia is getting wider. Sometime ago, many Indonesians may not know about Croatia at all. Like some westerners who does not know where Indonesia is. haha.. But now, Croatia turns into a popular destination for avid Indonesian travellers.

Okay, let’s move on to my stunning first destination in Croatia. Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of Croatia most unique destination. It has 16 interconnecting lakes that has stunning turquoise water that you can stare all day long, and to top that they have 90 waterfalls with different sizes, with stunning viewpoints for you take pictures. more over if you are a drone pilot, guess it will be even more jaw dropping.

Plitvice Lakes is so huge that you cannot finished it all in one day. This pretty place became protected national park back in 1949, and since 1979 the place is also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many people visit Plitvice Lakes National Park either from Zagreb or from Zadar and Split. As for us, we travelled by the tour bus all from Zagreb, which takes about 2-3 hrs to reach Plitvice.

We went there in March, where the weather is still pretty cold for us Indonesian, since we live in tropical country. So, we were still wearing long-john, long shirt and a coat. I know it may sounds ridiculous for some of you, but 9 degrees was quite cold. Haha. Luckily the sun shined brightly that day, and the 5KM walk made us feel quite warm. >.<

As i said before, this lake is so stunning. If i stay nearby, i might go to jog everyday (eventhough) i am not a sporty person. haha.. Well, come on, they have pretty lakes, nice trail, fresh air, serene atmosphere, i bet most of us would love to jog here, or bring a nice book to read by the lake.

Oh, if you love to jog or hike or simple want to explore the whole lakes section of the park, they have special 18,3KM trail for you to conquer. As for my trip, since i went with a tour group, we took the shortest route.

The shortest route is 5,2 KM long, and it takes you along the Upper Lakes, all the way to the Proscansko Jezero, and end the trip with short boat ride across the Kozjak Lake. and the shortest route takes about 2 to 3 hours. I think this route is Not that psychically demanding, since my dad easily gets tired and still can walk through it (of course with a lot of stops too)

Apparently Plitvice lakes entrance fee is always changing from season to season. Why so? Cause too many visitors come during summer time, and less visitors during winter time. Clearly people love to spend their summer here, so if want a less crowded timing, then you should avoid July-August.

All i can say is, this is worth the visit if you’re travelling to Croatia. Plitvice Lakes National Park might be one of your unforgettable place. Probably the only advise from me is to bring your own drink and pee before you go in, cause you’ll have a hard time to find a cafe / vending machine and a toilet. haha

I guess nuff said. Enjoy the beautiful pictures below, everyone! ❤

Slovenia : Bled – a lake that caught my heart

I always said i’m a ‘city-girl’! Well, i am probably a weirdo, whereby i have this claustrophobic issue yet love the hustle and bustle of a busy place. Haha

But somehow this city-girl, always got captivated by nature. Always! Nature never fails me. It is always breathtaking, and it always remind me to its Creator.

And today i want to share to you this awesome place that captured my heart. Located at northwestern side of Slovenia, Bled town has attracting visitors from all around the world, All the more its Bled castle and Bled lake.

History said that German Emperor, Henry II was giving a favour to the local Bishop. But the Bishop thinks that the castle is too fancy for him to stay in. Since then, so many owners come and go, was Brixen administrative building once as well. So the castle itself changes a lot too in terms of their architecture. I myself don’t really understand buildings, but this oldest castle in Slovenia is just pretty and worth the visit.

Why though? Because it is seated just next to the beautiful Bled lakes, surrounded with big mountains decorated with a pretty little island church in the middle.

Beautiful, isn’t it?? I can stop and stare for a long whilee.. and right after visiting the Bled castle, we took our bus tour to visit that pretty tiny island church.

The bus ride from the castle to the lake was about 15mins, and took about another 20 minutes for the lovely boat ride (Pletna – a gondola like with canopy on it)

Once we arrived at that little island, we have to take 99 steps up to the church up there. History said that long long time ago there was this rich couple who lived in Bled castle. Then the husband died when he was travelling. To keep the memory of her loving husband, the wife wants to build a bell tower. But apparently after two times of sending, the bell always failed to reach the island. She finally decided to built a church to commemorate her husband.

Until the local Bishop heard about this story, and try to send the bell for the her husband for the third time.

Finally the bell made it to the island! And legend said, if you ring the bell and believe, all your prayers will come true. ♥️

Now, this place is a busy place for local couple to take pre-wed and have a wedding in this island. Well, i cant see why not. Since it’s indeed pretty in here.

Exploring Slovenia : Postojna Caves

My parents kept asking me and my brother to go for this Balkan trip. And we finally agreed to go in March, when the period is already heaten up a bit. Well, if you try to google, the best time to visit Balkan countries (southeast of Europe) is during the Spring time, which is in April/May. But since we have to go for a tour, there’s not much options on the travelling dates.

Ok, maybe some of you are asking, why Balkan? Apparently my parents are quite an avid traveller, even though most of their trips are on tour. So, not much options for us the kids to choose for. We just need to follow their lead. Haha

Anyway, the very first day of the Tour is super interesting for me. We went to Postojna (read: postonyah) cave , the billion years old cave that was just discovered 200 years ago by a cave lamplighter assistent, Luca čeč. The cave itself is super huge, it is stated that it’s the only cave in the world that have a double track railway line!

Yes, it’s the very first time for me as well to enter this kind of cave with a train (you can see my IG for reference🙈) , and it’s quite an interesting experience too to travel the first 3,7km with it. It feels like you’re in some kind of rides in universal studio. Haha. *Thanks to the imperial couple Franz Joseph and Elizabeth, who came to visit for the first time, and the people got it set up for them to enjoy the cave. Since then, the train tide has always been revamped for the visitors to enjoy the ‘show’.

i’ve been to this kind of cave in Hanoi (Thien Chung Cave) and China (Guilin, Reed Flute Cave – this one is pretty amazing too) but nothing like this before. Maybe it’s size captivates me. I think the size of the cave is 70 metres high, with more than 24km long.

But yesterday, we only walked about 2,5km. Which is the normal package of the attractions. Maybe the other 19km is not explorable for the visitors.

You have to enter this cave guided by the provided tour guide, and in designated time. So if you’re late, you have to wait for the next timing. They have many languages too. But mostly are still in english and european language.

The stalactites and stalagmites are so amazing. I can’t stop staring at some of them. Moreover when i know that it takes 10,000 freaking years to only grow a metre of it. It’s just Mindblowing!

Btw it’s cold and quite damp inside, so make sure you bring a jacket and wear comfortable shoes to walk that 2,5km of awesomeness. And dong forget to see blind Salamander aquarium right at the end of the walk. They said that Postojna blind salamander lives in total darkness in the Postojna cavern complex. They can grow to up to a foot in length, making them the world’s largest cave-dwelling animals and they can live up to a century.

There’s another funfact too why we cannot use flashlights inside the cave. Scientists said somehow our flash lights have some chemical reactions that somehow will stimulate algae to grow on the Karst. Surprise surprise!

*amazing 5 metre Karst that is very iconic. The white one (right side) is made from pure limestone, whereby the red-brick one (left side) is made from limestone with a mixture of red soil. Interesting to see how a side by side thing can grow differently.

And can you see the sparkly-like-diamond Karst? So lovely 😍

*For you who’s a bit claustrophobic like me, there will be some small tunnel inside the cave, but it’s still manageable since it’s not that tiny and there’s still room to breathe. So you can still chillax and enjoy :))

Perpanjang Paspor Online 2019

Hello gengs! Beberapa minggu lalu aku baru aja perpanjang passport online nih. Awalnya agak bingung, karena gak pernah perpanjang passport di Indonesia, dan system online-nya ternyata gak compatible sama product Apple. Tapi setelah download di android adik aku, ternyata prosesnya gampang banget! Jadi aku mau share disini nih, gimana sih kemarin aku perpanjang passport online, semoga membantu yahh.. hehe

Step 1 – Bikin Akun di Website Imigrasi Online

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 1.12.17 PM

Setelah masuk ke website, klik ke icon ‘Layanan Antrian Passport Online’ dan langsung aja ikutin step by step pendaftarannya. Disana nanti akan di suruh buat username, password, details nama lengkap, alamat tempat tinggal, email, nomor HP dan nomor KTP.

Setelah berhasil bikin akun lewat laptop. Waktu itu aku berusaha banget buat daftar antri lewat website antrian passport, yang ternyata gak compatible dengan produk apple.

Step 2 – Download ‘Antri Paspor’ di google play 

Akhirnya aku pun minjem android adik aku dan download deh. Disini tinggal isi username sama password kamu aja, terus nanti tinggal klik ke ‘Antri Paspor’ dan pilih deh imigrasi terdekat kamu. Setelah itu akan di tanya pilihan waktu, ‘Pagi atau Siang’, berapa pemohon dan yg lainnya. Setelah berhasil, kamu akan langsung di berikan QR code seperti di bawah ini. Jangan lupa screenshoot atau save as PDF untuk di bawa nanti ke kantor imigrasi pilihan kamu.

*biasa cek jadwal antri pagi2 yah, soalnya kalo sore-malem gt udah gak bisa biasanya..

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 1.39.06 PM

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 2.20.18 PM

Step 3 – Ke Kantor Imigrasi (Isi form applikasi)

Langsung datang aja ke kantor imigrasi di hari dan waktu yang sudah di tentukan. Lalu, langkah pertama yg kamu harus lakukan ketika sampai adalah, ke layanan informasi di sebelah kiri kamu. *Akan sedikit kyk pasar, karena semua orng mau berebut tanya, jadi kamu sabar2 aja yah..

Disana, bilang aja kalo km udah bikin appointment online di jam tersebut (misalnya jam 2-3pm), nanti dia liat dulu QR code kamu, terus bakal kasih form untuk kamu isi kembali. Jadi jangan lupa bawa pen hitam atau biru , terus harus inget nama panjang orang tua, alamat plus tanggal ulang tahun mereka yah!

Step 4 – Antri untuk dapat nomor antrian disana 

Setelah isi form, nanti kamu tanya lagi harus kemana.. haha.. soalnya yah gt dehh, emang agak bingung, tapi masih oke kokk.. hehe..

Nah, setelah isi form, kamu akan di antri-in disini, jadi kamu akan antri sambil duduk gt. Kamu akan di panggil satu2 dari sana. Misalnya satu orang di panggil maju, nanti duduknya geser satu juga. Begitu terus deh sampe kamu maju ke depan ketemu mba cantik / mas ganteng disana.. hehe..

Sesampainya di depan, kalau kamu perpanjang passport aja, hanya akan di tanyain QR code yang kita punya, karena si mba / mas ini yang akan nge-scan ternyataa, lalu butuh passport lama dan KTP aja (bawa asli dan photocopy) TAPI siapin juga Kartu Keluarga sama Akte Lahir (asli dan photocopy). Antri disini gak lama kok, karena mba/mas nya lumayan gercep.

Step 5  – Antri untuk di ambil sidik jari dan foto 

Setelah di antri disana, nanti kamu akan di kasih dokumen ini, yg sudah di rapihkan sama petugasnya.. Lalu kamu pindah deh antri kedalam, dan tinggal tunggu aja sampe nomor kamu di panggil. Step yg ini juga lumayan cepat, karena bnyk loket petugasnya. Tapi agak berasa aneh aja, karena dia cantumkan juga nama panjang kita di layar. haha.. Kalo yg mau modus kenalan, bisa lngsung tau nama lengkap deh.. HAHA.

Nah, setelah di panggil, kamu akan di tanyain KK sama Akte Lahir disini.. Ini tergantung petugasnya, ada yang tanyain ada yg nggak. Tapi kalo kamu mau buat passport baru / pertama kali buat passport, semua nya itu pasti butuh yah, bukan option lagi.. bahkan butuh dokumen lain, tapi aku gak hafal, jadi cek di website nya lagi yang guyss.. hehe..

Setelah itu, kamu akan di ambil sidik jari dari kesepuluh jari kamu. dan ambil foto. Step ini agak sedikit lama, karena alatnya agak sulit baca sidik jari kitaa.. haha..

Step 6 – Antri untuk dapat Slip Pembayaran 

Setelah di ambil biometrik, kita di suruh tunggu lagi. Karena dia lagi lagi rapihin dokumen kita, untuk di masukin ke slip pembayaran. Duduknya jngn jauh2 dr counter kamu, soalnya mrk akan panggil nama kita manual, gak pake machine lagi..

Kemarin aku dapet nya yg 48 lembar, passport yang biasa aja, karena e-passport nya lagi kosong dari November 2018. =( Mudah2an pas kamu apply, udah ada e-passport nya deh yah.

Untuk passport yg baru, aku bayar  :

300 ribu (untuk passport biasa) + 55 ribu (jasa biometrik – foto dan sidik jari)

= Rp 355.000

Dan berikut cara2 kamu membayar passport nya..

Jenis Paspor Keterangan Biaya
Paspor Biasa 48 halaman untuk WNI/orang. Rp300.000
Paspor Biasa 48 halaman untuk pengganti yang hilang/rusak yang masih berlaku dan disebabkan oleh kelalaian. Rp600.000
Paspor Biasa 48 halaman pengganti yang hilang/rusak yang masih berlaku disebabkan karena bencana alam. Rp300.000
Paspor Biasa 24 halaman untuk WNI/orang. Rp100.000
Paspor Biasa 24 halaman untuk pengganti yang hilang/rusak yang masih berlaku dan disebabkan oleh kelalaian. Rp200.000
Paspor Biasa 24 halaman pengganti yang hilang/rusak yang masih berlaku disebabkan karena bencana alam. Rp100.000
Jasa penggunaan teknologi sistem penerbitan paspor berbasis biometrik. Rp55.000
e-Paspor 48 halaman untuk WNI/orang. Rp600.000
e-Paspor 48 halaman untuk pengganti yang hilang/rusak yang masih berlaku dan disebabkan oleh kelalaian. Rp800.000
e-Paspor 48 halaman pengganti yang hilang/rusak yang masih berlaku disebabkan karena bencana alam. Rp600.000
e-Paspor 24 halaman untuk WNI/orang. Rp350.000
e-Paspor 24 halaman untuk pengganti yang hilang/rusak yang masih berlaku dan disebabkan oleh kelalaian. Rp400.000
e-Paspor 24 halaman pengganti yang hilang/rusak yang masih berlaku disebabkan karena bencana alam. Rp350.000
Jasa penggunaan teknologi sistem penerbitan paspor berbasis biometrik Rp55.000

Step 7 – Pengambilan passport

Kamu harus bayar within 30 hari, kalo nggak pengajuan kamu otomatis akan di tolak. Kalo aku kemarin sih, langsung bayar di ATM BCA deket rumah, dan langsung jadi 4 hari kemudian. Aku apply hari Kamis (31 Jan), dan di SMS hari Rabu depan (6 Feb) kalau passport sudah bisa di ambil kapan saja.

Jadi Jumat (8 Feb) pagi nya aku langsung aja ambil. Berikut syarat pengambilannya.

Di booth pengambilan ada 2 loket gt. Loket pertama adalah dimana kamu langsung aja taruh slip pembayaran BCA dan bukti pembayaran kamu di tempat yg sudah di sediakan. Stelah itu, bisa duduk manis deh untuk antri. Nanti ada petugas yg ambil slip pembayaran kamu, terus nama kamu akan muncul di layar kecil, nah disana lah kamu bisa liat nomor antrian kamu.

Setelah di panggil, tinggal cek passport baru kamu, dan tanda tangan dehh! Gampang bngt! Layanan online passport ini bener2 mudah sih sbenernya, walaupun awalnya agak ngebingung-in.. haha..

Aku suggest, kalo udah sampe kantor imigrasi di sini sering2 tanya security nya deh, karena kalo sotoy, bisa2 kamu antri yang harusnya gak antri.. Soalnya bnyk kejadian di orang lain pas aku antri disana.. hehe.. Semoga membantu yah gengs =)

Singapore : EarlyBird Cafe

Two weeks ago, i made another impromptu trip to Singapore to settle some stuff. Apparently this running errands to Singapore thingy is getting more frequent. Which sometimes it made me tired, but super happy at the same time.

Well, i think i cant deny that i kinda miss living in this little red dot. =)

During this very short trip, me and my Singapore friends made time to go to this one little cafe to have a heart to heart session. A session that i missed the most. It appears that i am not that open to new people, even though i am quite an extrovert person. Haha

Anyway this cafe is called the ‘Early Bird’ cafe. A cafe that’s located one block away from Bugis MRT station and had a yellow popping colour that you will surely notice. This little nice cafe apparently is very comfortable for catching up, having a sip of afternoon coffee, even work remotely and gazing at the passersby one in a while. I personally love their simple decor, and not that noisy kinda area.

Other than the ambiance, i think they have fascinating menu for brunch / dinner, and heard that the taste is not bad either. But since we already had our lunch, and we just want to hang out a while. We only ordered drinks and their truffle fries. I personally think they have a nice Truffle fries (SGD10), even though i somehow feel the one at PS cafe is nicer, or maybe smell nicer (read : more generous in their truffles oil) hehe.

I ordered their mixed juice (SGD 7) since i wanted to drink healthier things now. The good thing is, all their juices are freshly made. My friend ordered their cold brewed sparkling tea (SGD 6.50) which come in a big bottle that taste weirdly nice for me. And my other friend ordered a glass of hot Mattcha Latte (SGD 5.50) that is really thick which i’m sure all green tea lovers will like it.


Earlybird Cafe

17 Jalan Pinang Singapore 199149 (Bugis MRT)
Tel: +65 9788 6856
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Fri), 9am – 11pm (Sat), 9am – 10pm (Sun)

#Random : My Walk with Jesus (part 2)

Hello semua! Setelah 3 tahun gw move out dr Singapore, akhirnya gw menulis lagi perjalanan hidup gw bersama Babeh di surga. Buat yang mau baca part 1 nya, boleh langsung aja yah klik di sini. hehe

Sebenernya gw agak bingung sih mau mulai dari mana ceritanya. Haha. Cuman kebetulan aja inspired to write another journey with God karena barusan denger a very good sermon from my church about ‘Waiting season’. A sermon that speaks a lot to me on how to wait faithfully and on what to do while waiting.

Buat yang belum tau, gw forgood dari Singapore di tengah tahun 2015. Lalu ambil kelas MC & TV presenter selama 3 bulan, dan cabut ke Taipei selama 8 bulan untuk belajar bahasa mandarin. Singkat cerita, akhirnya gw memberanikan diri untuk pulang ke Indonesia pertengahan tahun 2016.

Gw pulang ke Indonesia untuk mengejar mimpi gw sebagai MC & Presenter ternama di  dunia entertainment dan pertelevisian Indonesia. Yah, for some people, it may sound ridiculous. Heard a lot of discouragement from my surroundings, questions and statements like ‘Baru mulai sekarang, emang gak telat? Kamu kan chinese, Jen!  Mulai darimana, emang ada koneksi? Kan di Singapore enak, gajinya dollar!’ dan bermacam2 bentuk discouragement yang lainnya.

Dan betul aja sihh, semua pertanyaan dan statement di atas adalah realita kehidupan yang harus gw hadapi. Pulang ke Indonesia dengan tidak punya koneksi sama sekali di dunia entertainment sebenernya agak suicide mission. Haha.. Gimana nggak?

Dulu gw kerja di Singapore dengan gaji dollar + bonus yang menarik (menurut gw), terus pulang ke Jakarta dengan memulai kerjaan sebagai MC yang nggak tau kapan dapet job nya, dan gak pernah fix pendapatannya.

Bayangin aja, mid 2016 gw tebar semua CV dan portfolio gw ke semua EO / WO / Entertainment Band / TV yang gw bisa search di web / IG. Yes guys, gw liatin puluhan atau ratusan WO / EO dan kontek mereka satu persaty lewat DM / WA / Email. Udah kayak cari kerja deh, sehari gw menargetkan diri untuk kenalan ke at least 5 vendor selama 2 bulan. And you know what?!

Tahun 2016, gw cuman ada 5 JOB gengs.. Hahaha. Inget banget, Job pertama gw itu tanggal 1 Sept 2016 untuk sebuah press conference, di bulan October saya kosong, Bulan November ada 1 company event dan 2 wedding event, dan December itu bantuin acara natal komunitas kristen di Jakarta (dan ini pun gak di bayar karena pelayanan). Jadi bayangin aja, the income struggle was REAL! gw sampe diem-diem tuker uang SGD gw, karena malu woii minta bonyok lagi.. Haha.. Akhirnya standard nongkrong pun gw kurangin, less fancy lifestyle back then karena emang lagi gak bisa memenuhi standard ngafe temen2 gw di jakarta.

Tapi miraculously, di akhir tahun 2016, gw menang lomba VLOG dan berkesempatan ikutan shooting di TRANS TV, dan bisa dpt kesempatan LIVE Interview di NET TV. *sempet cerita juga dulu disini buat yang mau baca, Hehe*

Ya, kenapa gw bisa bilang itu miracle? It’s because something that i never thought or imagine before. I just randomly wrote down my 2016 wishes on my agenda when i was in Taipei, i even forget about it, but God did NOT forget and even Fulfilled it! It was a mind-blowing period for me.

Moving on to 2017. I thought being on TV will get me more coverage and jobs. Haha.. Ternyata saya salah. Mau jadi MC / Host kondang ternyata tidak segampang itu.. 2017 banyak ups and downs. a period whereby i prayed a lot, asking God if it’s really His calling. Karena sebulan paling cuman dapet 1 atau 2 job aja, belum lagi masih ada bulan yang kosong. Jadi struggle-nya pun masih bekelanjutan.

Sampai akhirnya di Bulan september 2017, tiba2 gw di kontek sama bridestory untuk MC di nikahan #haripatahhatinasional. Yes, another miraculous moment, dimana aku di percayakan buat jadi MC nya Raisa Hamish untuk pernikahan mereka di Bali. Di Bali, si cantik mba yaya dan mas ganteng hamish ada 2 events, yaitu event ‘wedding solemnisation’, event yang lumayan ke bule2-an gt, dimana ayah mempelai wanita menyerahkan anaknya ke mempelai pria, bertukar janji nikah, speech dari beberapa kerabat baik dst. Event kedua mereka adalah intimate dinner untuk keluarga dan kerabat dekat dari Hamish.

Kebetulan gw cuman MC prosesi acara sore hari aja, dan malam hari di take over oleh orang lain =)  Karena hampir satu Indonesia tau siapa itu Raisa Hamish, yah puji Tuhan gw kecipratan sedikit exposure deh dari mereka.. hehe..

Dari sana banyak bngt enquiry yang masuk untuk MC wedding. Tapi you know whatt?? Dari sekian banyak yang tanya dan deal, ternyata mereka tuh bukan approach gw karena gw MC Raisa Hamish. Purely karena mereka nemu profile gw di Youtube or IG. Hanya kebetulan aja, momentnya itu tepat setelah nikahan mba cantik dan mas ganteng ini.

Dari event ini gw bener2 baru bisa relate firman Tuhan di Proverbs 10:22

‘God’s blessing makes life rich; nothing we do can improve on God

Emang semua berkat itu datangnya dari Tuhan, mau elo susah payah kyk apa, kalo Tuhan gak kasih, yah elo gak akan dapet. Seperti weird moment yg gw alami,  Dimana gw expect orng2 pasti tau gw dari acaranya RaisaHamish, ternyata mrk bahkan gak tau gw ngemcee di Raisa Hamish. Haha..

Tapi, gw berasa sih Tuhan emang gak gampang. Gak berarti Tuhan kasih kita glory, kita bakal hidup enak all the way. Haha.. Tetep aja di kasih susah sama Tuhan, karena dia tau klo kita seneng terus, pasti lupa sama Doi. haha..

Percayalah, hidup gw gak seindah di Instagram. Gw banyak bngt ketemu temen2 lama, dan bnyk yg komen ‘enak yah Jen hidup lu skrng’, ‘ciyeh, udah jadi MC kondang nih’. Sekali lagi percayalah, hidup saya belum se-nikmat itu saudara2. haha.. Puji Tuhan yah sampe saat ini ada aja job yang Tuhan percayakan, walaupun belum sampe full jadwal setiap minggu atau bahkan setiap hari kayak beberapa MC hits yg saya tau. Tapi saya mau percaya dan aminkan, saya akan jadi MC / Presenter Kondang. Hehe

Entah kenapa, hari ini gw di ingatkan soal ini kembali. I remember someone prophesied this for me, right after i hosted that 2016 Christmas event :

‘What you got up there is God’s given skill, and i can see God through your talent, open up your bible to Isaiah 44:6 – I am setting you up as a light for the NATIONS, so that My salvation becomes GLOBAL

I was thinking, how God can use me for Nations? Even up till today, i got nothing really special to offer for Global Stage. and come on, jangankan Global, yang national aja belum ke cover.

Lalu di kothbah siang ini, i am being reminded again about this, ‘The waiting time’

the wait

I learnt that i must be patient and not giving up easily, cause in the kingdom of God, everything is about seasons. There’s a sowing season, waiting season, and reaping season. None of us likes to wait, but we have to wait, cause it’s how God works. even God have to wait to fulfil His destiny.

Just like the seeds that’s planted on the ground. It needs time to grow! and you need to plant as many seeds as possible, if you want to see a forest. Likewise with our life, when God already gives you His dream, you have to plant whatever things that is needed. Plant hard-work, goodness, generosity, kindness and love. Because it will grow and you will reap it with joy!

Kita gak akan pernah tau kebaikan apa yang kita perbuat di ‘waiting time’ kita itu bisa membuahkan apa, bisa aja itu jadi ‘the vessel’ untuk fulfil God’s destiny in our life.

Yah, dari sharing ini gw cuman mau ajak temen2 yg baca, yang lagi ‘in the waiting’ for JOHAN (Jodoh dari Tuhan), waiting for the right job, the right house, the right destiny, dll. untuk tetep plant good seeds in your life. Menabur kebaikan dimana-mana, cause God sees our attitude while we are waiting. I belive God doesnt like grumpy person, cause neither do we, right?

I am not good in waiting as well, but again i pray for humbleness, so i can still praise God and serve Him while waiting.

Jadi, Sama-sama semangat yahh gengss in pursuing God’s dream!


Makasih udah mau bacain sharing yang panjang ini.. Hehe.. Have a blessed week ahead everyone! ❤

BALI : Taman Air Spa

I think it has been the fifth time that i visited Bali this year. Apparently Bali is very popular destination for every events, be it for international events to private ones, all the more for wedding celebrations. I know having a private party in Bali over the oceans or up on a cliff can be very beautiful, especially when the sun goes down and give pretty hues all over the skyline.

But apparently having a destination wedding or business trip (as for me) is pretty tiring.

The traffic that we have to go through, the waiting time at the airport, the flight itself, and the drive to our hotel can take a lot of energy. Even though what we do is only sitting quietly and probably just playing around with our gadget or reading some books.

Nowadays, i’ve been looking for a spa anytime anywhere. Gosh.. Not sure if it’s the age issue or having a spa is always a good idea when you’re kinda tired. Haha.. not those only massage place, but those with nice scents, good scrub and flower bath. *pampering day mode on.

Finally, after hosting a pretty wedding at Conrad, Nusa Dua, I decided to have my me time in this pretty space called Taman Air Spa. Was just googling around, and found this gem in Sunset area.

Taman Air spa has a lovely interior design for a spa place. A space that’s designed rightly for resting and relaxing. The nice smell all over the place, friendly staffs, beautiful view, proper therapists and one more important thing, they have a very clean space! All of the above made my spa experience whole in Taman Air Spa.

Not only that, after went to a few spa places jn Bali, i think Taman Air Spa has a good price too! I spent Rp 375.000 for 2 hours spa treatment that includes massage, body scrub, and flower bath. Oh, btw i think they have a different price between Indonesian / KITAS holder and foreigners. Don’t forget to check with them first.

And oh, this is not an endorsement. Purely good place that i just want to share.

Taman Air Spa 

Jl. Sunset Road No.88, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361



Who loves ‘Babi Sambal Matah’ ?? Goshh! As for me, i love it so much! The deep fried pork with the sambal matah makes a good marriage of something that you called ‘Heaven’!

Well, i might be a little bit hyperbolic here, but i do love sambal matah with everything that is deep fried. haha. Anyway, i bet a lot of you already know that one famous warung that sells babi sambal matah in Bali. I always go there to satisfy my sambal matah craving whenever im in Bali. But lately, the pork is getting harder to chew, and getting longer to wait. But i am still willing to wait and eat the spicy sambal matah. guess i’m just a slave for nice sambal. haha.

When i was in Bali last month for my gig, one nice lady said that we have to try IBAB Bali. They have one decent place and nice babi sambal matah too! Since i’m a sucker for sambal matah, me and my hosts from Tehila House Canggu, straight forward went to IBAB Bali right after church service.

And Tadaaa!! Indeed IBAB Bali is one decent place to have your lunch / dinner, even-though it’s a little bit warm since no air-con inside. Oh well, guess a lot of eating place in Bali doesnt have any air-con. haha. Their colourful old windows decoration reminds me of potato head too. But i love their sort of open space concept, high ceiling and the industrial feeling.

Now, let’s go to their menu! We ordered Babi Sambal Matah and Roasted Pork with rice! We love their fried pork with its sambal matah. Love the pork that is very tender and not dried, no porky smell, and love their sambal matah, eventho it’s not that spicy for me.

The roasted pork is nice as well, very tender and has nice portion for one, accompanied with pork satay and pork crakers. But as for me, i’ll still opt for Babi Sambal Matah! >.<


Jl. Dewi Sri No.88xx, Legian, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

Opening Hrs : 11AM – 11PM


Korean Food Guide : What to eat in Seoul

Hey guys! I just got back from Korea, and gain 2 kg from my 10 days of trip. Gosh! *i am still in denial! I thought all the stairs i took in Korea train stations and all the walk will shed the calories, apparently my intake was still much higher than the output. Haishh.. As i mentioned on my VLOG here, i did not expect much from Korea, since i’m not a K-Pop nor K-Drama fans, and not even a fan of bibimbap. Well, i can eat bibimbap, just not a fan of a bowl full of vegie. Haha.

Anyway, i love doenjang-jjigae (soyabean paste stew) a lot! it is something that i always order when i visit every korean restaurant in Jakarta / Singapore. But apparently most of doenjang-jjigae that ive tried in korea is rather bland. so sad =( Maybe i am that one ‘anak micin’ who loves salty or stronger taste. Haha.. I have tried a lot of korean food within my 4 days of trip in Seoul, But in this post, im just gonna share my favorite! ❤

1. Saemaeul Sikdang (Korean BBQ)

Even tough i don’t really like bibimbap, i like Korean BBQ! Well on additional note, i think i’m more to a BBQ person rather than a shabu-shabu person. We tried one fancy korean bbq named TWO-PLUS KBBQ in Gangnam area before we went for this one. And apparently the fancier one is less nicer than this Saemaeul Sikdang. HAHA. Well, TWO-PLUS BBQ has a very nice aged tenderloin, but the beef tounge is such a flop.

Saemaeul Sikdang can be called a house of pork, since they only served one kind of beef meat. And i have to say all the pork meat here are good! Or maybe i can say that they marinated all the meat nicely, so when you grill the meat, you can still taste the sweet tasty flavour out of that juicy meat. They give plenty for a portion as well, which can fulfil your hungry stomach that wont burn out your wallet. And of all doenjang-jjigae that i’ve tried, this place has the best soyabean paste stew so far. Haha.. It has salty and spicy flavour with tender tofu inside. It’s so my kind of soup.

I learn that they have many outlets around seoul, but we went to their outlet near Sinchon station exit 3. *When you’re out from exit 3, take the second right, and you’ll see many shops on your right side. Just go straight a little bit, and take the first right turn rightaway, you’ll see this restaurant on your right side.

Saemaeul Sikdan (Sinchon Branch)

18-46, Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

2. Sim Seun Tang / Simpson Tang (Budae Jjiage) 

I remember i first tried an army stew or Budae Jjigae in a small korean stall in Dhoby Ghaut Cathay, Singapore. I still remember how it looks and taste like, a very nice korean hot pot with a lot of things inside, accompanied with nice soup and instant noodle.

After trying a few army stew in Singapore, i always thought that the soup in an army stew, wouldn’t be that much. But apparently the one that i’ve tried in Sim Seun Tang, is a little bit different. The soup is so plenty, like you’re eating a bowl of ramen. Or Maybe it’s the way they have it here in Korea? Anyone wants to share?

Anyway, this budae jjigae that i tried in Myeongdong area is so nice, love the spicy salty kinda tangy soup based. Guess all ingredients in army stew is the same everywhere else, whereby they put sausage, spam, kimchi, mushroom, ham, and instant noodles. So what makes the different is the soup based. and i think they have a nice soup to slurp during winter times. and if you like korean side-dishes, i have to say they have great side-dished too! love the salted fish and spicy fish-cakes. haha.

You can find this restaurant at the junction of Myeongdong area, just opposite Olive Young. Well, i know the direction dont help much. Haha.. Since myeongdong is full of labyrinth that i myself got confused, and they have a lot of Olive young as well. Anyway, if you see a rather big junction with Citibank and Olive young on the right, this Simpson Tang is on your left building, on the second floor. Sorry guys, but that’s all i can remember. Haha..

Simpson Tang (Myeongdong Branch)

 2-3 Myeongdong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea (level 2)

3. Yoogane Dak Galbi 

This is a super must try when you’re in Korea! I know they have the same Yoogane brand in Jakarta and Singapore, But you cant miss this one out. The spicy stir-fry chicken mixed with instant noodle is the best! and if you’re a cheese lover, order extra cheese on the side, and dip it with your spicy chicken! Trust me, it tastes like heaven! Haha.

Well, not everything in Yoogane is spicy. So for you who cant take spicy food, you can order half-half with your friends. so, half side of the pan is pure stir-fry chicken, and the other side of the pan is like the pan full of spicy-goodness!

You can choose your carbs, between rice, noodles, sticky noodles, or udon. Since all of us is instant noodle lover, we dont even think when we order the carbs. Instant noodle it is, where-ever we go. Haha.. Anyway, dont wear anything fancy if you’re planning to go to Yoogane Dak Galbi, cause you’ll be out smelly from head to toe.

Yoogane Dak Galbi (Hongdae Branch)

163-11, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea 
Closest to Hongik University Station Exit 9


4. BHC Chicken 

Was wondering around what to eat that night in Myeongdong area, and then my friend said that she wants chicken and beer. So we went to this area, where the whole stretch of the street is selling chicken and beer. We took a stroll, and looking around which one worth the try. Apparently they have Chir-Chir on that stretch too, but Super quite on that busy night compared to the other stalls.

So we decided to pick the one with the most people, assuming that place should be nice. and we cannot be more right, BHC is hands-down the best fried chicken after KFC. They have crispy skin outside with the tender juicy chicken inside. And the Sprinkle Chicken flavour is the best! More over if you like salty cheese sprinkle mixed with onion and garlic. Best topping ever!

We just found out that BHC Chicken is a fast food chain in Korea. Trust me, i dont google anything of these beforehand. haha.. I guess, this is the most unprepared trip yet very enjoyable one. Anyway, let’s continue, BHC also have a wide range of flavour to choose from, from just a normal fried chicken, salty, sweet, until the very hot one. You just have to choose which one that you feel like pairing with your full pint of beer!

Other than the sprinkle chicken, we also ordered the boneless spicy chicken. Apparently it was very spicy for the average ones. Well, it is nice too, but we cant take much of that. So, we are sticking to the sprinkle chicken. haha.  Anyway, BHC uses 30 natural ingredients and sunflower oil to flavor and cook the chicken. So, this might be your healthier choice of Fried Chicken. haha

BHC Chicken (Myeongdong Branch)

21 Myeongdong 7-gil, Euljiro 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu (Euljiro 1-ga Station, Exit 5)


5. Cheong Sujeong 

This is another random restaurant that we entered, right after we stroll around Bukchon Hanok Village with our Hanbok. And we are so grateful that we found a gem in the midst of all nice-looking cafes in that area.

My friend ordered mussels bibimbap, and i ordered spicy bbq pork. My friend said she likes the mussels bibimbap so much, and all the side-dishes. Since im not a seafood lover, i dont like this bibimbap at all. And apparently they are very famous for their mussels bibimbap and mussel rice. So if you are a mussel lover, guess you should try out this restaurant when you visit Hanok Village.

On the lighter note,  i love their spicy bbq pork so much! They serve in a very big portion that myself cant finished it at all. luckily my friend helped to eat as well, else i feel so bad to waste such a good food. Love the juiciness of the meat, and the sweet-spicy seasoning! Best spicy-pork bbq so far! Super recommended if you’re around.

Cheong Sujeong

91 Samcheong-ro, Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Hope this blog helps when you travel to Seoul!

Do let me know, what’s your favorite Korean Food? ❤ ❤

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