Medan Trip : Part I (VLOG)

I tried to VLOG the whole Medan Trip that i had last week.. (Walaupun semuanya ga ke record sihh.. hehe.. ) I hope you enjoy it yaa..

Daripada pusing nonton video Demo di Jakarta kemarin, mendingan nonton ini aja, siapa tau pusing dan tense-nya hilang dikit gt abis lihat indahnya Danau Toba. hehe..

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Thank you readers ❤

Kelor Island – The Steepest Hill of Labuan Bajo (VLOG)


‘You can do it, Jenita!’ screamed the girls who already reached the ‘pit stop’ faster than me.

‘Aaaaa..! I’m confused now.. which way to go?!’ I panicly replied

‘You see the rock bigger rock on your right? Step on it and move forward!’

‘You sure?? I’m afraid i’d fall’ – I felt that the steepness of the hill is already more than 50 degrees, that i would fall anytime if i move wrongly.

‘Bend down more. Try to hold on to the rocks’

Finally after collecting all my courage, i can reach the ‘pit stop’ and the Top of the steepest hill of Labuan Bajo.

I thought it was only me who struggle my way up to Kelor hill, since i didnt see how the other girls went up because im too busy setting up my camera for vlogging (even though the vlog result still has a lot room of improvements. hahaha). But it turns out that all the girls faced the same problem with the hill. Indeed it’s a challenging one.

Our Guide, Mas Ovel already told us before we went down from the boat that this hill the most challenging of all hills in Labuan Bajo area. The smallest hill yet the steepest of all. And Mas Ovel hiked Kelor like it’s nothing. We are all so amazed that he and his partner Mas Ian can just hiked it without any struggle. Guess practices do make your moves perfect.

Kelor Island is reachable with one-hour of sailing with normal boat from Labuan Bajo, and 30 minutes of Speed boat. Apparently it’s also one of favorite place for the locals to spend their weekend too. Cause when we went down, we talked a bit with the locals and they said it’s a nice place to just hang out and relax, and for the kids to swim and snorkle.

Ohh, talking about how to go down from that hill is another interesting story. After we enjoyed the pretty sceneries and the hues of blue, we literally slide down the hill (using our butt) in order to go down. hahaha.. It was such an effort, such an experience and such a funny story to tell now (even though it was not that funny when we did it back then) haha.

But hey, we did it! and my suggestion is, do go there with a bunch of your good friends who will always tell you that you can do it, and who will spend the happiness together when you are all up there. Or i assure you it will be the most miserable 20 minutes of your hike. Unless you are a pro already, then maybe the cheer is not needed anymore.

Hope you enjoy the VLOG and the pictures displayed below! ❤



** The ‘Pit-Stop’ whereby all of us hold tightly to the only tree there. Thank you Tree for you’ve been a great ‘Pit-Stop’ for us to catch our breath**



** The two pictures that sums up of how we went down the hill. My black pants turns dark brown after that. haha.  **

Most photos are taken by Salam Ransel, edited by me.



WaeRebo – Mysterious Village amidst of Flores Mountains (VLOG)

‘Yeayyy.. We finally here!’ said us happily with panting breath yet still full of excitement.

‘We should take a picture guys!’ said one of us while taking her camera out

‘Ladies, Welcome to WaeRebo Village, I am sorry that you cannot take any picture or video or do anything before you enter the Main House and prayed by the Chiefs of the village’ said our kind and funny local guide who suddenly turned so serious by that time.

Out of a sudden, this seven noisy girls became very well behaved and listen to the instruction of our local guide. We were escorted into the dimly lighted Main House  with a heavy cigarette smells all over the house.

The chiefs of the village greeted us with their warm smile, asked us to seat in a row, and they started the welcoming ritual. All guests must be prayed over first with Manggarai language (the local language). The purpose of the ritual is for all the guests to be kept safe at WaeRebo, because they still believe the human and the spirit in WaeRebo are still living together and helping each other.

After the praying session ended, we were escorted to one of the guest house to drink some Robusta coffee as their welcome drink. I am not a big fan of coffee, but since i am already there, and i want to respect their culture, there i was, sitting quietly and pouring sugar to my coffee and listening to some stories of the village that we will spend the night at.

A mysterious village – that’s the word that came to my mind after visiting this UNESCO World Cultural Herigate site. Relax, nothing mystical during our stay. I would say that it’s a mysterious village, because no one knows how long this village has been there for. It is only written in the history that someone named Empo Maro, an adventurous man from Minangkabau, West Sumatra sailed his way to the East side of Indonesia, and established this village. The story on why Empo Maro sailed away from Sumatra and how he ended up establishing this village on a mountain top is still a mystery.

Our two days one night stay at WaeRebo is very memorable (at least for me). I never stayed with local people before. When some high-schools in Indonesia has live-in programme (staying in some Indonesian village and live like villagers), my school just had some outings to some places in Jakarta. Yeap, thats the minus point of studying in National Plus school back at that time.

For some of you who have done the ‘live-in’ program. This trip may offer you the same conditions, where you got the chance to stay with the locals, eat with the locals, listen to the local’s music, bath in a cold-water with minimum lights (they only have lights from 6-10pm), sleep on floor with a thin mat accompanied by another traveller at your sides (Yes, it’s a communal type of stay, luckily it was seven of us, so we got the side space for ourselves), no air-con but super cold, and use torchlight whenever you need the bathroom once the sun goes down.

It was a super memorable trip, apparently the city girls can survive staying in Mbaru Niang (the cone-shaped 5 levels of traditional house) in the middle of rain-forrest with two-three days without any-connections to the outside world. Hahaha.

How to go to WaeRebo 

*DID some VLOG along the way* Hope you like it – sorry for the shaky videos, as i literally took it while i hiked.

WaeRebo is located at the heart of Flores mountains, if you are looking for a pleasant, serene and nicely-isolated feeling of mountain scenery, and of course with the high cravings for interactions with the locals. WaeRebo is a perfect place for you to go.

It was such an effortful journey for us to reach this traditional village. We need to fly to Labuan Bajo from Bali (since no direct flight from Jakarta or Singapore). Let me break down for you on how i reach there from Jakarta:

– Jakarta to Bali : 1 hour 50minutes (flight)

-Bali to Labuan Bajo (Flores) : 1 hour 15 minutes (flight)

-Labuan Bajo to Dintor : 6 hours of bumpy car ride

-Dintor to Denge Village : 20 minutes of car ride

-Denge Village to the foot of the mountain : 10-15 minutes of Ojek ride (motorcycle)

-Foot of the mountain to WaeRebo : 2 hours 15 minutes of a quite challenging hiking

Imagine how effortful the trip was. It feels like you are travelling to the other part of the world, which is still located in Indonesia. hahaha. Lucky i have a fun travelling partners with me!

We decided to join a local tour for the whole Flores trip, because we heard that if you go by yourselves, the local people may overcharge you for everything, since they still have minimum access over there.

Fun-Facts about WaeRebo

-They only have 7 Mbaru Niang (the cone-shaped traditional house) with 6-8 families in each house, and they cannot add the number of the house.

-The 7 house that we see now is already renovated, and built with NO nails at all. They have 5 levels in every house, but the locals can only stay at the first floor, since the 2nd to the 5th is to save their harvest.

-Stone altar in the middle of the village cannot be seated on nor walked through it, since they still offer their offerings to their God on that altar in every rituals.

-Electricity is only ON from 6-10pm by solar power.

-The Rain-forrest that we hiked to WaeRebo has stunning biological diversity, including many kinds of birds that will always sing along your trip.

-WaeRebo locals work out on their coffee plantations (Robusta, Arabica and Luwak). They also sells their ethnic handwoven cloth that you can bring home. Price is about Rp 600.000

-Received UNESCO World Cultural Heritage award on 2012.

**ps : do bring warm clothing since it will turns very cold at night and you can bring sleeping bag if you want to (saw some european brought that for sleeping)



Photos are all unedited, Taken by Me and Salam Ransel

Body Getaway at Bodyworks SPA – Bali

** Apologise for no pictures / less pictures as reference for this post.  As i mistakenly deleted some photos on my media blog and could not recover it back. =( **

Since tomorrow, 14th October 2015 is Indonesia’s public holiday, i guess it’s appropriate to write something about relaxation.

When i was younger, i hate massage so much. I dont like the idea of taking my clothes off, and some ‘mbok-mbok’, a quite old female therapist will put some oil on my body and start the ritual of massaging. Well, that was when i was 8 or 9 years old. My mom would frequently call this ‘mbok-mbok’ to massage her and asked me if i want to try. As one curious kid, i wanted to know how it feels, since my mom and the ‘mbok-mbok’ said it is very nice and will relax our muscles and release body tension.

Since that very first time, i banned massage as one of the way of relaxation. haha. It freaking hurt, i did not like the oily feeling on my body, and i feel a bit humiliated to took off my shirt in-front of someone that i did not know. Maybe it was not the right age to try massage as well? i dont know either.

As i grew older, my girlfriends like to ask me to go SPA with them. What i know that time, SPA is only a fancy name to a hurtful massage. haha.. i kept saying NO. But there was a time, i finally said YES to go to some javanese SPA in Singapore. It was when i finished all my uni exams, and i just want to relaxx and release all the stress. My housemate said, why dont you start with a good massage? and i dont know why, i just went with her to the massage parlour and OMG! i enjoyed massage for the first time in my life! haha. Since then, i always look forward for any SPA session.

Somehow, Bali is always correlated with nice great SPA. Two weeks ago me and my friends tried Bodyworks in Petitenget area. The location is just opposite of Motel Mexicola Cafe.

Bodyworks has a cozy place to begin with. When i entered the place, i have that feeling that i’ll be surely pampered. They have big space and they have many SPA Menu for us to choose. From Manicure/Pedicure, Facial, SPAs, Hair Treatments, and even Make up.

FBGE6045 VFSR7638WECI2915


For those of you who choose Manicure/Pedicure, you can request to do it outside and see the greeneries. Somehow this view reminds me of ‘Marigold Hotel’ the movie. It has the Indian vibes in some way. haha.

I choose 2 hrs of Exfoliation Massage (Mandi Lulur) this time. Indeed it feels like ‘Kanjeng Ratu’ Indonesian princess when i entered the room. Do you think so?


“This treatment begins with an hour-long Balinese massage, then the entire body is painted in a brown, granular paste (the traditional Javanese “lulur”), containing turmeric, sandalwood, cinnamon, ground nuts and rice. The paste is then gently rubbed to exfoliate the skin. After a quick shower the body is covered in fresh yoghurt. The enzymes stimulates cell activity and restores th pH balance of the skin, which feels soft as silk after the yoghurt is washed away. The final step involves luxuriating in a warm, fragrant, flower-filled bath” (from Bodyworks)

I really enjoyed my time there, i just went back from island hopping and really in need for a good massage. i think they can give the relaxation that my body needs. The therapist can unclench my tensed muscles during the one hour Balinese massage. Eventho the scrub smells quite pungent, it felt like it can lift all the impurities from my skin.

I love the yoghurt smell! the therapist said that it made from fresh yoghurt mixed with Dancow milk full-cream. haha.. after the yoghurt time, it feels like my skin 10x smoother than before.. so soft like a baby’s butt. haha.. and Finally, one of the moment that i have been waiting for, soaking in flower bath! Well, i was expecting the bathtub will literally full of flowers. But too bad, they just put 2 basket of flower petals.. =(..

IMG_4415   **pictures from Julyerna/Julyerni (my twin friends) instagram** (forgot to take my own pictures.. =(.. )

I had great overall experience here. For me, it is indeed a good place for my body-getaway. Eventhough one friend of mine didnt really enjoy it here.

Ambiance : 3.5 / 5

Massage Service : 3.5 / 5

Price : 2 / 5

Any SPA recommendation in Jakarta / Bali, anyone? i would love to try! ❤


J. Kayu Jati No 2, Petitenget, Bali, Indonesia, p. +62 361 733317. Open Mon-Sun 9am-10pm.

Ubud : Sari Organik – The Healthy Option in Bali

Bali is so well known for its porky meals and their Jimbaran seafood. Those food are indeed super nice, but for those souls who hunger for more hearty food, afraid not, because Bali does offer a lot of healthy and organic food.

One of if is Sari Organik, which located at Ubud. To go to this organic restaurant, we first must walk about 800metres from Ubud’s main road. The walk there is a bit hilly and narrow, so if you want to go there, take off your heels, and get your comfortable slippers / shoes.

it took us about 20-30 minutes to go there, we walked up slowly as we enjoy the beauty of the paddy-fields, breath the fresh air along the way, see how clear the sky is, and of course, taking pictures is necessary since we dont get to see the nature often. Do take note that you have to be careful, as many locals are using motorcycle as their main transportation.


SFOC8897And after a refreshing walk, finally we reached Sari Organik. Since all of us just ate huge breakfast, we first decided to share our food. But when we looked at the menu, we felt that everything there are very enticing. at the end, all of us ordered a menu and 2 juices for each. we felt like some buffalos that never drink for days. haha.



** The Juices**


**Warm Feta Cheese Salad** – If im not mistaken


**Sari Burito**


**Balinese Nasi Campur (with Chicken)**


**Rainbow Sweet Potato Ball*


Above are only one third of our order, we ordered a lot more than that until we couldnt find anymore place to put anything else other than food. I think, the food there is good enough for a non-vegan like me. I dont really eat salad and other organic things, but all the foods here are very edible even for a carnivore type of person.

Personally, i like the feta salad and the Tempe on my Balinese rice. The salad are so fresh and yummy, and the Tempe are crunchy and simply tasty. The price here are very affordable too, the foods are about Rp 30.000 – 50.000, while the healthy juices are about Rp 20.000 – 30.000.

The place itself is very green too. If you are looking for an affordable healthy food with a nice tranquil view, maybe it is one of the best option in Ubud. And for those of you who smoke, they dont prohibit you from smoking. But if other guest are disturbed, you will be encouraged to put it off as they want to keep a healthy environment as well.




But afterall, it doesnt matter what the food is, and where is it at, as long as you have a great company!


Overall Experience:

Ambiance : 4 / 5

Food : 3,5 / 5

Price : 4 / 5

Sari Organik

Subak Sok Wayah (go in from Jalan Raya Tjampuhan)
T: (0361) 972 087

 Sari Organik Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Desa Atas Awan

Bali itu memang selalu jadi pilihan yang tepat untuk berlibur. Kalo pulau Bali di ibaratin seorang cowok, sosok ini gak hanya ganteng dan charming, tapi selau bikin cewek kayak gw selalu penasaran.. Kayaknya ada aja hal dari pulau ini yang harus di explore.

Beberapa bulan lalu, gw dan teman2 harus decide itinary buat trip kita ke Bali. Since kita cuman punya waktu seminggu di pulau ini, kita harus decide baik2 kemana kita harus pergi.. biar maximal liburannya..

Akhirnya kita menjatuhkan keputusan untuk spent 3 hari terakir kita di Bali untuk menginap di ‘Desa Atas Awan’. Villa yang berada di ketinggian 1000m di atas permukaan laut ini bener2 pilihan yg memuaskan buat kita semua. Di kelilingi oleh indahnya perkebunan dan sawah yg terbentang seperti tanpa batas, dan udara yang segar tanpa polusi udara, bikin gw dan 16 temen gw jatuh cinta sama desa ini.

gw selalu berpikir kalo gw ini anak kota yg ga begitu suka dengan alam. tapi ternyata gw sendiri pun belum mengenal diri gw sepenuhnya.. setelah gw sampe di tempat yg ‘tranquil’ ini, jiwa gw serasa di segarkan kembali. ternyata gw suka memanjakan mata gw dengan hijaunya alam, biru.nya langit, dan segarnya udara yg gw hirup. ternyata, gw suka sama ketenangan yg alam tawarkan. well, ga tau emang gw suka alam, atau emang villa ini bagus bngt yahh.. hahaha.

Untuk sampai ke ‘Village above the clouds’ ini, kita harus menempuh perjalanan selama kurang lebih 2 jam dari seminyak (tergantung macet). Lokasi villa ini beneran ‘secluded’, supir kita sampe wanti2 untuk berangkat pagian karena mereka takut nyasar, dan karena jalan yg di tempuh cukup challenging, mereka pun ga berani bawa mobil kalau sudah lewat dari jam 6 sore.. soalnya udah gelap dan ga ada penerangan di atas bukit sana.

Kita sampai di ‘Desa atas awan’ sekitar jam 5 sore. sesampainya kita disana, kita langsung di sambut dngn porter yg membawakan barang2 kita, dan langsung di suguhkan jus sehat dan enak sebagai welcome drink.

IMG_4159 **The Receptionist Area**IMG_4161IMG_4235

Indah banget ga sih pemandangannya? hahaha.. ini pas lagi gloomy gt abis gerimis.. dan di voto-in pake HP temen yg pake apps gt, jadi warna-nya contrast bngt.. Nahh, di bawah ini adalah pemandangan asli, suer tanpa edit di tempat yg sama di ke-esokan pagi,nyaa.. hehe.. Breathtaking banget kann??


Salah satu hal yg bikin betah lagi adalah akomodasinya.. gw suka bngt sama bungalow.nyaa.. super cozy untuk di tinggalin sama temen2.. Mereka hanya punya 3 bungalow (bisa di isi 5-6 orng) dan 2 suite room (bisa di isi 3 orng) yang ranging from Rp1,5 juta – 1,6 juta per kamar.nya.. Jadi kemarin gt, kita kyk berasa book 1 desa.. bungalownya cuman di tempatin sama temen2 sendiri aja.. hehe..

IMG_4158 IMG_4167

Ini bungalow lantai dasar, masih rapih pas kita baru check-in.. hehe.. Lupa voto lantai atasnyaa.. Dan ini pemandangan pas di pagi hari.. Duhh.. pengen bngt wake up to this amazing view everyday of my life.. hahaha.. seger bngt ga sih? kyk im ready to seize the day gt kesannya yaa.. haha..


1 Bungalow ada meja makan kecil, 1 fridge, 1 electric jug, 2 sofa, 1 meja kecil.. di siapin 6 towel kecil dan besar, 2 kamar mandi, 1 toilet, dan 1 tempat cuci tangan, jadi lumayand ga berebut untuk mandi pagi.. cuman sedikit berebut kalo ada yg kebelet buat poo poo.. hahaha..

Nah, buat ciwik2 yg harus bngt pake hair-dryer kyk gw, kalian harus bawa sendiri, karena mrk ga siapin buat kita.. ceritanya mrk eco-friendly gt.. kyk handuk aja, mrk hanya akan cuci-in 3 hari sekali aja..


Mereka serve complimentary breakfast untuk kita.. dan seru.nya, there are plenty menus to choose from.. dari omelette, scramble egg ala desa di atas awan, granola yoghurt, pancake, nasi goreng / mie goreng, dll.. setiap dari kita bisa request 1 menu.. Susu, teh, kopi dan juice juga udah di sediain untuk pagi hari.. dan i have to say that masakan mereka not bad.. hehe..

IMG_4194 IMG_4195And they have nice dining room as well. Mereka juga cukup thoughtful untuk arrange meja,nya supaya kita ber17 bisa duduk bersama saat makan..


Penampakan dining room saat pagi.. dan di bawah adalah penampakan dining room saat malam.. Setiap makan malem disana dan berdoa bersama, rasanya kayak christmas atau thanksgiving bngt dehh.. dingin2 gt dan menikmati santapan bersama the loved ones.. hehehe.. IMG_4168

Meal yg complimentary hanyalah Breakfast, jadi untuk Lunch dan Dinner, kita harus pesen lagi. since Desa ini beneran jauh dari mana2, mau ga mau kita pesen makanan dr mrk juga.. Price range dari Rp 40,000 – 80,000 per meal. Taste wise is not bad.. Tapi mungkin agak bland aja untuk lidah2 orng indo kyk kita.. Mereka claim that mereka ga pake MSG dan too much salt di makanan kita, karena mrk support hidup sehat gt dehh.. jadi ada one of the night, gw ga berasa pengen makan makanan mereka, jadi gw seduh pop-mie yg udah gw siapin aja deh for my dinner. hehe..

What to do 

Amazingly, di sekitar desa ini ada banyak kegiatan.. jadi buat temen2 yg ga mau nyantai duduk di villa, jangan takut kalian bakal bosen..

Angsari Hot Spring

Dingin2 begini, enaknya berendam di permandian air panas.. Tapi untuk kesini, kita harus jalan kaki sekitar 1-1.5 jam dari bungalow kita.. Macam anak petualang gitu.. kita harus lewatin sawah, hutan, dan jalan2 yg mendaki untuk ke hot-spring..

IMG_4232 IMG_4205IMG_4240 Akhirnya sampe deh di Hot-Spring.nya.. ga sampe fantastic gimana sih.. karena kita pikir bakal besar.. ternyata nggak.. public hot-spring.nya cukup kecil.. huahua.. yg ini panasnya moderate aja.. kalo mau yg lebih panas lagi, mrk ada siapin cubicle2 kecil untuk kita berendam gt.. tapi tempatnya ga gt picturesque buat di voto.. hahaha.

Well. jujur kolamnya agak kotor sih menurut gw, banyak lumutnya gt, jadi agak licin juga tangga untuk kebawahnyaa.. tapi yahh, not bad sih buat berendam di suasana yg sejuk2 gituu.. again, yg bikin seru adalah companionnya! hahaha.

IMG_4268IMG_4264IMG_4250**Obsesi model ala-ala Vogue. muahahhaa*

Hot-spring ini adalah complimentary dari ‘Desa atas awan’, kalau kalian ga nginep disana, mrk akan pungut bayaran sebesar Rp 50,000 per orngnya.. Nah, buat yg males buat balik ke hotel dngn jalan kaki lagi, mrk bisa nawarin ojek atau mobil pick up sayur.. kalo ojek harganya sekitar Rp50,000 dan kalau mobil pick up sayur, mrk hitung Rp 30,000 per orng..

Freedom School

Buat kalian yg suka main sama anak2, disinilah tempat yg tepat! Mr. Josep, sang spanish owner ‘Village above the clouds’ ini adalah contributor besar untuk sekolah ini, jadi anak2 yg kurang mampu di desa ini bisa sekolah disana tanpa di pungut biaya apapun. Mereka belajar bnyk hal, dari bahasa inggris yg di ajar oleh Mr. Josep dan istri, kelas komputer, kelas memahat, kelas tari bali, dll. I was very surprised to know that the owner have a very fond heart for the surroundings. Well, soalnya kan bnyk yahh businessman yg cuman peduli omset aja.. nah ini tuh beda, hitung2 yahh biaya kita tinggal disana itu, untuk biaya-in anak2 yg sekolah disana..

gw belajar cara memahat kayu disana.. dan gilaa.. susah puol! 1 jam gw belajar mahat, dan pahatan gw jauh dari sempurna.. harusnya bongkahan kayu kecil ini di bikin bunga.. tapi untuk buat 1 lingkaran dasar.nya aja tuh susah bngt.. haha..

Pas mau pulang karena gw menyerah untuk memahat lagi.. ehh, gw sama temen gw malah di kasih pahatan yg udah jadi dari anak2 disana.. mrk bilang, mrk kerjain pahatan ini 1,5 hari.. dan mrk mau kasih kita ini sebagai kenang2an.. so sweet bngt yaaa.. Gw salut dan terharu sama mrk karena mrk bisa kasih hasil jerih payah mrk begitu aja sama orng yg hanya di kenal selama 1 jam aja.. Alhasil, pas kita lewat warung.. kita beliin mereka snack2 gt deh, sebagai tanda appresiasi kita ke mereka.. hoho..


IMG_4223 IMG_4275IMG_4227**Makasih Dina dan Kadek.. =)) **

Sebenernya masih bnyk aktifitas lainnya, seperti outbound, berkunjung ke danau Bratan dan Tamblingan, tapi karena waktu yang sempit, kita cuman sempet melakukan 2 kegiatan itu dehh.. dan malem.nya, yah kita Quality time aja.. enjoying the dinner and the talk, and playing stupid games that made my stomach hurt real bad. haha..

Makasih temen2 kuu yang udah buat the stay in this pretty village more beautiful.. Thank you for the amazing memories that we created..

Untuk temen2 yg mau ke Bali dan mau cari suasana yg beda, boleh banget untuk consider ‘Desa Atas Awan’ ini.. mau pacaran / udah nikah / atau cuman mau spend quality time aja sama temen2.. gw yakin tempat ini akan jadi tempat yg memorable untuk kalian.. =)

Desa di Atas Awan (Village above the Clouds)

Munduk Andong Kelod,

Desa Bangli, Baturiti

Tabanan Bali, Indonesia

House of Sampoerna

When i travel, people often asked me ‘Where are you from?’ and I always answer, ‘I am from Indonesia’

and their answer be like.. ‘Awesome, I love Bali’ or something related to Bali, and the second most common answer is, ‘Awesome, I love your Kretek’.

Apparently Indonesia is famous for Bali, and Kretek cigarette. I was quite surprised when i got ‘Kretek’ for an answer. since i do not smoke, and i dont even know what kind of cigarette are the best in Indonesia.

I was in Surabaya last month for a friend’s wedding. After the non-stop eating, finally we decided to drop by to House of Sampoerna, the ‘home’ of our famous Dji Sam Soe (Kretek cigarette). The Museum is located in Taman Sampoerna 6, Surabaya. History said it was a Dutch orphanage, until Lim Seeng Tee bought this in 1932 and transformed it to major cigarette factory.

The cloves smell is very strong once you entered this museum. To be honest, i love the cloves smell, just that i cant smell it too long, because it makes me dizzy.

The museum itself is not that huge, but the placement of the items and the ambiance are well set. It makes you feel very comfortable in reading and reminiscing the history. They exhibit quite many items over there, from the replica of the small shop that he used to have, Lim Seeng Tee’s workplace and his wife’s Kebaya, cute lighters, the uniform and the drums of Sampoerna Marching Bands, the old printers and packaging papers, and a lot of old pictures that tells myriad histories.

IMG_1215IMG_1205 IMG_1206 IMG_1210 IMG_1211 IMG_1212 IMG_1213 IMG_1214 On the Second floor, they have souvenirs shop where we can buy back some the memento from House of Sampoerna. aside of that, you can see the huge cigarette factory where more than 200 women hand-rolled 4000 cigarettes a day. If you come there before 3pm, you can still see how fast they are producing the Dji Sam Soe, the famous Indonesia cigarettes that is banned from most countries because of the strong tar content.


IMG_1218 IMG_1220 IMG_1221 IMG_1224

after visiting the museum, you can chill out in their cafe too. it’s just located beside the main building. We actually wanted to grab our dinner there, but all menu are set for Valentine’s dinner. =(.. so decided to move elsewhere.. but i think it will be a cozy place to hang out. the interior is so chinese yet so dutch. haha.

IMG_1231 IMG_1232 IMG_1233

**Lim Seeng Tee’s Rolls Royce – imported from Singapore** Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

House of Sampoerna

Taman Sampoerna 6, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60163, Indonesia.

Wisata Kuliner di Kota Pahlawan

Seminggu yg lalu, gw dan temen2 ke surabaya buat menghadiri pesta pernikahan salah satu dr temen kita. yang namanya pergi ke kota baru, pasti dong kita pengen cobain dan lihat2 sesuatu yg ga ada di kota kita.

Setelah kita did some research.. ternyata ada beberapa museum / tempat wisata yang wajib di kunjungi disana, seperti House of Sampoerna dan Museum Angkut contohnya.. tapi karena keterbatasan waktu, akhirnya kita cuman bisa wisata kuliner doang deh minggu lalu.

Ternyata kota kedua terbesar di Indonesia ini punya banyak banget makanan yg wajib di coba, dan gila.nya setiap nyetir 5 menit, pasti ketemu kuliner local atau cafe yg lagi hip di kalangan arek2 suroboyo.

Berikut adalah list makanan yg kemarin kita icip di kota kelahirannya president pertama kita, alias Bung Karno :

1. Tambak Bayan 

Jalan Pasar Besar Wetan 7.


Kita kemaren pesen Nasi Empal. Ini semacam nasi campur khas Jawa gt, dimana ada nasi, telur pedas, daging ayam masak kecap, soun yg menurut kita agak horror karena terlalu hitam (kyknya di masak pake kecap gt, tapi enakk.. hehe), daging suwir pedas, dan empal. Empal.nya ini bisa di ganti ayam kalo mau. tinggal bilang aja sama yg jual maunya apa.. menurut gw ini nasi biasa aja sih, ga sampe fantastic gimana gt. tapi mnurut si Bern sih nasi ini enak pake buanget.. haha. yg sedep bngt itu cabe.nya. hehe. buat yg ga suka cabe, hati2 yahh.. kecoel dikit aja bisa lngsung minum sebotol nanti. hehe..

2. Kwetiau Apeng

Jalan Kedungdoro No.267.

Restaurant ini nampaknya tidak Halal, jadi buat temen2 yg halal, ini bisa lngsung di skip aja.. hehe..

Buat yg suka banget sama kwetiaw dan bakmi, gw rasa restaurant ini wajib banget buat di kunjungi. Rasanya sih sbenernya biasa aja.. tapi entah kenapa, nagih aja gt.. kyk gurih bngt.. haha..

Kemarin kita pesen 4 menu seperti berikut :


Kwetiau Goreng, Kwetiau Siram, Mie Keriting Rebus dan Pangsit Goreng.

menurut gw paling enak itu Kwetiau Goreng sama Mie Keriting Rebus.nya. hehe.. tapi ini personal taste aja kali yahh.. banyak yg suka kwetiau siram.nya juga sih dnger2..

Kalo mau kesini, siap2 buat antri minimal 20-30 menit.. mrk siapin tempat duduk gt kok di luar restaurant.nya.. dan sambil nunggu, kalian bisa icip2 juga jajanan surabaya percis di depan rumah makan mereka.. jadi lumayand gt, bisa ganjel perut dulu kalo udah kelaperan.

3. Rawon Setan

Jalan Embong Malang I No. 78.

Pasti sering denger dong yahh, kalo ke surabaya, harus cobain Rawon Setan. kemaren beberapa temen sempet ga mau cobain, soalnya mrk ga bisa makan pedes.. ternyata oh ternyata.. tafsiran kita salah.. haha.. di namain Rawon Setan, karena bukanya malem aja.. haha..

Kalian bisa pilih antara Rawon Daging atau Rawon Iga. Dan kalian harus mention nasi.nya di campur ga sama kuah rawonnya.. kalo gw sih ga suka yg becek2 gt.. enakan di pisah.. hehe..


Maaf buat picture yg kurang bagus.. udah di cobain dr segala angle, tetep ga bs cantik-an lagi voto.nya.. haha. Gw cukup suka sihh sama Rawon ini.. asin2 gitu.. daging.nya juga empuk. cabe.nya kurang pedes tapi kalo mnurut gw. hehe.. buat yg suka kerupuk, tenang aja.. mrk jual juga kok kerupuk2an.. jadi makin asik deh makannya.. hehe. tapi kalo menurut si Bern lagi nih.. rawon yg paling enak yg dia pernah coba itu, pas lagi jalan pulang dari bromo.. kata.nya doi lewatin kota probolinggo, tapi doi lupa nama tempatnya apa.. haha.. kalo ada yg kira2 tau. boleh yah share2 info disini. hehe.

4. Seafood Layar

Jalan Manyar Kertoarjo No.74

apa istimewa.nya seafood? di Jakarta atau di kota kalian juga pasti ada dong yah seafood enak. gw juga ga paham istimewanya apa. haha.. tapi yg pasti semua masakan disini enak bngt.. berasa masih fresh dan bumbu2.nya pas gt untuk semua masakannya.. jadi yah mungkin itu kali yahh yg special dari rumah makan ini.. katany sih cabang doi banyak bngt nihh.. gampang di cari.. tapi kebetulan kemarin kita makan di daerah Manyar gt kalo ga salah. hehe.

kalo di tanya must try.nya sihh.. gw bilang Kepiting Saus Padang, sama Kulnenek Saus Tauco. Bisa gw sapu bersih semua.nya.. bumbu.nya loh yg sedep puoll.. hehe..



Buat yg ga tau Kulnenek, ini tuh sejenis keong gt kalo ga salah.. gw juga baru pertama kali makan sihh.. pertama takut makannya, setelah hisapan pertama, malah langsung keranjingan. haha. Makasih Ci Natasha and Ko Sam udah introduce si Kulnenek ke aku.. hehe..

5. Depot Bu Rudy

Jalan Raya Kupang Indah No.31

Orang indonesia, pasti tau dong kalo ini sambel juara bngt buat pedes.nya.. dan gw baru2 ini aja dong taunya kalo si Bu Rudy ini punya restaurant. haha.. gw pikir dia cuman jualan sambel aja.. kemana aje gw? hahaha.

Akhirnya kita sempetin deh kesana walaopun perut sebenernya udah ga muat masuk.

Yang paling hits dsini sih menu Nasi Udang Empal ‘Bu Rudy’.


tapi karena gw ga gt doyan udang, jadilah gw pesen Nasi Bakar + Bakwan Penyet (aka Bakso penyet), 


sumpah ga pake bohong, nasi bakar mereka sih enak buangett.. malah menurut gw ga usah pesen lauk lagi. soalnya udah ada ayam suwirnya juga di dalem.. Nasi Bakar + sambel bu rudy. beuhh.. nikmat puol dehh..! hehe..

oh iya, jangan lupa order Pisang Goreng Madu juga yahh.. itu pisang terenak juga seumur hidup gw.. haha.. manisnya tuh enak abis.. ga bikin eneg.. hehe


Dan kalo kalian mau bawa pulang sambel dan oleh2 lainnya, jangan takut, karena bnyk bngt jajanan yg bisa di bawa pulang ke kota kalian. hehe.

6. Bakwan Kapasari 

Pasar Atom Tahap V

Gw itu penggemar bakmie dan bakso, kalo denger ada yg enak, pasti gw jabanin. haha. Temen kita si Ria bilang kalo ke Pasar Atom, harus makan Bakwan Kapasari, yaudah dehh lngsung tancap kesana buat sarapan waktu itu.

Setelah duduk dan tanya2. ternyata mereka bisa pesen 1 pcs per item. jadi kita bisa cobain macem2 bakso.

Minggu lalu itu kita cobain Bakwan Halus, Bakwan Urat, Siomay Kubis (Siomay di bungkus Kol), Siomay Basah dan Siomay Goreng. Pas deh 5 item buat sarapan. hehe..


karena ternyata harus bayar dulu.. yaudah deh, gw pikir gw bayarin dl aja biar ga ribet. nanti baru hitung lagi.

dan pas bayar ke cashier.. ya ampun.. kagetnya gw.. total.nya Rp 400.000 untuk 8 mangkok bakso. yg berarti 1 orang harus bayar Rp 50.000.. gw sampe berenti dan merhatiin bon.nya, gw sampe mikir itu jangan2 pesenan tante depan gw.. karena kedengeran doi mau beli 100 bakso.. ya Tuhan.. ternyata kita baru tau kalau 1 bakso itu harganya Rp.8000, dan 1 siomay harganya Rp 9.000. *tepokjidat* Yah maklumlah kaget, biasa kan 1 mangkok bakso paling harganya Rp 20.000 aja paling mahal. haha.. Tapi Jujur, ini bakso uenakk tenannn.. hehe.. rasa dagingnya berasa banget. haha.. well. mungkin karena kalo bakso murah kebanyakan tepung kali yahh.. hehe.. dan mungkin karena mahal juga, jadi di nikmati deh tiap gigit.nya.. hehe..

Untuk bakso2 ini, saya kurang yakin Halal apa nggak. maaf temands2. =(

7. Cakwe Peneleh

Pasar Atom Lantai Dasar Amtara Tahap III dan IV.

Si Cakwe Peneleh ini letaknya ga gt jauh dari Bakwan Kapasari. Ternyata Cakwe Peneleh ini cuman jualan snack2 aja.. kyk kue2 basah, siomay2, sampe wedang ronde.. pokoknya pas liat corner snack ini.. haduh. rasanya mau di borong semua dehh.. Maklum, di Singapore ga ada yg model2 kyk gini. haha. tapi karena perut udah mulai berasa penuh, yasudah dehh.. cobain aja Cakwe yang paling hits di surabaya ini..

Cakwe Peneleh yg kata mba.nya sih isinya ayam + udang gituu..


rasanya enak.. tapi harusnya lebih enak lagi pas mrk selesai gorengg, dan di makan selagi hangat. hehe. waktu itu sayang bngt kita take away gara2 mau irit waktu ke tempat lain. jadi pas makan udah dingin gt.. =(

8. Bon Cafe

Jalan Manyar Kertoarjo 5 Nomor 1-5

Oke. ini tempat steak semacam glosis gt kali yah kalo di Jakarta. ini tempat selalu rame kalo kata temen surabaya kita.. yah mungkin karena tempatnya yg gede, jadi bisa accomodate banyak orang. suasana.nya agak retro gt, tapi cozy buat ngobrol, lumayand cocok buat temen2 dan kluarga.

Waktu Kesana gw makan Rib Eye Steak (import)


Nah, yg bikin restaurant ini rame setiap hari. mungkin karena harga steak.nya yang aman di kantong dan nyaman di perut. hehe.. mungkin buat kita yg tinggal di Singapore, ini bisa di bilang Aston’s.nya surabaya kali yah.. hehe..

Sekian Wisata Kuliner gw di Kota Pahlawan ini.. 3 hari yang bikin gw takut nimbang sekarang..  haha.

Sebenernya the List goes down terus sihh.. kyk mau cobain Bakmi Ujung Pandang, Ayam Penyet Bu Kris, Ayam Penyet President, Bebek Goreng dan Bubur yg gw udah lupa sekarang namanya apa. haha..

mudah2an list ini ngebantu yah buat temen2 yg mungkin mau pergi ke Surabaya. maaf cuman bisa review 8 macem aja buat saat ini.. kalau gw ke Surabaya lagi, pasti gw tambahin list.nya nanti. hehe.. Dan Kalo temen2 tau rumah makan di Surabaya yg patut di coba, share2 disini juga yahh.. hehe..


What’s for Dinner?

Life is about decision making. From the moment that you woke up to get up or to snooze your alarm. to bath or not to bath because you are running late, which dress / suit to use, etc etc. your daily life is about decision making that makes you, You.

And talking about, What’s Your Dinner? indeed it is one tough baffling question for most of the human being to decide on.

Even though Singapore is only 1.30 hours away from Jakarta, it is very seldom for me to come back. Blame works that only allow me to take 18 days paid leave per year. Well, actually is already quite a lot for a newbie like me, just that i would rather go somewhere that i have never been to instead of going back to Jakarta.

Since 2 years ago, going back to Jakarta doesnt feel like a holiday anymore. it’s because there’s something that i must attend, like close friends weddings or attending family’s events. and this makes me so outdated with what’s ‘happening’ and what’s ‘IN’ now in jakarta. i only know Senopati area and Pasar Santa is so ‘hip’ these days. haha

When i went back to Jakarta last month for the interview, me and some of my cousins decide to catch up and we spend hours just to discuss what’s for dinner? The main problem is, we want to go somewhere that all of us have not tried before. it’s easy for me, since i seldom try out new things in Jakarta. but for them, it’s quite a tough decision. haha..

Finally we decided to go to Kuningan, Central of Jakarta, to taste Blue Grass Bar & Grill

IMG_0801 IMG_0803We ordered some dishes to share, since we intended to grab some dessert after that.

1. Nacho Supreme – Rp. 65.000


I love the cheese so much! but i think the meat is a little bit too dry.

2. Grilled Sirloin – Rp 210.000


a nice tender U.S Sirloin, and just nice mashed-potato. A safe choice if you do not want to try other things

3. American Classic Burger – Rp 85.000


The least tasty food of all =(.. Found the meat is too dry, and nothing special about the burger. Not sure about other burgers, but you can skip this and try other things instead.

4. Pork Pepperoni Pasta – RP 75.000


I Love the pasta, it feels al dente and creamy. Only the Pork Pepperoni doesnt goes well with the pasta, it tastes weird because it so salty and taste like ‘Lap Cheong’ or chinese pork sausage. for me chinese sausage and italian pasta is not a good fusion.

5. Bluegrass Crazy Rice – RP 65.000

IMG_0808    Our favorite among all dishes that we had. it was quite a surprise that their ‘Nasi Gila’ or Crazy Rice is so tasteful. Basically it is a buttered rice topped with diced beef meatballs, stir-fry chicken and beef sausage. everything is just so nice on this plate. Love to come back and eat this one more time. =)

iRate Bluegrass : 7.3 / 10

Ambiance : 8

Service : 7.5

Food : 7.5

Value for Money : 6


**One-Third of Darmento Cousins**

Bluegrass Bar & Grill

Komplek Rasuna Epicentrum, Bakrie Tower lantai GF, JL. HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan, Jakarta Pusat,Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12710, Indonesia.

+62 21 29941660

The Majestic of Mount Bromo

10 of us were very ambitious to visit 2 mountains in 2 days.

so right after Mount Ijen, we rest awhile, and drive immediately to Mount Bromo. The journey from Bondowoso to Mount Bromo is about 4 hours drive. Same distance from Surabaya airport.

Mount Bromo is located in Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia. a part of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. with a height of 2,770 above the sea levels, just slightly shorter than Mount Ijen.

What do to there ?

Sight-seeing of course! haha.. To see a beautiful panoramic of the mountains, and dramatic landscape view from the Top of Mount Bromo.


if you have this adventurous spirit, you can hike up to Semeru ! they said the hike is about 3 days 2 nights for normal Asian people to climb up.. and about 2 days 1 night for Fit Caucasian.. haishh.. definitely not my forte for now. haha.. but they said the hike now can be easier, by hiring a porter and a cook. so, they will bring and put up the tent, put up the portable toilet, and they will cook for you as well for the whole 3 days.. all you got to do is just to hike up that mountain. haha..


IF you are ultra-fit,  you can do 100 Ultra Run Race, or the other word is, Mountain Marathon Run! *goshh.. as i know they have 3 categories, 50km, 100km, and 165km.. *faint.. apparently they do this to many mountains in the world, and Bromo is one of it.


For you Jazz enthusiast, you can catch ‘Jazz Gunung’ or Jazz concert on Mount Bromo. This is a yearly event since 2009.

Where Did we go ? OR what place you must visit when you are in Bromo ? 

– Jeep Ride! 


Well, actually this is something that you must ride, cause you cannot go there by normal cars. Normally all the Jeep will start to go up at 3am. Most hotels and home-stays will have a Jeep and a driver to rent out. so not to worry for the transport. A jeep can fit to 5 people, and you can share it with other visitors also if you dont mind. The Jeep cost about RP 300.000-400.000 / trip.

– Viewpoint / Penanjakan

Normally it’s the first place to go to see the Sunrise!

After 30 mins of Jeep Ride, you must go down and walk up to the Viewpoint. The distance is about 1km. There will be many ‘ojek’ / motorcycle taxi once you got down from the Jeep. Just be-careful because it’s so many of them and the road is so narrow. Ojek Cost is about RP 10.000-20.000 one way.

When we reach the Viewpoint, the sky is rather cloudy =(.. so we cant see the sunrise much.. and we decided to go off from there immediately.. or else it will be so darn crowded to go down to find your Jeep.




– Mount Bromo / Bromo Crater

This is the place to see a dramatic landscape and great panoramic mountain view. We need to walk about 1-2km to reach the crater. if you want easier way, you can ride a horse as well. me and 2 other friends tried to ride the Horses, but i was so scared that i will fell off from the horse. haha.. the trail is not bumpy.. just that there are some uphil an downhil that scare me so much. haha. so i hold tightly to the horse-handle, and end up i did not enjoyed the scenery at all =(..  *dulu sok2an mau belajar horseback riding.. ini naik bromo aja gw takut. muahhaha*


If you go by horse, it only take about 15 mins to reach the peak. If you are walking, it takes about 30-45 mins? depends on your pace. After you reached a hill, you need to climb up 198 stairs to get to the peak of Bromo, where you can see the Bromo crater. Not to worries if you got tired, there are a few stalls that sells water, instant noodle and coffee/tea when you reached the hill. There are a few pit-stops also if you got tired in climbing up the stairs.

and only 1 thing that i can say from up there, it was AWESOME!






Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

and after you got back, you can enjoy a bowl of ‘Bakso’ / Meatballs. So nice to eat this warm local food while it’s cold out there. Bakso cost RP. 10.000 / bowl.


– Teletubbies hills (Bukit Telltubbies) / Savana

After the good food, we immediately go to Savana / Teletubbies Hill. For Nature Lovers, im sure you will love this greeneries pasture that seems no end.




– Sea of Sand / Pasir Berbisik

This Bromo land is so so unique. if Teletubbies hills are all full with greeneries, Whispering Sand are sea of sands. We never got down from our Jeep, because everyone was still very exhausted. so we decided to go back to our Hotel. But it is indeed a great place if you want to have some photo-shoot.



– Viewpoint II

Was so sad that we never go to Viewpoint II. People said it was quite a new view-point and it’s a better viewpoint, but still less people go to the second viewpoint. They call it Mount Kingkong, not sure why they name it ‘Gunung Kingkong’ haha. If i got a chance to go there again, surely im going to ask the jeep driver to go to this Viewpoint II.


Where to Stay ? 

– Actually you have an option not to stay in Bromo area. You can go from Surabaya / Malang at night, and reach Bromo around 2-3pm. Just a cheaper alternative.

– But if you want to stay and feel the cold breeze, there are many hotels and home-stays around there.. ranging from RP 200.000 – 1.000.000 / night. Please do your research or call the hotels first. because most of them dont have hot water for you to shower. If you have more money to spend, to can try to stay at Java Banana , The most expensive and the decent Hotel at Bromo.

And dont be shocked if the place that you are staying are full of Caucasians. That what happens to us. haha.. we were eating our diner at our hotel cafe, and we were like, ‘Where are we? it doesnt feel like we are in Indonesia.’ haha..


What to Eat ?

– Normally for lunch / dinner, most hotels or home-stays will have their own cafe.

– At Bromo itself, there’s a lot of local things to eat. Bakso / Meatball, Rojak / Fruit Salad with peanut gravy, Tahu Gejrot / Stinky Tofu with vinegar sauce, Siomay / Fishcakes with peanut gravy, Ketoprak / Rice Vermicilli with peanut gravy, Pop Mie / Instant Noodle, etc.



– Bring warm clothes, its cold up there (around 5 degree in the morning). I wore 3 clothes and 1 jacket. haha

– Dont go on weekend if you want to avoid crowds.

– Best Season is June – October, because it’s not rainy season.

– If you are renting a Car, ask them if the car price is inclusive gas, and toll charges.

– If you are signing up a tour package, as a few tours as they have different price even though they are offering same hotels and itinerary.

– Bring your own cloth to sleep in the hotel, because the bed and the blanket itself is very cold.

– Bring a mask. Dont know why when there’s a lot of Jeeps going up to Bromo, the gas smell is very strong.

– Bring More Cash. There’s no ATM up there.

– Bring you own shawl / gloves / beanie if you want to save money. The local people are selling the beanie and other items for RP 15.000 each. alternatively, you can buy from them also to support the local stuff and local people.

– Bring your own water. The water there can be quite expensive. The local people are selling around RP 10.000 / bottles

– Double check the horse price. Normally one way is about RP 50.000 and return trip is about RP 120.000.


* i got cheated by the horse guy. =(.. one of my friend already ride the horse up. then the rest of us were still thinking to ride or not. Then i decided to ride the horse.

Me : Bang, berapa kuda.nya ? // how much to ride the Horse?

Him : Samain aja Neng.. 125.000 kyk temen.nya.. // Rp 125.000, same price as your friend

Without hesitant, i immediately said OK and ride the horse. When i got down, suddenly i met the other friend who took the horse right after me.

Her : Jen.. gw capee. jadi gw naik kuda juga.. lu kena berapa ? // Jen.. im so tired, so i finally ride the horse too, how much did the guy charge you ?

Me : RP 125.000

Her : Mahal amat ?? Bolak balik // Why so expensive, is it return ?

Me : No, only 1 way.. =(

Then i met the other friend who went before me. He told me that his horse guy charged him RP 125.000 for return trip. huaaa.. there gone my money. haha.. but its okay.. i treat it as a blessings for the horse guy. =)

– The last and the most important Tips. JUST HAVE FUN !


Hopefully this is useful for you, who knows Bromo can be your first holiday choice for 2015. =)

**All photos are taken by Iphone 6, unedited. Only 2 pics edicted by VSCOcam. How i love my new phone. ❤