MC STORY : The Miracle Wedding of Christian & Vanie

Many people asked me, which one is your most favorite or most memorable wedding reception by far? To be honest, i cant answer one, because each wedding hold their own beautiful story. Apart from the lovely venue and decor, the stunning dresses and the euphoria of the event, for me as a Wedding MC, the story of the bride & groom themselves and the presence of their loved ones are more important to make a wedding day meaningful and memorable.

This time, let me share with you the Miracle Wedding of Christian & Vanie. One of my most memorable wedding as a Wedding MC.

It was a sunny day when i reached Bali in early December 2017. I remember i went straight to the wedding venue for the Technical Meeting right after i landed. Well, usually i don’t normally go for technical meeting in Bali, not because i dont want to, but because the time doesnt really permit and often clash with the flight time. But since the venue was’t really far from the place that i stayed, so i dropped by and joined the Technical Meeting.

*FYI, i will always come for Technical Meeting in Jakarta. If the timing doesnt not match, i will arrange to meet up with the couple and the Wedding Organizer separately. Why? Because i want to know the bride & groom personally, i want to be friends with them and the organizer. So when i MC their event, i can feel that i’m celebrating my friend’s big day too!

Anyway, let’s continue our story. The TM went well, and Vanie (the bride to be) asked me to pray for the weather too. I was like, ‘Chill babe, it’s super sunny, and the organizer said it’s been sunny the whole week’

So i went back to my villa, enjoyed a plate of Nasi Babi Guling and get some rest for the big day tomorrow.

To my surprised, i was awakened by a big thunder. And the first thing came to my mind was, ‘Oh God, please stop the rain for Christian & Vanie’, and i went back to sleep. When i woke up again, it was drizzling, and still drizzling when i have to go to the venue at 2-ish.

The first thing i did when i arrived was to enter Vanie’s room and said hello!

J : Van, you look so stunning!

V : Thank you Jend. How’s outside is it still raining?

J : Yeah, still drizzling, but dont worry, we still have 3 more hours to go!

V : Please help us to pray ya Jend! I even closed my curtain so i wont see the rain. So frustrating =(

J : Do you engage ‘pawang hujan’ / rain handler (someone who could stop the rain) ?

V : We did not. We asked them what do they do in order to stop the rain? The ‘Pawang’ said, we pray.
So, if he can only pray, why do we have to pay more for something that we can do too? 

*i was some moved by their faith btw! not many couple or family will risk their big day.

J : True, we can prayy too! we have Jesus. Let’s pray & cheer up! We still have time..

And i went downstairs to get my make up done.

Almost 2 hours later, the rain still pours, i was still optimistic, but had doubt as well. Since the deco people need to stop and cover all the tables, i was thinking, if the rain stopped on time, will they have enough time to decorate all the tables?

Right after im done with my make up, i went up again. This time i went to visit Christian, and to have my pre-dinner in his villa, since all the food was there. I chatted with Christian & his 3 bestman, they were concerned as well, but still optimistic & hoped for the best too.

Not long after that the photographer came in and did some photoshoot with them, and suddenly the organizer knocked the door and asked Christian to come to prepare for something. I was like, OMG it’s almost holy matrimony time and it’s still drizzling.

When i have that thought. there’s another knocked on the door. It’s the bridesmaids!

One of them said : Hi All, are you guys busy? If not, would you three come with us to pray together? Some of Christian & Vanie’s friends are already downstairs. We will pray for the rain to stop. 

I was like, Awww.. such a sweet friendship. They dont complain about the situation but pray about it. I’m so moved once again. 

and so, The bestman went down, i finished my meals, and fix my cue-cards while waiting for my MC partner to come.. and it was still drizzling.

When i went down, all the families have lined up for the Holy Matrimony procession. I asked the organizer, ‘Can we wait a bit more?’

The organizer said, ‘We cant, we are so late already, The show must go on’

and amazing thing start to happen..

It was still raining when the event started, but when the family walked in and the praise and worship starts, the rain slowly begin to stop.

I finally joined the Holy Matrimony & sit at the back, and it was one the craziest moment of my life. i looked up to the sky, and it’s a BRIGHT sky up there. But when i looked straight far in front, back, left and right, we are surrounded by BIG BLACK CLOUD.

the only bright place is that villa! 

SUMPAH ANEH BANGET! Bentuk villa-nya kotak, dan cuman di kotak persegi itu terangnya!

and so, everyone was happy! The holy matrimony went well, the reception went well too! and another weird thing is happening.

When me and my partner about to close the event, suddenly i felt something dripping on my cue-card. I signal the bride & groom and my partner to wrap up soon right after.

and when we said THANK YOU for the LAST TIME, it started to rain. and five minutes after we ended, the rain started to pour heavily again.

I was like. THIS IS SUPER CRAZY! THE RAIN STOPPED JUST WITHIN THAT TIME-FRAME. If it’s NOT Miracle Wedding, then i dont know what is?

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 00.18.00

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 00.00.27

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 00.13.35

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 00.13.43Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 23.57.47

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 23.56.43

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 23.57.08

Wedding Organiser & Decor – ITS TRUE WEDDING // Photography – APEL PHOTOGRAPHYBride’s Dress – LYNPRISMAGARMENT // Groom’s Suit – ASSEMBLE SG // Bride’s MUA – CATLEYA DEA // Wedding Cake – SUGAR LEGACY BALI // Calligraphy – BASANTARA LETTERS 


Random : Mental Health di Kala Pandemi

Halo semua, Apa kabar? aku harap semua dalam keadaan sehat yah..

Gak hanya sehat secara jasmani, tapi juga sehat secara pikiran atau mental. Menurut gw ini sama seriusnya, jangan sampe pandemi ini malah mengganggu mental health kamu


Karena lately kalau lagi chat sama bbrp temen gw , pas tanya apa kabar? some of them ada yg jawab, ‘stress jen di rumah teruss..’

Gw pikir kata2 ‘stress’ yg kluar dari some of them tuh cuman sekedar kata2 aja awalnya.. Like there’s no more words to explain, gak ada kosakata lagi di pikiran mereka, jadi bilang.nya ‘Bisa gilaa!’ atau ‘Stress sihh stay at home’,

Well,  i did say that too a few times karena kadang mulut atau jari berasa enteng aja buat ngomong atau ngetik kayak gt. Namun ternyata bnyk yang beneran Stress guyys! Jadi bnyk yg punya negative thoughts.

Ada yangbusiness nya gak jalan, jadi berasa patah arang. 

Ngerasa jadi failure in life karena semua plannya gak jalan..

Yang dulunya baik2 aja, tiba2 semua perkataannya jadi negative dan nyakitin orang..

Yang married-nya tertunda juga jadi mikir yg aneh2.. apa ini tanda dr  tuhan untuk berpikir kembali?

Terus gw jadi mikir, ya kali semua pasangan yang tertunda karena pandemi haru re-think about that marriage, kan nggak. Kalau mau re-think ya karena character pasangannya, bukan karena pandeminya. Ya gak sih?

Lalu ada yang kena anxiety attack karena lonely, bahkan ada kenalan gw yg sampai ke psikiater, and not only one loh, there’s a few of them. But it’s good. At least mereka tau mereka harus minta pertolongan.

Menurut gw ini jd hal yg harus sangat di perhatikan. Kalau kalian masih ok2 aja saat ini ya Puji Tuhan. Tapi ketahuilah, gak semua orang bisa di sama ratakan kondisinya. Jadi please jangan bilang orng itu lebay bngt sihh, atau cemen bngt sihh. Please.. dont say those words to them.. Karena mereka gak lebay, they really need our supports.

so, in this times of uncertainty,

Yukk kita sama2 jaga mental health kita dan orang-orang terdekat kita..

Gimana caranya?

Gw pun bukan psikiater yg paham betul soal ini, atau orang yang kaya raya yang bisa bagi-bagiin uang ke mereka.

Tapi mungkin kita sebagai temen yang baik, we can show our supports gituhh.

Kalau mereka lagi ada masalah di ekonomi / relationship. Mungkin bisa coba di dengerin aja dulu. Jangan di kata-katai temennya, kyk yg tadi, lebay atau apa gitu. At least we are being supportive with a good listening ear. 

Terus untuk kita yg sudah merasa agak sedikit stress..

For now kita coba yuk replace that thoughts with other things. Karena dikit2 tuh malah jadi numpukk nantii. Walaupun awalnya gpp2, tapi kalau di biarkan nanti beneran stress. So i would encourage us to :

  1. Read your holly book dan berdoa

    I know it sounds so cliche dan sok rohani. Tapi thats the most effective things i guess? karena ive been in hard times too, and prayer tuh works like magic. Doa sama Tuhan biar elo di kasih damai sejahtera dan wisdom and creativity buat tackle ini semua.

  2. Surround yourself with possitive people.

    Elo pasti tau deh, yg mana yg harus di approach buat cerita. Yangg gak cuman kasih elo negative comment dan salahin situasi, tapi bs support elo juga dan kasih helpful advice.

  3. Cari kegiatan lain yg bikin lu happy.

    Bisa masak, bisa nonton, mungkin make up, main sama peliharaan elo, explore hobby baru, dan lain2.. As for me ya gw nonton netflix, coba bikin podcast, coba tanam hydroponic, i even tried painting, padahal sense of art gw jelek banget.. But it turns out not bad and makes me happy.. haha..

  4. Jangan kebanyakan baca berita kalo lu gak kuat.

    Pilih-pilih deh kalau baca berita. Karena media sekarang lagi berusaha untuk dapet exposure juga, mereka pun usaha dengan taruh judul-judul yang bombastis dan mengerikan. So i would suggest to turn off your TV and dont click those news from your Whatsapp group.

    And also, gw juga mau encourage kita jadi wise reader and dont spread fear.
    Jangan cuman baca judul yg bombastis terus langsung di forward. Berbagilah yang positive. Apalagi soal kritisasi pemerintah, bukannya gw sok2 membela pejabat negara nih, tapi gw rasa Pak Jokowi dan team juga lagi berusaha banget kokk.. gw juga yakin mereka juga gak mau kok begini terus.. So, let us support our government too and pray for them biar ada wisdom buat tackle this extraordinary issue.

so yeah, itu aja sihh.. bukan bermaksud menggurui, cuman berbagi aja apa yang ada di hati.. semangat gaiss! stay healthy and stay mentally healthy too! ❤

Public Speaking 101 : Body Language

Hellow Semuanya.. Gimana nih? Masih productive dirumah? haha.. Gak berasa banget udah lebih dari 1 bulan di rumah aja. Tau gak sih? Awal ada himbauan stay at home, gw janji ke diri gw sendiri buat pegang buku mandarin lagi. i say to myself, this is the right timing buat gw belajar mandarin lagi.. and guess what? gw belum pegang buku itu sama sekali mann. ahahha..

emang kurang dedikasi kadang anaknya.. yg ada gw malah bacain majalah lady diana dongg.. dan baru tau ternyata prince charles dulu selingkuh duluan shayy sama mantannya yg skrng jadi istrinya, dan baru tau juga ternyata si prince charles dulu tuh mantan kakaknya si diana juga.. gilee.. drama bngt.. Gw berdoa biar kita di hindarkan yah dr drama2 cinta yg kyk begini.. gak kuat kakak hatinyaa.. haha..

Iya iya, kalo kalian ada yg komen ‘kemana aja sist baru tau drama royal families?’ Hmmpp.. pertama, mungkin dulu gw masih kecil bngt  dan gak ngikutin aja berita royal families pas udah dewasa.. dan kemungkinan ke2, kyknya dulu gw katro ajaa gais.. hahaha..

Anywayy.. Welcome to the third episode of CERITA JENITA !

Gw berharap 2 episode sebelumnya membantu kalian yahh someway somehow di ranah public speaking kaliann..

Dan stelah sharing ttng teknik vokal kmrn, gw mau sharing tentang body language.. Well, i know some of you mikir.. Lahh ini kan podcast, gimana belajar body language nyaa.. kan gak kliatann..

Well, gw pun berpikir yg sama.. Tapi gw akan coba menjabarkan sebaik mungkin, biar elo bisa visualize juga gt.. Kan katanya imaginasi kita tinggi saat membaca atau mendengar.. Nah, kalian bs latih juga nih imaginasi kalian disini.. hehe..

Okehh.. presentasi / ngomong di atas panggung itu gak hanya sekedar jago di kata2 atau verbalnya aja. tapi aspect non verbalnya juga penting untuk menunjang presentasi kamu.. malah kata bbrp research body language itu makes up the 55% of your presentation.. gokil gak? sengaruh itu ternyata body language. 

To listen more, bisa langsung click aja yahh ke spotify di bawah ini =)

Public Speaking 101 : Vocal Techniques

Wahh.. udah bulan kedua social distancing nih.. Berasa juga yahh di rumah aja.. haha.. walaupun tiap hari pasti ada aja sih yg di kerjain.. ya kerjain kerjaan freelance, ya cari ngurusin donasi, olahraga, nonton netflix, zoom meeting sama temen2, coba belajar bikin podcast.. tapi tetep aja jiwa sanguine nya gak bs di pendam gt.. kyk harus ketemu orang.. haha.. rasanya seneng aja gt kalo ktmu manusia lain secara langsung. haha..  ada gak sih yg kayak aku? well, i guess kita memang mahluk social aja yahh yg harus bersosialisasii.. haha..

tapi gpp, semuanya kita kerjakan untuk kebaikan.. Doa gw biar krisis kesehatan ini cepat berlalu yahh.. kalo nggak, gw gak ngemcee2 booo.. hahaha.. Dannn  Gw harap elo dan keluarga sehat selalu.. baik yg masih pergi kerja ataupun yg work from home..

Nah, skrng lanjut ya soal sharing tips2 public speakingnya. Minggu lalu kan gw udah sharing nih gimana sih biar PD, how to build your confidence..

stelah sudah dapetin your confidence, kita ngobrolin soal teknik vokal yukk..

Ada beberapa 4 hal nih yg gw mau share ttng teknik vokal..

Penasaran apa? Yuks, langsung di dengerin aja di spotify akuu.. ❤

Public Speaking 101 : Percaya Diri

Hello semuanya,

How’s social distancing?
Aku harap semuanya dalam keadaan sehat yah! This too shall pass people! Badai pasti berlalu..  Jangan takut yang berlebih, karena itu katanya menurunkan immune system kamuu loh..

Nah, ngomongin soal takut nih? Kamu tuh punya ketakutan gak sih? selain Covid yah.. hehe..

Kmrn aku lg gugle2 ‘What Scares people the most’?

apa sih yg bikin orng takut? Paling takut hantu, takut binatang, taku ketinggian, takut gak behasil dalam hidup, gitu2 gak sih? Eh tenyata, aku nemu hal yg menarik buat aku, yaitu takut sama bnyk orang, alias PUBLIC SPEAKING!

Ya ampunn.. ternyata itu ada di list what scares people the most lohhh.. nama phobia nya adalah GLOS SO PHOBIA (speech anxiety)

Nah kan katanya ketakutan itu harus di hadapi. Jadi hari ini, aku akan share ke kalian caranya menghadapi ketakutan public speaking.

Biasa apa sih yg buat takut?

  • Gak PEDE
  • Gak Tau gimana cara ngomongnya
  • takut di tolak, dan mungkin bnyk alasan yg lainnya.

Jadi disini, aku mau coba share beberapa tips soal public speaking, yg aku dapet dari pengalaman ngemcee aku selama ini.

Tipsnya apa aja sih?

ada beberapa point..

Dan untuk mulai seri pertama kita, aku akan bahasa soal PERCAYA DIRI.. karena apa? karena bnyk yg punya issue dengan self confindence. Nah, kalau kamu sendiri aja gak pede, gimana km mau meyakinkan orang lain dengan message yg kamu mau sampaikan?

Aku sudah rangkum nih beberapa point tentang Self Confidence / Kepercayaan Diri di Podcast aku. Curious to know more? Langsung play aja yah, ada di Spotify dan di Apple Podcast juga..

Jangan lupa Follow dan share link nya juga yah, siapa tau ada yg membutuhkan bisa bisa membantu mereka someway somehow dalam membentuk kepercayaan diri mereka.

Happy Listening guys ❤



I’m sorry to tell you that below info is no longer valid =(



Seperti yang kita ketahui, virus COVID19 merebak cepat di dunia, sampai beberapa negara harus memutuskan untuk lockdown – suatu keadaan emergency dimana kita lebih aman untuk berdiam di dalam rumah, atau berdiam di satu area saja. Basically people are not allowed to move freely for safety reason, because it might threaten other people’s lives.

Inget banget January kemarin, aku masih bisa travel, dan masih berpikir ‘Ahh, kayaknya Virus ini akan cepat berlalu.. Dulu-dulu juga Indo aman-aman aja atau gak sampe gimana banget dari Virus.’ Memang manusia yah, kadang suka menganggap enteng sesuatu yang dia tidak paham betul.

Fast Forward ke dua bulan mendatang. Sekarang Negara China, Korea Selatan, Italia, Denmark, Spanyol, Irlandia dan bahkan Malaysia, sedang menerapkan sistem Lockdown, as an act to stop the spreading of COVID19. Nah, sekarang aku mau bahas soal Singapore, negara yang cukup dekat di hati aku. Kenapa? Yah kebetulan aku pernah tinggal lama disana, dan masih sering ada keperluan disana. Singapore tidak me lockdown diri, tapi meningkatkan precaution mereka yg mnurut aku jadi sangat ketat..

Cukup panik awalnya ketika Singapore mengeluarkan pengumuman ini. Kenapa panik? Karena seharusnya aku pergi kesana bulan depan untuk MC gig aku. Kalau client kekeuh untuk acaranya tetap berjalan di hari yang sudah di tentukan. Aku pun akan sebisa mungkin comply to their request. Jadi mulai deh tanya sana-sini gimana caranya buat masuk Singapore? Kalau sudah isi requisite health information, masih tetap harus menjalani 14-day-stay-at-home? Soalnya kan aneh juga.. Misalnya cuman mau ke Singapore 3 hari aja, tapi harus stay at home 14 hari dulu.. Hmmpp.. Kalau orang-orang yang stay di hotel, boncos bngt gak sih? Dan yg mau kasih kita makan siapa kalau kita tinggal sendirian disana? *misalnya kita masih tinggal disana sebagai pelajar atau pekerja, tapi tinggalnya sendirian..

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-15 at 5.33.07 PM

Ya, kebetulan kemarin dapet kabar kalau client aku yg di singapore akan postponed acaranya ke tahun depan, karena COVID19 dan karena banyak sanak saudara yang dari mana-mana juga. Jadi sudah gak perlu bingung lagi gimana ke Singapore nya.

Tapi karena aku sudah mencari tau, dan di kasih tau juga sama beberapa temen disana. Aku share aja yah disini.. Siapa tau ada temen-temen yg tetep butuh ke singapore, seperti oma perlu bantu mewarat cucu yang baru lahir (biasa disana kan gak ada mbak soalnya) atau butuh ke singapore karena urusan pribadi yang harus di selesaikan segera.

Jadi, terhitung tangal 16 Maret 2020 (Hari Senin Kemarin), semua pendatang / tourist harus mengisi HEALTH INFORMATION dari SINGAPORE’S MINISTRY OF HEALTH.


Nah, mereka akan cek health information kamu..

  • Masa approval 14-21 hari, dan ada kemungkinan kamu tidak di approve juga. Jadi seandainya kamu perlu banget ke Singapore, aku saranin isi dulu, baru beli tiket pesawatnya setelah di approve.
  • Lalu, pastikan kamu ada tempat dimana kamu bisa 14 day stay at home.
  • Surat approval akan di kirimkan ke email yg tertera di form, jadi jangan sampe salah ya tulis emailnya.
  • Jika kamu pergi berdua, berarti harus submit 2x yah formnya. Semuanya individual dan gak bisa di gabung
  • Setelah di approve, tolong di print dan di bawa saat kamu berada di immigrasi Singapore.
  • Kalau kamu tiba2 ada medical condition yang baru, kamu harus isi ulang form tersebut. Dan waktunya akan di reset lagi. jadi kamu harus nunggu 14 hari lagi untuk approval =(
  • Dan sesudah di approve, kamu harus ke Singapore within 14 days after approval. karena kalau lebih dr itu, health information kamu sudah gak valid lagi di mata mereka.

Menurut aku sih, Singapore sih kyk declaring travel ban yah terhadap Negara ASEAN dan beberapa negara lainnya, tapi yah secara halus aja.. haha.. But yeah i always admire Singapore on how they protect their city-state. Beneran jor-jor-an gituh.

Hopefully this post will somehow help you, and please PRAY so this COVID19 will go away soon, and we can travel freely again. Dan tentunya biar semua yang sakit bisa cepat sembuh, dan perekonomian dunia ini cepat sembuh juga yahh.







Serunya Snow Mobile di Finland

Ya ampun, gak berasa udah 2020 aja! Maaf banget baru sempet ngucapin SELAMAT TAHUN BARU di BLOG ini.. hehe.. Aku berdoa biar kita semua bisa makin sukses, lebih berani mengambil keputusan, lebih berpri kemanusiaan, dan tentunya bahagia selalu di tahun 2020 ini.. AMINNN! hehe..

Jadi di blog ini aku mau cerita soal family trip aku ke FINLAND bulan December -January 2020 kemarin. Banyak banget yang tanyain aku, ‘Kamu pergi sendiri apa pake Tour?’

Jawabannya adalah, aku pakai TOUR gais.. karena gimana yah, kalau pergi sama orangtua aku tuh gak bisa kalau gak pake tour.. Mungkin karena masalah kebiasaan, dan maunya beres gak pake nyasar2.. jadilah kita selalu pake tour kalau lagi family trip.. Tapi setelah menjalani 12 hari perjalanan, kayaknya aku cukup setuju untuk pakai tour operator kalau mau ke Finland. Kenapa?

Alasan Pertama adalah daytime nya di Musim dingin hanya sebentar teman-teman.. Well, kalau kamu cuman main ke Helsinki aja, itu possible banget buat roam around sendiri. Tapi kalau kamu mau ke Rovaniemi untuk lihat aurora, main dog-sled dan snow mobile. Aku rasa ada bijaknya kamu pakai tour operator. Unless you have that super adventurous soul who doesnt mind to get lost in the dark. As for me, i dont think i dare to do that yet here in Finland. hehe..  karena winter time disana, bisa cuman terang selama 2 jam aja.. aku sih beneran takut nyasar yah.. walaupun ada GPS.. haha..

Alasan Kedua, karena salju nya tebel bngt di jalanan. Kalau pake supir lokal, mereka kan sudah familiar yah sama jalanannya, jadi mereka tau yang mana jalanan, yang mana yang bukan.. haha.. Okay, this may sound ridiculous, tapi hutan mereka tuh cukup luas.. Kalau aku orang awam, agak bingung ini masih di jalan besar, apa udah Hutan.. haha.. Beneran deh gak bohong.. soalnya kan hujan salju terus hampir setiap hari.. jadi kalau gak banyak mobil yang lewat, jalur mobilnya cepet bngt ketutup salju.. Well probably it’s just me, but that’s what i feel.

Alasan Ketiga, aku tuh jarang liat pomp bensin.. haha.. Sungguh, di New Zealand aja menurut aku udah agak jarang-jarang.. di Finland agak lebih jarang lagi..

Jadi ketiga alasan di atas, bisa jadi consideration kamu buat yang mau pergi sendiri.. bukannya nakut2in ya, cuman berbagi cerita aja. Walaupun pas disana ketemu tante-tante indo yang tinggal di German nyetir sendiri juga muter2 Rovaniemi nya.. Hebat sih mereka. katanya udah biasa road trip gt.. hehe..

Oke, let get straight to the main story! The SNOW MOBILE! Ini snow mobile nya lagi di parkir rapih..

Beneran deh, main Snow Mobile di Finland ini adalah aktifitas yang kalian gak bisa lewatin. karena super duper seru! Dan, Aku bersyukur banget sama Tuhan, karena main ini pas lagi cerah. Gak kebayang deh main ini gelap2 di tengah hutan plus hujan salju. Udah beku makin beku.. haha

Jadi tour operator yang kita pakai adalah Lapland Safaris, nampaknya doi ada dimana-mana. Kita ambil paket yang 2 hrs of Snow Mobile. Pertama kali mikirnya, gila, 2 jam kena angin sihh kelar juga yah. ternyata kurangg! Super seruu! hehe..

Menurut aku, Lapland Safaris ini sangat professional di bidangnya yah, mereka make sure atribut kita lengkap untuk main Snow Mobile di Finland. Dari Baju, Sepatu, Sarung Tangan, Helm, sampe Balaclava (penutup muka untuk winter) pun dia ada. Aku pikir Balaclava tuh kyk buat nutupin rambut kita aja dari Helm bau, semacam showercap yang di kasih abang Ojek.. haha. Baru tau ternyata ada penutup muka kayak ninja gt, biar muka kita gak sakit kalau keterpa angin.. hehe Lapland Safari juga siapin semua asuransi dll sebelum kita main Snow Mobile di Finland.

Yang pasti untuk main Snow Mobile di Finland itu harus berusia 18 tahun ke atas, dan punya driving license. Cuman itu aja and you good to go. Karena disana akan di ajarin lagi detailnya, gimana cara mengedarai snow mobile plus semua hand signals and all  safety precaution that we should retain. Kalau kata yang suka roadtrip pake motor, hand signalsnya mirip2.. seperti angkat tangan kiri kyk mau toss kalau mau berhenti, kepal tangan kiri dan gerakan ke atas ke bawah kalau mau jalan, dan sebagainya.

Kita harus perhatiin hand signal guide kita dengan baik, karena kita melewati jalur mobil dan bus juga.. jadi you have to know when to stop and continue, and never overtake the others, karena itu bahaya kalau lagi convoy.

And, let the adentures begin!! I guess i will let the pictures tell the stories ♥️

Baru pertama kali aku liat salju yang gak ada habisnya gini, udara yang super seger seiring snow mobile kita melaju, Pohon-pohon yang tinggi yang di selimuti salju,  bener-bener berasa masuk ke film Narnia atau James Bond. haha.. Apalagi pas kita istirahat, guide nya bilang, kalau 50 KM dari sana sudah dataran Russia. ‘You can trespass to Russia if you want’ HAHA.. Candaan si tour guide langsung bikin berkhayal deh, tiba-tiba berasa jadi crew nya James Bond mau stop-in musuh nya yang Russian, dan kebut2an pake snow mobile. haha..

Waktu kita main Snow Mobile di Finland, tepatnya di Rovaniemi, suhu nya kurang lebih -20. Jadi walaupun kita sudah di kasih jaket sama Lapland Safaris yang tahan angin. Kamu harus siap-siap juga yahh.. Aku sih kemarin pakai Heattech yang katanya bisa tahan sampai -30, terus pakai satu sweater tebel dan winter pants. Nah, untuk badan sebenarnya lumayan aman. Tapi untuk tangan dan kaki, ternyata gloves dan kaus kaki yang dia kasih agak kurang menurut aku (mungkin cukup hangat untuk bule-bule itu. haha).

Jadi pas main Snow Mobile di Finland, duh tangan sama kaki aku sampe gemeteran.. dan harus tetep fokus setir snow mobile nya.. Jadi saran aku adalah, please banget siapin your own gloves and winter socks sendiri pas main snow mobile. you know your own body deh pokoknya.. aku sih tiap hari kayak buntelan ya disana..

Oh iya, kalau ada yg wondering kenapa kualitas foto aku beda-beda, itu karena handphone aku matii shayyy..

Apparently Iphone 8 plus aku will die automatically when the battery is below 50%.. kayaknya sih kedinginan yah di HP.. jadi dari 50%, tau-tau drop ke 40% dengan cepat, dan gak lama lngsung ke 1% dan babhayyy..

Jadi.. either kamu bawa powerbank, tapi rada ribet pas lg main snow mobile.. atau keep it warm dulu sebelum di pake, jadi taruh di kantong celana dulu sebelum di pake foto2. Hehe. Namun katanya handphone Xiao Mi bisa tahan dingin gais.. karena my brother using Mi phone dan dia punya batre.nya gak cepet drop kyk iPhone sama Samsung.. haha

Well, segini dulu gais ceritanya. Hope you enjoyed my story..

PS : Kalau mau lihat IG story SNOW MOBILE di FINLAND, langsung head to my Instagram yah.. IG @jenita.darmento, ada di highlight.. ♥️




What to eat in #Perth

Hello Everyone! I know i have shared this on my Instagram account weeks ago. But i guess it wouldn’t hurt if i share these as one of my blogpost too! haha.. So today, i’m gonna share with you on what to eat in Perth!

Apparently this quiet town have a lot good food to offer. My friend said the trend has been changing quite tremendously.  Ten years ago, most people will dine in their own house for dinner and most shops are already closed by 5pm. But today, you have vast varieties of food to choose from from breakfast to supper.

Too bad we only have 3,5 days to spent in this capital of Western Australia. So, here’s are my list to eat when you are in Perth! 


This Italian Restaurant has been famous since i dont know when. All my Perth Friends has this Ciao Italia at their top list when it comes to what to eat in Perth. Since they talked about it many times, so we made Ciao Italia as our first stop in Perth.

Ciao Italia has their flagship restaurant at South Perth area that does not accept reservations, but bookings could be made at the newer location in Nedlands. More over the one at South Perth is a little inconvenient if you’re bringing babies. Since my friend brought baby along with the stroller, they said it is more convenient to go to Ciao Italia in Nedlands instead. So we as tourist just follow the locals lead.

And it is indeed the best Italian i’ve had (outside the one in Italia itself of course). As i mentioned on my IG story, everything is literally nice over here.. and everything are meant to be shared, at least for us Asian. haha..

Take Ciao Italia Fettucine for example. It is super nice and  huge and so creamy. I myself cant finished this alone. I love the al dente texture, not soft yet not so hard. it is just perfect. Ciao Italia Fettucine has the combination of marinated tender chicken strips, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and spring onions, fresh diced tomatoes in a creamy white sauce.

Another two that we ordered as our main dish were wood fired Porcini Pizza and Calamari ala Griglia. Goshhh, im not sure if i were too hungry or everything is just nice here. Ciao Italia Porcini Pizza has generous ammount of prosciutto (Italian dry cured ham), porcini mushroom and a large ammount of mozarella and ricotta cheese.. Ahh, major love for this thin pizza.

The Calamari ala Griglia doesn’t smell fishy as well, which mean they are using fresh seafood. Well, i am quite sensitive towards seafood and had allergies before. But this one feels so fresh and tender. They only grilled it lightly and tossed some lemon juice on top with fresh salad at the side.. *kurang cabe botol aja sih kata aku. ahhaha.. so indo yahh..

And below, as stated! Hands down the best Tiramisu ever! I’ve tried many tiramisu, the one at Da Paolo Singapore that everyone is talking about as well. but this one is super good! Now i know why Ciao Italia is on everyone’s list! You really need to head to Ciao Italia when you’re in Perth! ❤


Ciao Italia
Address: 39/88 Broadway, Nedlands (Corner of Caporn Street)
Phone:  9389 6689
Trading Hours: Tuesday to Saturday – 5:00pm to 9:30pm



Who’s up for fish and chips by the bay?? Some review said Kaili’s is better, some said Cicerello’s is nicer. Since google review for Kaili’s is higher, we decided to go there. *anak review emang. haha.. It turns out to be a good meal experience for me. All the fried ones definitely a good one. More over when you dip it to their tar tar sauce.

Apparently their mussels are nice too! I’m surprised i can eat mussels. haha.. Cause i had bad experience with mussels and oysters and clams. so i’ve been very picky. But since it’s Freemantle, i guess i have to try, at least one..  and it turns out to be a good one, and i had more than 3 mussels. haha..

Kailis’s Fish Market

Address : 46 Mews Rd, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

Phone+61 8 9335 7755

Trading hours : closes at 8pm 


3. Viet Hoa

If you’re looking for something soupy in the middle of rainy Perth. I would like to recommend this humble Vietnamese restaurant. They served a good bowl of Phe (Vietnamese noodle) and tasty tender pork chop. Quite feels like a homemade meal with their homey taste.

I guess all food in Australia is served in a generous ammount. So, if you cant eat much like me. It is better to order one first, then decide whether or not to order another portion.

Viet Hoa

Address1/349 William St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia

Phone+61 8 9328 2127

Opening Hours : 10am – 10pm


4. Good Fortune Roast Duck House

I am not a big fan of duck. But this one Chinese restaurant is quite popular amongst Asian in Perth. So we decided to give it a try.

We ordered a plate of roast duck, roast pork and BBQ pork along with stir fry long bean and spicy salt and pepper pork ribs.

All are good for me. The least tasty was the duck, since im not a duck person. But me and my friends love their roast pork. Crunchy and tender at the same time. And ohh the fats! Hahaha love the fats. Another homey meal when you are craving for Asian food. As for me, the best Asian food is still Angke Restaurant in Jakarta and Taste Paradise in Singapore.

Good Fortune Roast Duck House 

Address354 William St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Phone+61 8 9228 3293

Opening Hours : 10 AM – 10 PM


5. Chocolateria San Churro

I’m always up for churro! Maybe because it’s hard to find a good churros, so im down to try any Churros anywhere.

And apparently this lovely Perth has a wonderful Churros place. It is a little pricy for this one plate of Churros and dips though. But yeah, i guess once in a while won’t hurt. Moreover most meal in Australia is considered pricy.

Their have four dips for us to choose. Golden dips, dark chocolate dips, milk chocolate dips and strawberry dips. Apparently the golden dips has a strong caramel taste. Some love it, but some still prefer the dark chocolate better. The milk chocolate dips is everyone’s favorite, and strawberry dips is the least favorite, eventho I thought it’s not bad. Haha

Well, it’s a must visit when you’re in Perth. It’s a chain dessert place, so you can find it in many place. But we went the one at … cause it’s just right in one lane with Good Fortune Roast Duck restaurant.

Chocolateria San Churro


6. V Burger

If you love trying out gourmet burgers. V burger is a must try in Perth. They have a wide range of burgers, from the classic ones to unique ones.

We tried three burgers and a lot of side dishes. If you’re a chicken person, you have to try their Chicken Kamikaze. It’s like the gourmet version of McD McSpicy burger. They add soy mirin glaze, fried onion, lettuce, tomato, house aioli & wasabi mayo for the sauce

We love their Madame Truffle. Tender Beef Patty, Grilled Onion, tasty Truffle Aioli, Triple Cheeses and Grilled Mushrooms with extra Bacon! The truffle aioli is the bomb! If you love truffle, this is the perfect burger for you.

Tried out their Sir Bacon too. Which consist of Grilled beef patty, bacon, tomato, lettuce, pickles, onion, cheese, mustard & house burger sauce. For me, it’s a normal beef burger tho. The other 2 is more delicious for me.. hehe

Dont forget to try out their Halloumi bites! I love this fried cheese bites too. Haha. As for other side dishes. It’s normal good for me. But worth the try

V Burger

Elizabeth Quay

Address: Elizabeth Quay Station Park

Next to BHP Billiton Water Park

Phone: (08) 9225 6448

Opening Hours:

Sunday-Thursday: 8:00am-5:00pm

Friday-Saturday: 8:00am-8:00pm

New Zealand : Hobbiton Movie Set

Why holiday always flown by so quickly ?? *sadddd
Guess it is true that time flies fast when you’re having fun. haha

As some of you know, i went to Australia and New Zealand last month. and all i can say, Australia is great and New Zealand is awesome! And Ohh, i tell you, New Zealand air is just so perfect. Setiap tarikan nafas yang gw ambil tuh berasa super fresh. Langsung ngerasa semua oxygen tersalurkan dengan baik ke seluruh tubuh gw. Beneran perbaikan kualitas hidup deh kalo kata gw. Haha.. Oke, i might be too much on this. But  It’s so rejuvenating for someone who stays in Jakarta like me.

Do you know that Air Quality Index in Jakarta is one of the worst? Jakarta AQI is 149! Whereby the healthy AQI is between 0-50. So, Jakarta is already categorised as one unhealthy city. =(

And do you know what’s the AQI for Auckland?

It’s freaking 7 !! and 40-50 around city area. The gap is too much.. No wonder i feel much healthier when i was in Auckland. haha..

Anyway, i only got 6 days in Auckland. So, practically i only have 4-5 days to roam around the city. Will tell you the city part later on, cause i just cant wait to share to you about Hobbiton!! But before i show you the beauty and the cuteness of this Hobbiton movie set. I’ll share a bit about how we went there.

Me and my friend were thinking to get a local tour from Auckland City to Hobbiton Movie Set & Waitomo Caves to see the Glow worms. The cheapest tour we could get was USD 229 (NZD 356). We thought it would be easier for us and less tiring, because they provided us the transportation + entry tickets + lunch.

But since i stayed at the south, i was afraid i couldn’t catch the timing. as they only have 1 trip / day from Auckland city area. And to get to the city by bus from the south area is about 45-60 mins in the morning.

So, we tried to check if it is cheaper to drive ourselves to these 2 locations. We tried to check a few websites and found that this new Toyota Yaris Car for NZD 35 / day. After we calculate the tickets and gas, it turns out it is much cheaper to drive ourselves to Hobbiton Movie Set and Waitomo Caves to see the glow worms.

Rented Car  : NZD 35
Gas : NZD 63
Hobbiton Movie Set Tickets : NZD 168 for two ( NZD 84 / person )
Waitomo Caves Tickets : NZD 106 for two ( NZD 53 / person )

Total : NZD 186 / person   **We saved about NZD 170 !

So, we ordered the car from this website, and drove ourselves there!

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-10 at 5.41.37 AM

If you ask me, how’s driving in NZ like?

Hmmpp.. Actually i didnt drive at all, cause i dont have international driving license yet. so my friend, Ivanna drove us all the way there, which took about 5-6 hrs in total to and from Auckland city. Thank you so much once again Iv!

Well, i actually offer myself to drive if she got tired. But we decided to follow the rules. Because :
– if something happened while i’m driving (without Intl Driving License), all the insurance cant be claimed at all. It can only be claimed by the one who signed the contract.
– my friend will get fined, cause she knows i dont have any licensed but still letting me drive.

Anyway, i guess enough of the prologue. Let’s get to the main stuff!

Hobbiton Movie Set

Located at Mata – Mata, 2 hours drive from Auckland City. A place where Middle Earth is found!

I watched the trilogy of Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit, and i love love love this place. Not really a big fan of the movie itself, but i find it super cute and amazing to see a real movie set like this. The attention to details, the cute little houses, the scenery itself, is just perfect. It’s enough to make you feel like you’re entering another world!

Do you know that this movie set belongs to one family named Alexander ?

I was in total shock to know that this tremendously huge farm is belong to only one family. I mean, whatt?! you own a 500 hectare of farm?!
and now, you manage that Hobbiton movie set too??

I wonder how rich you are, sir! You are indeed one blessed man!

Anyway, enough me being jealous. haha.. Now, a little bit background why Peter Jackson chose this as the Middle Earth.

In 1998, a team of location scouts working for Sir Peter Jackson took an aerial tour of New Zealand by Helicopter. They were searching for a tall tree near a pond that would be similar to the Party Tree described in The Lord of the Rings books. and Voila, they found the whimsical trees, standing steady and tall in the middle of The Alexander Farm.and it is just matched the aesthetic they were looking for. More over the rolling hills are perfect hobbit holes too.

Apparently, you cannot roam around this Hobbiton Movie Set by yourself.

So, the ticket that you bought is for the tour. You’ll be given a choice on which timing you want and what language you speak. After that, you will hopped on to their bus to see the stunning aerial of the farm complete with the sheeps and cows, and you will get off at the Hobbiton movie set entrance and continue with the walking tour.

And before i talk more, enjoy the view first people ❤

*spoiler alert : That huge trees on top of Bilbo Baggin’s House is Fake! We have to give a big kudos for the props team for arranging such a beautiful props up there!

Everything is so cute and pretty in Middle earth! how i wish there’s a hotel like Hobbiton Movie Set, would love to stay there at least a day or two to enjoy the view. haha

The tour itself is about 2 hours. It is considered fast for me, since we cant take too much pictures. They timed everyone there, so everyone can get a chance, and you cannot go back yourself if you want more pictures.

The NZD 84 that we spent is inclusive of one free drinks at the Green Dragon (The Hobbit Bar). You can choose a range that is only available at Hobbiton. They have 3 alcohol drinks and one non-alcohol drink. I tried the non-alcohol drink which is Ginger Beer that taste sweet and gingery. haha. Well, we can only that as we still had a long drive after Hobbiton.

Be prepared to walk alot, so please use comfortable shoes, and it’s a little bit windy and cold down there during winter times. so, wear thicker. Also, be pretty all the time girls, since you dont have much time to take pictures. Haha.. but most of all, enjoy the pretty view as much as you can. you wouldnt have this back at your country, or at least my country. haha..

To see some of my IG story, you can visit my IG too @jenita.darmento

Thanks for reading people ❤

Jewel Changi Airport and Shake Shack Singapore Verdict

Singapore evolves too fast. I always feel there’s something new every month in this little red dot, from the insignificant to the one that really catch your attention. I remember how enthusiastic the locals and the tourists are when MBS and garden by the bay first opened back in 2010. Well, it is still Singapore highlights up till today. But, recently Singapore just made a new blow in retail complex attached with the world’s best airport, Changi Airport.

Guess most of you have seen how majestic its SGD 1,7 billion centrepiece is. When i saw it on my social media, i was pretty amazed with the big water fountain inside a shopping mall. Really something that i cannot wait to see.

And i finally made it to see the Rain Vortex – the worlds’ tallest indoor waterfall ever! and indeed it is quite stunning piece in there, i have to agree it feels like you’re entering Cloud Forest in Garden by the bay. But probably i will choose Jewel now. Since you can come for free and sit there to watch the waterfall all day. Haha.. Well, Since i love the sound of rain, and the sound of flowing water, if it’s not too crowded, guess i can sit there whole day, cause it just feels so soothing. and oh, they have light show on the waterfall as well on 7.30 pm, 8.30 pm, 9.30 pm, 10.30 pm and 12.30 pm. Which I didn’t catch cause we have to leave earlier that day.

And yeah, talking about Jewel, guess we can’t skip Shake Shack!

Shake shack is one of the reason why i visited Jewel too! I have been briefed that the q can be so bad, it can take you about 2 hrs only for q-ing (if you come during lunch / dinner time)

So, I was trying my luck that day, came at 3.30pm and hoping the q wouldn’t be that bad. And guess what, me and my friends only q-ed about 30 mins. Yeay! odd hours to the rescue! Hehe. I know 30 mins is still quite long for some people. But hey, i guess it’s normal for a famous restaurant. I mean, you would wait about the same period of time for Paradise Dynasty or Din Tai Fung.

FYI : 1 person can buy up to 5 burgers. So if you come in a group, i guess you can take turn to Q.. hehe

After 30 mins of Q, we finally get to order! And oh.. You can purchase the merchandise too if you love Shake Shack that much. I personally think the luggage tag is cute.. haha

So, I ordered :

– Shack Burger : SGD 9.20

– Cheese Fries : SGD 5.90

– Pandan Shake : SGD 7.80 *exclusively in Singapore outlet only.

After ordering, we will get a beeper and we need to find our seat first. Shake shack Singapore is actually quite big, they have second floor too for the dining area. But it feels a bit cramped, since too many people are dying to Shake Shack Singapore.

The food waiting time is about 15-20 minutes, which considered long for a fast-food restaurant (i think). And, this is my verdict :

Like like likee the Shake Burger (cheese burger). Love the meat that they claimed to be freshly ground 100% Angus beef, very juicy and tender for me, love the texture, and the cheese-melt is just nice to compliment the burger. and ohh the bun it self is very soft and buttery for me. Should get the double patty if you love cheese burger.

and if you like cheese melt, you gonna have Major crush for Shake Shack Cheese Fries. Omoooo, the cheese is just so addictive somehow. I think i can just finish this by myself without sharing.. haha.. A MUST ORDER! cannot be missed! >.<

as for the Pandan Shake with Gula Melaka Crumble, you can just SKIP IT.. a waste of calories and waste of money. i rather get another cheese fries or try out their shroom burger (some it it’s better than the cheese burger). It’s just too sweet, very chendol-ish, too thick to drink as well. i like sweet stuff, but i guess this is just not for me..

Overall, it was a good experience for me in Shake Shack Singapore. Kudos to all the staff who serves us well and fast despite the never ending Q. But, if you’re asking me would you rather Q for another 30 minutes for Shake Shack cheese burger OR have a MCSpicy Chicken Burger from McD without Q-ing ? Guess i’ll pick the later one. hehehe..

So, for those of you who have tried Shake Shack. Let me know what you think. And for those of you who can’t wait to try Shake Shack. Do come in odd hours guys.. hehe.. Meanwhile, have a great week everyone! ❤