One Day in the City of Love

Call me mainstream, but i loveeee the idea of travelling to Paris so much! I guess all the Media are very expert in portraying this city as the city of Love. #awww.. hahaha. i could imagine myself strolling around Eiffel tower and bumped myself to the love of my life. ahahha.. #soverydrama

When our tour bus was passing by Champs Elysees and making our way towards Arc De Triomphe, it feels like La Vie En Rose music is playing softly in the background. haha.. even though many people said that Paris is not as great as the other Europe countries, still i felt enchanted by the beauty of this city.

Arc De Triomphe

The most iconic of all French Monuments beside the Eiffel Tower. This Monument sculpted so delicately, and we can see the delicacy of the design even from a far. Napoleon wanted to built this monument to pay a tribute for all the French soldiers who died on French Revolutions, but Napoleon died before he can see it.



Montparnasse Tower 

This tower is the only skyscraper in Paris, we can see the beautiful view of the city from the 56th floor. The lift will only bring you to the 55th Floor if i remember it correctly, a floor whereby you can buy souvenirs, drink some tea at their cafe, and go for toilet break. to reach the 56th floor, you need to climb up the stairs. Please bring cardigan if you want to visit this top-deck, because the wind never stop blowing that makes the whole place chilly. Too bad, when i went there, the whether was a bit gloomy. =(



Eiffel Tower

My most favorite monument of all! haha. Somehow this tallest man-made monument enchants me with its magic. haha.. blame Eiffel I’m in love the movie i guess? haha.. well, apparently watching romantic movie when you are 12/13 years old, does make a huge impact. haha. But besides that, i dont think i need to intro much, since everyone should already know about this wonder of the world’s. Bravo to Mr. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel. it is indeed a lovely tower, at least for me. So sad i did not get to go up there.. it’s okay.. ill be back, Eiffel!






Cruising through Seine River

All the sceneries are pretty when i took this boat cruise. We can see a glimpse of all the great monuments all along Paris. It is about an hour of boat ride. and to be honest, it is quite boring for me. i rather walk to see the city. haha.. But if you love to take cruise, i guess it will be a great experience to enjoy the breeze of Paris while you are floating.







Shopping Time! 

We went to Galeries Lafayette and Champs Elysees to shop!


Galeries Lafayette is a French department store, it is such a shopping haven for those people who love to shop branded stuff. Guess this is the most favorite place for all the tourist to shop.. the tax refund Q was crazy when i was there. Luckily out tour guide knows someone inside, so they can prioritize us to do the tax refund.

From shopping at Galeries Lafayette and going to Champ Elysees, most of the shoppers are from China. it was like 60% of them maybe? it was crazyy.. it’s like they are everywhereee.. even some big shops like LV provides Chinese speaking sales girl just to serve the China customers. omg.. guess my decision to study chinese language is a right move? hahaha.

Champ Elysees is more like Rodeo drive, LA i may say. Boutiques and nice cafe are there.. a nice place to just sit down and enjoy your tea or to just stroll around if you dont want to shop..


Lido Cabaret Show (Lido De Paris)

This cabaret place just been revamped. This place has been around since 1946. Famous people like Edith Piaf  *the only french singer i know* and Elton John performed there before. In fact, this place is an entertainment place to see exotic dancing *literally half naked girls dancing*, singing and perform other things like magic, pantomime, some gymnastics and those dangerous act like putting a sword to the mouth, etc.

overall it was a nice show *my first time see-ing half naked girls singing and dancing. haha*. They have a great stage, a great costumes sets and great lighting to set a right ambiance.

Many men carrying binoculars on their hands to see the delicate body of the dancers as well. *Huh, nasty old men! haha..* Well, this place should be a high end entertainment i guess, cause most of the guest area wearing nice dresses and tux. the interior of the building also very classic and glamorous. They actually dont allow camera to go in, but i sneakily took some pictures with my phone. haha.





Had a goodtime in Paris. Will definitely go back here to visit Lourve, the catacomb, and just to sit again and enjoy Paris. ❤

Boone Nuit people!

**All pictures are unedited, taken by Sony Nex C-3 & Iphone 6**

31 thoughts on “One Day in the City of Love

  1. Pas aku ke Eiffel 3 tahun lalu, tamannya belom dipagarin loh. Kebetulan waktu itu summer dan banyak yg piknik. Beberapa bulan lalu balik lagi ke Paris eh ternyata udah dipagarin, padahal view mau foto Eiffel paling bagus kalo masuk ke taman…


  2. jennn next time ga usa naek ke Eiffel nya, i think same view sama gedung yang lo naek itu, or even bagusan view di gedung yg lo naek. hehehe. soalnya naek ke atasnya ngantri panjanggggggg banget, kayanya lebih worth duduk2 di bawah, di tamannya which kalo ga salah bs masuk dari bawahnya Eiffel situ. tp lo tour kok ga naek ya, dulu yg pertama kali gue ke sana tour di bawa naek. lo naek tour apa?

    enakk yaaaa. kangen Europe! hahahaha


  3. Jadi berusaha ingat-ingat pasti ke Eiffel Tower tahun lalu dipagarin nggak ya? Yang jelas waktu itu aku bisa masuk ke tamannya itu sih, hehehe 😀 .

    Paris memang keren ya 🙂


    • iya taa.. emang udah bagus surrounding dan ambiance.nyaa haha.. gw rasa hujan pun bagus.. cuman agak terkesan galau aja gt. ahahha.. iya.. mungkin klo cerah, jd kyk di monas gt kali yah panas.nya. hahaha


  4. hehe menurut gw malah naek cruisenya lebih seru jend daripada jalan-jalan di citynya karena jalan cape.. hahaa.. di cruisenya kan bisa liat semua bangunan2nya hehe.. 😀 u ke versailles ga jend?


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