Bali Must Stay : CARA CARA INN

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Does’t matter how many times that you have visited Bali, this island seems always have something new to offer. Like OMNIA – the new day club , Parachute – the latest cafe in canggu, Wasabi – the new pork skewer stall in town, and Cara-Cara INN – the cutest and instagramable hotel ever in Bali!

I’m pretty sure that you have seen this photogenic corner!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Well, i dont know about you, but when i first saw this corner on someone’s instagram, it makes me curious how does the entire place look like. Like you are in some hairspray movie.. haha. and so, since i got the opportunity to stay here during my last trip. im gonna show you every cute corner that they have! *grin in excitement! and Ohh.. Btw, you can really use that washing machine!

Let’s start with their lobby + check in desk. Unlike hotels, where you can feel the full blast air-con when you enter their place, Cara-cara inn has an open concept lobby. I was expecting at least a standing air-con, but there’s none. haha. *a city girl problem. But I have to admit that they have a good air-circulation that makes it not humid and hot, despite the scorching sun outside.

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I love the front-desk, it feels like you’re buying a movie ticket back in 70s, isnt it? and after you checked-in, They will pass you a unique roomkey that looks like a watch in green popping colour, which you can wear it anywhere without thinking you might have misplaced it. super unique! too bad i forgot to take its picture.

after we check-in, we went right in to our room! and we present you, ‘The Blockbuster; room!

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This is an ideal room for two or three people with a queen bed and single loft, with the option for a 4th person. I have to say Cara-Cara inn loves bold colour block, that makes a fun vibrant ambiance yet comfortable to stay at the same time.  I love how the design the room too! The summer vibe colours, and i think it’s very creative to make a bunk-bed up there and put the bean-bag as the living room. Overall, i just love the layout of this room. Spacious yet compact at the same time.

As you can see from the room, Cara Cara wants to utilize the best of it’s space. So, they use their lobby as their breakfast lounge as well. And i have to compliment that they have a systematic ways to accommodate all the hungry guests. you’ll be given a coupon, and you have to decide during the check in time between the 4 options that they offer. During the breakfast, you just need to pass that coupon to the waiter, and you’ll be given a Q number. When your’s is up, you just have to take it from the counter, and enjoy it where ever you want, just dont forget to put the tray back to the allocated place.

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Cara-Cara has a lot of cute hang-out space, if you love to take pictures and chill at the same time, this might be a perfect place for you. Well, overall the place is not that spacious like other fancy hotels. You may have to take turns if you want to chill on the hammock, seat on the big cool sofas by the pool. But if you want to find something different and fun, you can consider this place as an option.

So, what do you think people? Have you plan your getaway for Lebaran holiday?


Jln. Khayangan Suci, Kuta, Badung, Bali 80361

(0361) – 4754888


Bandung Instagramable Cafe

Nowadays, eating experience is much more than just having a nice food or drink. We crave for a nicer way they plate our food, a more comfortable ambiance, a one of a kind concept, exotic food, and of course an instagramable spot. I guess looking for a nice cafe/restaurant has become our lifestyle, without us realizing it.

If you’re a cafe addict, Bandung is a good place for you to go for cafe-hopping. Seems like they have a nice, well-concept cafe in every corner of Bandung. and the good news is, Bandung has much friendlier price than Jakarta! You can expect a Rp 25,000 – Rp 30,000 (SGD 2-3) for a good cup of coffee, and Rp 50,000 – Rp 70,000 (SGD 5-7) for a proper meal in a decent cafe. Whereas in Jakarta, you have to spend at least Rp 40,000 (SGD 4) for a cup of coffee.

Since Bandung have a lot of nice cafe, and we did not have much time. Me and my friends just randomly chose whatever nice cafe that’s nearby. haha.. So, these are our picks of Bandung Instagramable Cafe! Enjoy ❤


1. One-Eighty Coffee 

This is definitely one of a kind hang-out place.  They offer you a nice indoor seats with wooden minimalistic ambiance and POOL area with a lot of greeneries for their outdoor setting! Yes, you read it right, when you may normally drink by the pool, at One-Eighty cafe you can have your meal-time IN the POOL, and dip your feet if you want too.

Since we already had our brunch, me and my friends just had some drinks over there, and enjoy the nice ambiance that they offer. A lot of young-moms brought their kids to play in ‘calf-high’ pool as well, which means, don’t forget to bring extra clothes if you’re bringing your kids.



One Eighty Coffee & Music

Jln. Ganesha No.3, Bandung 40132

0822 1800 0155

Opening Hrs : 8am-11pm


2. Ambrogio Patisserie 

Being in one group with Primarasa, the famous bakery in Bandung makes this cafe one step ahead in terms of their patisserie. You can find fancy cakes and patisserie in slightly cheaper price, and of course a taste that is undoubtedly nice.

I am not really familiar with Bandung, but i guess this place is close with some offices. cause this cafe is full with working adults when i was there. But if it’s not, i can see why they are willing to travel all the way here too. Ambrogio has a very decent asian – fusion food, with a very reasonable price. Again, i would say, you wont have these kind of meal below Rp60,000 per person in Jakarta, unless you opt for steak or salmon.

Love their simplicity with industrial feel design, and lush greeneries around! You can explore to the second floor if you want to, there’s a cute cactus corner for your ootd photo session.

Ambrogio Patisserie

26, Jalan Banda, Citarum, Bandung 40115

(022) – 20512779

Opening Hrs : 7am – 10pm
3. La Costilla 

A nice small cafe with a lot of mexican touch and a little bit of spanish feeling. Guess this is one of the ‘IT’ cafe in Bandung, since i have been seeing a lot of these place in my feeds by some of Jakarta based Influencers. haha.

Heard that the head chef of this cafe is from the famous pork-ribs restaurant, Tony Roma’s, so you can expect a good ribs from this place. But too bad, i had no appetite for ribs at that moment, and ordered a tenderloin steak instead, which has a so-so taste for me. But my other friends said that the have a good pasta though.

But undeniably, they have a few nice instagramable spots. and there’s this yellow popping colour door that reminds me a lot of ‘Coco’ the movie and makes me want to sing ‘Remember me’.

La Costilla 

Jl. Karangsari No.8, Pasteur, Sukajadi, Bandung 40161

0819 1014 6707

Opening Hrs : 8am – 10.30pm


Airbnb : Dreamwood Bandung

Partnership post

The rain accompanied our trip to Bandung that day. Thankfully the traffic was not that bad despite the downpour. Apparently sitting at the back of the car, watching the raindrops, and listening to some old songs, did bring back my childhood memories. A time where a big family of mine often drive to Bandung to visit our relatives, have a relaxing dip in the hot water at Ciater, shopping at Bandung local boutiques (or outlets – what we normally said) , and having supper at Pondok Bambu or Kuotie Shantung. haha. Ohh. How i wish i can turn back the time where all of us were still in school and less things to worry about.

My recent trip took us about 3,5 hrs to drive from Jakarta to Bandung, including a stop-over to fill up our tank, and to top up our e-money. Still a pretty decent travel time i may say. Bandung was still gloomy when we reached there, and decided to have some batagor for brunch and went to some cute cafe in Dago area to have some coffee (which i will blog it later as well)

During this short trip of ours, we decided to stay one night in Dreamwood, an Airbnb apartement located at Ciumbuleuit area. Normally, i will prefer to stay in a hotel when it comes to Indonesia, since the price different is not that huge, and you can enjoy some of the hotel facilities. But after some thought and discussions with my friends, we decided to try something new. and when we reach there, it ‘WOW’-ed each of us!

The room turns out to be much nicer than what we expected it to be. A mix of industrial design and a little bit of boho chic style, together with all the little details that are nicely placed, made this room feels so cozy and pretty at the same time.

Pretty little space, isn’t it??

I’m always amazed by those designers who can maximise the space and fit everything in. I am amazed that this space is not only clean, but it has everything too (except tooth-brush and tooth-paste. haha). They even have a small kitchen as well where we can cook, complete with the basic ingredients as well.

Not only that, they also provided us with bottled water and snacks, and some comics, novel and guitar! Too thoughtful! Guess those little things do matter to make the tenants stay more comfortably. And if i have to give some input, probably they need to put some small wardrobe to complete the room. Haha.

Last but not least, Thank you so much Mba Dinar for the wonderful stay! ❤


Dreamwood at Galeri Ciumbuleuit Apt 3

Jalan Ciumbuleuit No.42A, Hegarmanah, Cidadap, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40141

Singapore : 2am Dessert Bar

This is a very late post! *just a heads up after some people asked me if im still staying in Singapore. haha.. Well, as much as i want to, now, I’m in Jakarta people.. =)

I was in Singapore last month for work. Since i love to try new things, I used my free time to catch up with few friends and try a few cafes that we never been to. And one of it is 2am Dessert Bar by Janice Wong. Well, actually a chef friend of mine is the one who asked us to go to this place. He needs to find some inspiration, he said.

and so, we went there in the afternoon, right after our Padang lunch. haha.. Yes, i lovee Singapore Padang food, somehow it taste nicer than Jakarta. i dont know why though.. haha.. maybe it was my comfort food back there.

When we first entered the cafe, i thought we were entering some night club. haha.. They are located at the second floor, and we have to take the stairs with almost no light at the staircase. No wonder they called it a dessert BAR though.

This is a perfect place for you who love to try those dessert that you can only see at ‘Master Chef’s show’ haha. some pretty dessert that is called ‘Molecular Gastronomy’.

So, we got this this cute astronomical chocolate for the welcome dessert. and look how they plate it! it feels like the whole galaxy is on the table.

We ordered 3 fancy desserts that day.

The first one is , Shades of Green. which consist of Pistachio Sponge. A tender and soft, but too little for us tho. Haha.. Accompanied with  Coconut Mouse, which is a little to sweet for me, and tasty Pandan Ice Cream! with Pistachio crumbs. We think this is the most edible and a nice dessert combination.

The second one is Tiramisu with Kahlua Jelly, Espresso Ice Cream. It came in one huge bowl, which make us the non-photographer confused on how to capture it. Duhh.. so, it was the less photogenic dessert of the day. I have to say that it was the most normal dessert. The safest choice of all.. hehe.. and speaking about Tiramisu, i guess those in Da Paolo is more worth it compared to this one.

And The third one, which is the prettiest of all, is Cassis Plum. It consist of Cassis Bombe, Edelflower Yoghurt Foam, Choya Granita, Yuzu Pearls, Yuzu Rubies. As for me, everything is too sour that i cant enjoy it all. =(..  but loving their Yuzu Pearls and rubies.

I have to say that Janice Wong bring all dessert to a whole new level! All dessert seems like an art, they accurately put everything in it’s place. Which makes you feel guilty if you ruin the art by eating it. haha..

This 2am dessert bar is a little pricy. but i guess it is worth the try, more over if you are a gastronomy enthusiast!


2am Dessert Bar

21A Lorong Liput, Holland Village, Singapore 277733
Open : 3PM – 2AM (closed on Monday)

2am : dessertbar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Jatuh Cinta dengan Alam Indonesia

Selalu ada perasaan berbeda saat aku memasuki ruang pesawat, selalu saja ada decak kagum yang tak pernah berhenti sedari dulu hingga sekarang. Masih teringat olehku saat pertama kali aku menaiki pesawat ke benua Australia. Waktu itu usiaku masih 5 tahun, kata beberapa orang, biasanya anak kecil kerap lupa soal banyak hal. Tapi tidak untuk beberapa moment tertentu. Aku masih ingat ada bau harum yang berbeda saat aku menginjakan kakiku ke dalam pesawat, aku juga suka bau harum dari makanan yang siap di sajikan untuk penumpang.

Tidak hanya itu,  diriku di berikan boneka, kartu untuk bermain, walaupun waktu itu aku masih tidak paham apa itu kartu remi, sampai di berikan miniatur pesawat maskapai tersebut. Rasanya kakak pramugari adalah malaikat! Memberikan aku selimut, dan susu kotak sebelum aku tidur.

Semenjak saat itu, aku pun langsung bercita-cita untuk menjadi pramugari.  Tetapi, Seiring berjalannya waktu, keinginan untuk menjadi pramugari pun sirna, karena muncul cita-cita lain dalam diriku. Namun, keinginan untuk menjelajah dunia tetap bergelora di dalamku.

Dulu aku sibuk sekali memikirkan negara mana yang aku harus jelajahi selanjutnya. Sampai suatu saat, tanteku mengajak ku untuk berlibur ke pulau belitung. Saat itu aku pun berpikir, ‘Orang Indonesia macam apa aku ini? Katanya cinta Indonesia, tapi kok untuk travelling selalu memilih untuk jalan-jalan ke luar negeri ketimbang menjelajah negeri sendiri’

Setelah itu, aku pun langsung cek banyak tiket pesawat untuk pulang ke Jakarta terlebih dahulu. Seperti cek Tiket Pesawat Garuda Indonesia, dan cek hampir semua situs pembanding tiket pesawat. Maklum, karena dulu masih anak kuliahan, hal seperti membeli tiket pesawat itu harus di bandingkan secara bijak. Untung ada wesbite-website seperti skyscanner yang mempermudah untuk membandingan dan membeli tiket pesawat untuk pulang ke tanah air.

Sesampainya di Pulau Belitung, kami langsung di ajak untuk ‘island hopping’ oleh penduduk lokal kenalan tanteku. Aku ingat, waktu itu aku masih sedikit lelah karena perjalanan pesawat ku yang cukup panjang. Penerbangan dari Singapore-Jakarta-Bangka-Belitung harus aku tempuh, karena belum ada banyak  jadwal pesawat dari Jakarta ke Pulau Belitung saat itu. Belum lagi 40 menit perjalanan darat yang harus kami lalui dari pusat kota ke tempat sewa perahu untuk kami memulai trip ‘island hopping’ kami.

Akhirnya setelah perjalanan udara, darat dan laut, kami pun sampai ke Pulau Lengkuas. sang primadona dari Pulau Belitung! Rasanya, semua penat pun lepas disana. Angin sepoi yang bertiup, matahari yang tidak terlalu terik, air laut yang jernih, pemandangan yang luar biasa dari pulau tersebut, langsung membuat aku semangat lagi!

Setelah santai-santai dan snorkeling di Pulau Lengkuas, kami pun berangkat ke pulau-pulau kecil yang lainnya, seperti Pulau Babi dan Pulau Tanjung Tinggi yang ternyata tidak kalah menawan dan jernih airnya. Saking jernihnya, aku bisa melihat bintang laut yang sedang berjalan di dalam air!  Sayang sekali, waktu itu aku belum gemar mengambil foto. Jadi hanya foto seadanya saja, dan membawa pulang setumpuk kenangan indah dari sana.

Semenjak perjalanan ke Pulau Belitung, aku pun menjadi penasaran dengan tempat2 di Indonesia yang lainnya yang tidak kalah ‘kece’ untuk di jelajahi. Akhirnya tahun 2016 kemarin, aku berkesempatan untuk mengunjungi Labuan Bajo. Sebuah kota kecil di Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia yang mempunyai keindahan alam yang luar biasa.

Perjalananku menuju ke Labuan Bajo pun harus transit di Bali dahulu waktu itu. Tapi untuk sekarang, ada opsi untuk terbang langsung ke bandar udara Komodo dari Jakarta. Kamu bisa langsung cek Tiket Pesawat Garuda  yang terbang setiap harinya ke Labuan Bajo.

Labuan Bajo hampir Sama seperti Pulau Belitung, dimana para pengunjung bisa melakukan ‘island hopping’. Hanya bedanya, di Labuan Bajo, jarak dari satu pulau ke pulau lain-nya cukup jauh, jadi kita diharuskan menginap di kapal atau ‘Life on Board’ untuk mengunjungi pulau-pulau tersebut. Untuk kapalnya sendiri, itu sangat bervariasi, dari yang kecil sampai yang besar pun ada. Jadi hanya tinggal menyesusaikan budget dan selera kamu saja dalam memilih kapal apa yang ingin dinaiki.

Pemandangan di Labuan Bajo adalah ‘one of the best’ yang aku pernah lihat seumur hidupku. Semua pemandangan dari atas bukit Padar dan Gili Lawa sangat membuatku terpana. Apalagi ketika menjelang sunset, keindahan langitnya sungguh tiada tara. Rasanya aku ingin duduk saja di atas bukit dan menikmati indahnya ciptaan Tuhan tersebut. Sayangnya semua pendaki harus turun ketika malam menghampiri, karena cukup bahaya untuk turun bukit dalam kegelapan.

Tak hanya pemandangan dari atas bukit saja yang cantik, pulau timbul di Labuan Bajo yang bernama Taka Makassar pun, tak kalah indah dengan Maldives. Untuk pertama kalinya aku seperti berdiri di antara dua lautan di kiri dan di kananku, sungguh pengalaman yang sangat menakjubkan untukku si anak kota ini.

Banyak hal lainnya juga dari Labuan Bajo yang sangat menarik, seperti melihat Komodo, si kadal raksasa dari Indonesia, belajar mengenai budaya rumah adat di desa Waerebo, melihat sawah berbentuk sarang laba-laba, dan lain sebagainya. Sepertinya tidak cukup hanya sekali saja mengunjungi Labuan Bajo.

Setelah trip tersebut, aku pun makin penasaran dengan banyak destinasi di Indonesia. Di Tahun berikutnya aku pun menyempatkan diri untuk menjelajah Yogyakarta dan terkesima dengan ‘Cahaya dari Surga’ di Goa Jomblang. Aku pun sempat mendaki Gunung Ijen untuk menyaksikan fenomena ‘Blue Fire’, dan ke Nusa Ceningan untuk di terpa ombak di ‘Devil’s Tear’.

Ternyata memang benar kata pepatah berikut, ‘Traveling – It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story teller’. Sungguh, aku bisa cerita tanpa henti tentang semua perjalananku sejauh ini. Semoga tahun ini, aku berkesempatan lagi untuk menjelajah tanah airku ini, dan menyebarkannya kepada orang-orang di luar sana, agar mereka bisa merasakan keindahan Indonesia seperti yang aku rasakan.

*Artikel ini di ikutsertakan dalam lomba blog yang diselenggarakan oleh ID Corners dan Skyscanner.



Random : Traveling This OR That

Hi semua, tau dong template2 This OR That atau BINGO yang lagi super IN akhir2 ini..

Awalnya gw bingung sih, what’s the fun in that? Pas lagi liat2 IG story temen-temen,  tiba2 gw ketemu template yang menyentuh sedikit soal traveling. Jadi template-nya itu super general, tapi ada 2 questions yang nanya, ‘Beach or Mountain’, ‘Summer or Winter’.. Nah, dari sana pun, gw masih ngerasa biasa aja..

Sampai beberapa hari yg lalu, gw lagi supper sama satu temen gw, abis ngobrol panjang dan lebar. akhirnya kita ngomongin banyak soal traveling, dan pertanyaan2 generik di atas pun muncul. soal preference kita saat travel, mendingan gunung atau pantai, panas atau dingin, dan lain2..

Dan tiba2 aja dong, abis sesi supper tersebut, ke-triggered langsung buat bikin template Traveling THIS or THAT. haha.. Mungkin karena topiknya gw suka kali yahh, soal Traveling gt.. Dan skrng kalo di pikir2, gw mengangapp This OR That yg lain gak menarik karena mungkin gw gak into the topic aja gt.. hehe..

Nah, untuk This OR That ini, gw gak bikin yg cuman biasa2 aja, ‘Spring or Fall’, atau  ‘Urban or Rural’. Kenapa? Yahh, karena gw mikir yang lebih extreme kyknya lebih seru aja gituu.. hahaha.. Dan lebih bisa ber-imaginasi dan ber-andai2. hahaha.

Kyk Template yg gw buat di bawah misalnya.. I dont even know whether one day i can  travel with Private Jet or Fancy Cruise.. Or meeting The Queen or one of the most powerful president on earth now. Tapi yah seru aja gt, berandai2 kita bisa travel naik Private Jet, dan ketemu The Queen with her super cute corgis. hahaha.


And who would want to sit beside a snorer on the planer or crying baby??

But well, if i really need to choose one, gw sih bakal milih duduk di sebelah snorer, di karenakan klo ngorok kan biasa lebih ada ritme dan low pitch.. jadi kyknya masih bisa di tahan lah gt.. klo crying babyy.. mann, gw pernah pasang headset, tetep aja kedengeran lohh.. Well, emang gw gak pasang the highest volume juga sihh.. soalnya kan kasian juga telinga gw d blast dengan musik sekencang ituu.. Dan.. gw lebih kasian mama-nya sihh yg harus diem-in.. So yeah.. yg ini sih based on personal experience.

Jadi yah gt dehh.. inti gw buat template ini hanya purely untuk entertain otak gw buat berandai2.. hehe..

So, What do you think? Should i make another one? Tapi hype nya kyknya sudah slowing down sii.. haha.. *biasa deh, suka telat terkontaminasi-nyaa.. hahaha.

Btw, pleaseeee feel free to fill in my template, post it in your IG story and tag me @jenita.darmento ! Would love to see your choices. hehe.. *who knows we have similar results. hehe..

Have a great week everyone! ❤

Random : Ketinggalan Barang di Airport

*Lokasi Changi Airport Singapore*

J : Stan (adik gw), gw beli popcorn dl yahh, ketemu di gate aja nanti

S : Oke, C16 yahh!

J : Sip, 10 menit harusnya cukup..

10 menit di atas adalah batas waktu gw untuk boarding.

Biasa deh, gw kalo ke airport suka mepet, soalnya gak gt suka nunggu lama. Yes, even though nunggu di airport terbaik satu dunia. Gw suka sih window shopping, nyemil, dan liat2. Tapi sebisa mungkin gak mau berlama-lama di airport, unless ada sesuatu yg mau di beli. Nahh, untuk kasus popcorn ini, tiba2 ada yg last minute PO gt.. karena gw cici jastip yg baik, jadinya gw bela2in deh pergi cari popcorn-nya lagi.. HAHAHA

Pas liat jam, ternyata waktu sudah menunjukan 20 menit sebelum terbang.. Mulai jalan super cepat, karena dari tempat popocorn ke gate itu dari ujung ke ujung banget! Gw yakin sih gak mungkin di tinggal, tapi males aja klo namanya di panggil2 kann.. hehe..

Akhirnya setelah jalan kayak di kejar cowok yg elo mau hindarin, finally nyampe di gate. Dan yah bener aja dong, gw orng ke3 terakir yg masuk gate.. haha.. Nahh, pas lagi antri sambil ngabisin minuman karena cape dan memang harus di habiskan, tiba2 gw denger ada kegaduhan di dalam.

*Tiba2 ada yg lari2*

OM-OM : Can i go out? I left my bag outside!

Security 1 : Ok!

Security 2 : Waitt waittt..!! *beberapa petugas juga teriak waittt!*

Come here! is this your bag?? *Nunjuk ke 1 koper handcarry*

OM : No, Mine is a long champ bag. Not luggage

Security 2 : Ok, go faster!

Lalu, setelah tertunda oleh scene itu, akhirnya giliran gw untuk memasukan barang2 ke security belt untuk di check. Setelah gw melewati security check, gw melihat luggage yg lumayan familiar, sambil bungkuk2 melihat luggage tag.. Tiba2, gw melihat luggage tag gw yg begambarkan hellokitty!!

Ternyata luggage yg ketinggalan itu adalah luggage adik gw!! ya ampunnn bngt dehh! Sontak, gw lngsung berjalan lagi dengan agak cepat, dan gw melihat adik gw lagi isi botol minum di ujung..

Gw yg biasanya gak pernah teriak2 di depan umum, tiba2 spontan aja dong teriak

J : Stann!!! Koper lu ketinggalann!!

S langung berbalik dan lari ke security check, lalu terdengar obrolan singkat antara security dan adik gw

S : Hi sir, sorry,  it’s my bag!

Security 2 : It’s been so long, and you just remember now?

S : Yes, i really forgot. Thank you

Dan dia pun lngsung ngeloyor ke dalem lagi.. Lalu gw cuman gak berhenti bilang..

J : Elo parah bngt sih stann!!

Parahhh lohh luuu!

Parah bngt!

S : Gw lupa bangettt! Tadi beresin laptop dari security check, karena harus di keluarin, dan lupa aja gt abis itu.

Tapi gw emang gitu sihh.. Suka lupa.. Kemarin pas berangkat juga lupa, untung ada si Panda

J : Yah gak gt juga kalii.. di inget2 lahh elo bawa apaaa! Kalo mami tau sih habis lohh luu di omelinn..

Adik gw tuh emang suka lupaa, mangkanya awal2 kita pergi ke luar negri sendiri, bonyok selalu titipin passport dia ke gw. Yang gw gak suka bngt! Karena, mau sampe kapan?? Udah gede juga kelesss, udah harus bisa belajar tanggung jawab atas barang2nya sendiri.. Well, Emang sih, kadang lupa itu unavoidable bngt..

Tapi menurut gw yg kali ini lumayan parah, kalo tentengan kecil gt yang ketinggalan gw rasa bisa maklumin yahh.. ini koper loh kawan2.. benda besar! sampe pusinggg dehh tadii.. haha..

Nah, sesampainya di Jakarta, lagi mau immigrasi keluar, tiba2 ada sekumpulan ibu2 yang lagi heboh di pinggir..

Ibu 1: Pak, ini tas saya ketinggalan di pesawat gimana yah?

Security : Wah bu, harus ke  counter maskapai nya langsung di depan.

Dalam hati gw sih, harusnya si ibu gak usah nanya security di depan, langsung aja lari balik ke pesawat, harusnya mah masih bersih2. Tapi nampaknya si ibu langsung aja mengikuti instruksi si bapak security tersebut, dan saya kurang paham lagi bagaimana ceritanya si ibu ini, dan si bapak tadi yg ketinggalan tas long-champ di Changi airport.

Ya ampyunnn deh pokoknya penerbangan kali ini, yg gw tau aja tuh udah 3 kejadian di dalam satu pesawat..

Mudah-mudahan kita semua bisa lebih aware yah akan barang bawaan kita, soalnya kan sayang bngt klo ketinggalan, apalagi kalo hilang.. Duh, amit2 dehhh..!

Jadi inget dulu gw sendiri pernah kelupaan laptop juga di Soekarno Hatta, pas mau terbang ke Singapore. Ceritanya nih, gw pindah tempat duduk 2x. Yg pertama duduk di depan boarding room, udah gitu pindah ke dalem boarding room dan duduk lagi. Kejadian yg ini pun gw blank bngt! Kayaknya gara2 gw terlalu konsen baca novel, sampe lupa gw ada tentengan laptop.

Di saat gw sedang duduk, dan pesawat sudah taxi. Tiba2 nyokap datengin gw (kita gak duduk bareng karena beda booking number)

Mom : Laptop kamu mana?

Gw hanya tertegun sambil pegang majalah airline tersebut di tangan. Lalu tiba2 ada pramugara yg samperin kita.

Steward : Maam, is this your laptop?

J : Yes! That’s mine.

Steward : Can you tell me what’s the brand of your laptop?

J : Macbook air

Steward : What colour?

J : Silver with some eiffel tower stickers on it.

Steward : Okay. It’s yours. Be careful next time

J : Thank you so much!!

Gilaa juga gakk sih gww?? Gw meninggalkan laptop yang gw butuhkan untuk kerja.. Entah lebih buruk mana, ketinggalan koper apa laptop. haha.. Saat itu gw cuman ngerasa Tuhan super baik, untuk kirimin orang2 jujur dan niat untuk balikin laptop gw. Dari crew soe-ta yg bisa aja ambil laptop gw, sampai cabin crew yg baik hati untuk cariin ownernya di pesawat yg lagi taxi.

Kamu sendiri gimana? Pernah ketinggalan barang gak di Airport?


Random : GEMPA BUMI!

Kemarin siang, tanggal 23 January 2018. Jakarta dan Banten di guncang Gempa Bumi yang cukup kuat. Kalau kata BMKG sih gempa nya berkekuatan 6,4 SR, dan tidak berpotensi Tsunami (Pusat Gempa berada di 81 KM Barat Daya Lebak Banten).

Gempa kemarin ini, adalah Gempa ke 4 yang gw rasakan seumur hidup gw. Well, mungkin banyak gempa lainnya yah, tapi kebetulan yang gw berasa banget cuman 4 kali aja sejauh ini..

Jadi ceritanya kemarin tuh lagi asik ngerjain part time gw di rumah. *Oh iya! belom cerita2 update hidup lagi nihh.. hehe.. semoga soon aku bs ngeblog soal update hidup terbaru yahh… walaupun status belom update nihh.. #lohkokcurhat. HAHA. Yah pokoknya aku lagi part-time juga nih, megang sosmed sebuah company gt, kerja sampingan selain MC. hehe.

Karena gw anaknya agak pemales kadang *ooppss* jadi gw tuh suka laptopan sambil tiduran di ranjang. haha. Tiba-tiba kok ranjang kayak di guncang kenceng bngt, terus kaca jendela tiba2 bergemuruh.. Sontak berpikir, ‘Wah Gempa! gila, kenceng bngt nih gempa!’ Dan setelah itu, gw bingung dong kawan2 harus ngapain.. Pdhl mah, harusnya evakuasi secepatnya yahh.. huahua..

Kemarin gw mager bngt di ranjang, karena mikir, ‘Ahhh, kyknya gpp, ini gempa cuman bentar doang harusnyaa’.. TAPI ternyata saya salah saudara2.. Gempanya cukup lama lohhh.. kyk hampir 1 menit-an gt gak sih? Dan gw di rumah super sendirian dong kemarin.. Jadi bener2 bingung gt, gw harus ngapain.. errr..

Puji Tuhan bngt semuanya gak kenapa2 yahh ibu2 bapak2.. Cuman pusing2 aja sedikit sehabis gempa.. Fiuhh..

Nah, gara2 gempa yg cukup kenceng bngt nihh kemarin, gw jadi inget ke3 pengalaman gw merasakan gempa sebelumnya..

Gempa Pertama – di Singapore 

Yupskie, walaupun itu negara cuman sebesar Jakarta dan katanya super aman dari segala bencana (karena posisi geografis yang cukup strategis) kyknya kalo ngomonging gempa, itu negara akan tetep kena2 aja dehh..

Jadi ceritanya waktu itu tuh aku masih muda beliaa. HAHA. masih ngerjain tugas kuliah di apartment kos-kos-an *Iyahh, aku sempet nge-kost juga dulu pas awal2 pindah* Rumah kos2an yg dulu tuh cukup spacious, jadi ada meja makan dimana gw dan temen2 selalu ngerjain tugas, dan ada sofa buat goler2an kalo lagi cape ngerjain tugas. haha..

Waktu itu di kos2an cuman lagi berdua aja. Gw dan satu cici. Gw lagi ngerjain tugas di meja, dan si cici lagi tiduran di sofa.. Tau2, gw melihat lampu chantique yg menggantung di atas sofa goyang kenceng bngt! Sampe bunyi gt lohh crystal2nyaa.. Terus gw lngsung teriak ‘PEIII! GEMPAA YAAA??’ (Pei adalah nama si cici tersebut)

Terus Pei cuman jawab, ‘Iyah gituhh??’ karena doi lg tiduran di sofa, jadi gak gitu berasa

Waktu itu gw sedikit panik dan bingung.. Bengong di depan laptop, dan mikir apa yg harus di lakukan.. Yg kayaknya sih wajar yahh kalo gw panik dan bingung, karena itu adalah gempa pertama yg gw benar2 rasakan..

‘Jadi gimana nih Pei? Apa kita turunn??’

‘Gw pikir tuh gw pusing karena kecapean, Jendd, ternyata gempa yahh? Ya ampunn! Terus gimana atuh? Turun?’

And while we were having that conversation, Gempa nya pun sudah berhenti.. Jadi kita decide buat stay aja di dlm apartment. Dan untungnya gak ada gempa susulan lagi setelah itu..  *Fiuhhh* Seinget gw saat itu asal gempanya dari Sumatra, mangkanya Singapore juga bisa terasa getarannya.. Dan untung cuman sebentar, jadi gak sampe panik2 banget dehh..

Gempa Kedua – di Taipei

Gempa kedua ini adalah experience gw yg PALING HORROR!

Ceritanya gw lagi skype sama temen gw yg lg di Jepang.. Tiba2, kok gantungan baju (yg di tembok) yg berada di depan gw goyangnya kenceng bngt! baju gw sampe goyang2 ke kiri dan ke kanan mann! Pertama gw pikir gw ngantukk, karena itu udah mlm.. tapi in split seconds, gw berasa ranjang gw pun goyang, dan semua bergoyang!

Terus gw bilang sama temen skype gw, ‘Ka.. Gempa ka, gempa!! Udahan dulu yahh! Byeee’, lngsung gw tutup laptop, dan lari ke lantai bawah (karena gw tinggal di lantai dua).. Pas gw sampe lantai bawahh, temen kos gw lagi asik laptopan dan yg dua orng lagi, lagi santai2 aja gituhh!

Sampai di bawah pun, gw teriak lagii.. ‘Gempaaa girlss!’ gimana nihh??’

Dan mereka santai.nya bilang, ‘Buka aja jen pintu depan kita.. ini mah udah biasa kokk.’

Gw super shockkkk dongg pas mereka bilang, ‘Ini mah udah biasa’. Soalnya itu gempa super kenceng, dan bertahan kira2 dua menit lebih! Karena gw inget, dari gw sadar itu adalah gempa, tutup laptop, dan lari kebawah itu masih gempa! Kan berarti cukup lama donggg..

Terus yah karena housemate gw gak panik, yaudah, jadi gw lebih santai dikit dehh..

Lalu gw tanya dong, kenapa kita harus buka pintu? Lalu mereka jelasin, kalau gempa kan mungkin bisa ngerusak struktur gedung (walaupun gak sampe hancur).. Nah, frame rumah itu mungkin aja bisa bengkok dan buat pintu jadi gak bisa di buka.

Setelah itu, gw pun jadi mikir.. ‘Gila yahh, ini gempa kenceng bngt dan hampir 2 menit aja mrk biasa banget.. perlu gempa yg kyk gimana yg bs bikin mrk panik?’

Dan ternyata, stelah ngobrol2 lagi.. emang Pernah gempa yg lebih parah dr ini, dan gak kenapa2 juga. Dan katanyaaa gempa 1-2 menit itu super biasa aja di Taiwan.. *haishhh..

Gempa Ketiga – Masih di Taipei

Kira2 satu minggu berseling setelah kejadian gempa di atas.

Ceritanya gw lagi buru2 karena telat ke sekolah.. Alhasil gw harus lari ke train station. Sesampainya di train station, gw pun langsung lari masuk ke train yg pintunya hampir tertutup juga.. Setelah pintunya tertutup, dan gw masih menghela napas. Tiba2 gw kyk kehilangan balance gt, gw pikir train udah jalan.. Dan pas gw pegangan ke pintu train. Ternyata oh ternyata! Keretanya belom jalan cuyyy!!

Jadi yg terjadi adalah, gempa bumi lagii! Ya ampunn.. hahaua.. Parahnya ini di train station.. di bawah tanahh! lebih bahaya lagi gak sih? Gila dehh, tinggal di taiwan penuh rasa deg2an gempa-nyaa..

Tapi, reaksi yg gw dapatkan di train ini lebih normal, karena bbrp orng masih celingak celinguk dengan muka agak panik dan gak sesantai housemate2 di cerita sebelumnya..

Setelah gempa yg untungnya hanya sebentar, tiba2 ada pengumuman pake bahasa mandarin yg bilang kalau barusan terjadi gempa, dan gak kenapa2, jadi nya kereta akan jalan 5 menit lagi.. Dannn.. bayangkan dongg.. ketika gw lg agak panik, gw masih harus mencerna pengumuman dengan bahasa yg gw baru belajar selama kurang lebih 5 bulan.. Ya ampyunn.. pusingg.. Yasudahlahh, aku Doa ajalahh mendingann. hahaha.

Tapi di gempa yg sebentar ini, ada susulannya dongg.. Sesampainya gw di sekolah, baru aja dudukk.. tiba2 goyang lagiii..

Nahh.. reaksii di sekolah ini yg lebih hebohh.. haha.. Mungkin karena semuanya anak international yg gak biasa sama gempa kali yahh.. Sampai guru2 kita mencoba menenangkan dan meyakinkan kalau ini kerap terjadi di Taiwan dan gedung sekolah kita ini itu baruuu dan aman! hahaha.

Yah, begitulah teman2 cerita pengalaman gempa bumi saya.. Kalau kamu sendiri, kmrn  lagi ngapain pas Gempa bumi? mudah2an semua baik2 aja ya.. Takecare all.. ❤


Paragliding Over A Spectacular View in Bali (VLOG)

‘Wooww.. wooww.. and wooww!’ I think i screamed that word for more than a dozen time during my 15 mins of paragliding session. Not to mention the loudest ‘WOOOOWW’ when i first took off from the high cliff. Haha. It’s just so hilarious when i played back the video.

Paragliding in Bali was an impromptu decision. I thought this round of trip to Bali will be full of work and relax, nothing on raising adrenaline kind of activities. But i was wrong, i worked for a very adventurous couple who asked me for paragliding on the next day. I was shocked myself. Asking the couple a few times if they are sure to do that kind of exhausting activity right after their wedding day. and they were like, ‘Yeap! Why not?’

Well, apparently the couple have some international guests whom they want to entertain. So, since they are already in Bali, the couple wants them to experience something that they country may not have. But in the end,  the couple decided to go for paragliding on the day after their party. I was like, ‘That’s more like it.. you both need some rest after 1 whole hectic day. Haha’

And finally the day has come! It’s Paragliding time! It’s located at Uluwatu, they name their basecamp as Nyang Nyang Paragliding. So, we are paragliding over a spectacular view of Nyang Nyang Beach, one of the most difficult private beach to reach. Why so? Because you need to hike down about 20-30 mins from the basecamp just to reach the beach. But the beach is indeed pretty, and quite. Perfect place to relax, read some book or do some yoga, OR propose someone there! i think that would be memorable. hahaha.

Anyway, it has been a while for me doing such raising-adrenaline-kind-of-thing. Guess my last heart-pumping activity was rappelling down Jomblang Cave in Jogjakarta, Indonesia back in February 2017. and i am so glad that i end 2017 with this super memorable experience.

Paragliding in Bali might not be your number one destination in this island of God. Since most of us may prefer cafe hopping, or sunbathing, or rave party! Yeap, tried Saga 2017 at GWK last month. My very first rave party since i dont know how long. haha. But apparently i miss doing this kind of adventurous thing, and i think you should try it too sometimes.

By the way, This Nyang Nyang Paragliding is super safe. They always check when is the perfect time to fly, since paragliding depends much on the wind. All pilots are highly experienced and International Licensed, all gears are legit, and they have the the great team-work to make us fly and land safely. Plus, the ammount that we paid is already come with IDR 250 million of personal insurance coverage as well.

They have different price though between Indonesian and Foreigners. The last time that we went, they charged Rp 900,000 (SGD 90) for Indonesian and Rp 1,500,000 (SGD 150) for foreigners. *But since the foreigners were with the indonesians, we tried to bargain for them, and finally they gave us some discounts for them to fly. Yeayy.. hehe.

Anyway, below is my Paragliding VLOG, hope it gets you the feeling of flying as well. hehe.. Btw, the first take off was super scary yet exciting, but after that the beauty of Nyang Nyang beach paid it all. Enjoy! ❤

Giant Swing in Ubud, Bali

Happy new year, everyone! Hope your new year has been aca-awesome this far! #pitchperfectfever haha

It was still fresh in my mind how i started my first day in 2017. Woke up late after new year’s eve celebration, and decided to went out for early dinner. That time my brother just bought a new car and asked me to drive cause he was still very sleepy. I told him that im not good at parking. And he was like, ‘you can’. Anddd, i ended up my first day of 2017 by stratching my bro’s car so badly.. grazing it against the rough wall. #goshhh.. luckily it was still under insurance.. since then, my bro and my dad never asked me again to park their car in that ‘letter L’ position in my house. Hahaha.

So, It has been 2 days of 2018 and ive spent it smoothly.. pray that the rest of 2018 will be as smooth and even smoother! *Amen!

Anywayy, i spent most of my December in Bali, one of the most beautiful island in Indonesia. I had some MC gigs to do, and some collaboration to work on. And it felt so good, when you can do things that you love and get the chance to travel too!

And on this trip, i got to try the Giant Swing in Ubud! Well, actually we found this place by accident. Haha

We initially wanted to visit Pulina, the coffee plantation in Ubud area. But since it was raining that time of day, and we need to pay Rp 100,000 (SGD 10) for the entrance fee. So, we decided to give it a pass and look a for a cafe to hangout instead.

When we were driving around, my friends in the first car just randomly stop at one little place. I was like, are you sure we gonna stop here? But i was very wrong.. This cafe might look little and ordinary from the outside, but it offers a very cozy ambiance and beautiful view for the guests! And what’s more amazing is they have a giant swing! We were super excited when we saw that! I guess we are just a bunch of kids that trapped in adults body. Hahaha.

Not long after we reached the cafe, the rain slowly stopped. Super yeayyy moment! cause we finally can play the giant swing! Wohhoo!! SO, We asked the waiter on how to ride the swing? Do we have to pay for it as well?

They said only adult can play the giant swing, and no particular rules to follow. the only thing that they asked us is, NOT to release your hand off the ropes. And, as for the fee, the cafe should have charged us Rp 75,000 ( SGD 7,5) for each ride. But the kind-hearted owner gave free rides for all of us as long as we ordered something to drink, which only cost Rp 30,000 – 40,000 per drink. This cafe is super recommended. Just opened for 2 months only, and they have nice drinks and snacks with affordable price.

Anddd, my experience playing with the giant swing is super awesome!! The feeling was like you’re riding some rides in universal studio. Super thrilling yet exciting. And the very first swing was the best feeling ever! It feels so tingling in your stomach and your heart beats so quickly more than ever.. Haha.. But the view up there is so worth it, so beautiful until you dont want to go down. so pretty that you want to go even higher and higher. haha.. I Really love this experience, and want to go for more giant swing now!

See below for my Giant Swing VLOG! ❤

Jl. Raya Tegallalang, Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561
9AM – 6PM Daily