Giant Swing in Ubud, Bali

Happy new year, everyone! Hope your new year has been aca-awesome this far! #pitchperfectfever haha

It was still fresh in my mind how i started my first day in 2017. Woke up late after new year’s eve celebration, and decided to went out for early dinner. That time my brother just bought a new car and asked me to drive cause he was still very sleepy. I told him that im not good at parking. And he was like, ‘you can’. Anddd, i ended up my first day of 2017 by stratching my bro’s car so badly.. grazing it against the rough wall. #goshhh.. luckily it was still under insurance.. since then, my bro and my dad never asked me again to park their car in that ‘letter L’ position in my house. Hahaha.

So, It has been 2 days of 2018 and ive spent it smoothly.. pray that the rest of 2018 will be as smooth and even smoother! *Amen!

Anywayy, i spent most of my December in Bali, one of the most beautiful island in Indonesia. I had some MC gigs to do, and some collaboration to work on. And it felt so good, when you can do things that you love and get the chance to travel too!

And on this trip, i got to try the Giant Swing in Ubud! Well, actually we found this place by accident. Haha

We initially wanted to visit Pulina, the coffee plantation in Ubud area. But since it was raining that time of day, and we need to pay Rp 100,000 (SGD 10) for the entrance fee. So, we decided to give it a pass and look a for a cafe to hangout instead.

When we were driving around, my friends in the first car just randomly stop at one little place. I was like, are you sure we gonna stop here? But i was very wrong.. This cafe might look little and ordinary from the outside, but it offers a very cozy ambiance and beautiful view for the guests! And what’s more amazing is they have a giant swing! We were super excited when we saw that! I guess we are just a bunch of kids that trapped in adults body. Hahaha.

Not long after we reached the cafe, the rain slowly stopped. Super yeayyy moment! cause we finally can play the giant swing! Wohhoo!! SO, We asked the waiter on how to ride the swing? Do we have to pay for it as well?

They said only adult can play the giant swing, and no particular rules to follow. the only thing that they asked us is, NOT to release your hand off the ropes. And, as for the fee, the cafe should have charged us Rp 75,000 ( SGD 7,5) for each ride. But the kind-hearted owner gave free rides for all of us as long as we ordered something to drink, which only cost Rp 30,000 – 40,000 per drink. This cafe is super recommended. Just opened for 2 months only, and they have nice drinks and snacks with affordable price.

Anddd, my experience playing with the giant swing is super awesome!! The feeling was like you’re riding some rides in universal studio. Super thrilling yet exciting. And the very first swing was the best feeling ever! It feels so tingling in your stomach and your heart beats so quickly more than ever.. Haha.. But the view up there is so worth it, so beautiful until you dont want to go down. so pretty that you want to go even higher and higher. haha.. I Really love this experience, and want to go for more giant swing now!

See below for my Giant Swing VLOG! ❤

Jl. Raya Tegallalang, Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561
9AM – 6PM Daily

Exploring Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan

For those of you who think that Bali is over-rated and got enough of Bali’s traffic and crowd, you must try to explore Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. This two small beautiful islands located on the southeast coast, approximately about 15km of the main island of Bali. IMG_4027nusa lembongan

What we did in Nusa Lembongan 

Snorkeling and Diving

It’s a small island surrounded by the vast sea. That’s why Snorkelling and Diving is the most popular activities in this island. Where you can get to see the clear water with beautiful corals, huge varieties of cute tropical fishes and manta rays (if you dive). They have a snorkeling and diving package to choose from. as for me and my friends, we chose to snorkel to 3 spots : Crystal Bay, Mangrove and Gamat Bay.

For 3 snorkelling spots, they charged us Rp 150,000 / person, inclusive boat price and snorkeling equipment (like mask and fins)



As for me, the best spot to see the fishes is in Crystal Bay, the place is not to shallow, so you can see everything nicely from above. Mangrove offered the best spot and the prettiest for its corals reefs, but the place is too shallow for us to snorkel until some of my friends had some scratches on their legs. As for Gamat Bay, the current was too strong until we cant snorkel.. =( Well, we can snorkel, but it was tiring because you must keep swimming back against the current.

One of our friend got carried away pretty far by the current in this 3rd spot. He was out of breath cause he tried to swim back to our boat. He was panicked and thought that he would drown that time. Luckily there was a boat nearby to throw him a float. Finally, we must stop the snorkelling session, cause he was screaming for help and we asked the boatman to quickly go to his spot to rescue him.


**too bad my friend’s xiaomi camera wasnt capturing many photos that time, but it recorded video instead, and the video wasnt so nice as well, cause we thought it captured pictures. =( **

Devil’s Tear 

It’s the must see natural attraction in Nusa Lembongan. it’s located inside the Dream Beach. it should be a daunting showcase of huge waves crashing the cliff, but too bad the tide wasnt high enough that time, so we could not get the fantastic view that most people talking about. But nonetheless, it was still a pretty view down there. =)


devils tear 2 devils tear


Dinner at Sandy Bay Beach Club

The must visit restaurant in Nusa Lembongan. we went here for Dinner. Best if you do reservation, more over if you are coming in a big group like us. Some of the waitress have attitude problem, but the manager was very nice to us. The place is amazing, it has the rustic feeling, and so comfortable for hangout and drink beers. The food is nice, but it took quite long for them to serve.


Biking to Nusa Ceningan 

The motorcycling itself is considered the highlight of the day for us. It was 9 of us, so we must rent 5 bikes and convoy through the islands. 2 of my friends never ride a motorbike before, They said they can cycle well, so riding a motorbike shouldnt be that different. And so, they tried and luckily they succeed to get the girls a ride. Bravoo!

The route to Nusa Ceningan was very challenging. It took about 20-30 minutes from Nusa Lembongan. So many uphills and downhills, and road were very rocky and uneven. Some more, the bridge to Nusa Ceningan is very narrow and made from wood bars. So when we went through the bridge, we can hear the rippling sound. It was so scary, i imagined what if suddenly the wood bars fell off and the motorbike fell down into the river. haha..


**picture taken from**


** Let me introduce you my friend, Dewi. The only girl who can ride a motorbike amongst us.. isnt she cool or what? **

What to do in Ceningan 

Blue Lagoon

A natural beauty that you must see! the un-ending waves that breaks to the cliff makes the sunset time more dramatic. it seems like your problems tossed away in the ocean and withered with the wind. Such a great place to enjoy the beauty of the sunset. one of my friend said, it felt like in New Zealand. haha.

IMG_3975 IMG_4046

blue lagoonIMG_4001 IMG_4005 IMG_4006

**this sunset really enchants me**

They used to have cliff jumping from this area. but the local said the tide is getting more and more unpredictable, so they decided to close the cliff jumping activities for now. For adrenaline seekers, it might be the best experience that you could have. you can try to find out whether they have re-open.

Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan are on the rise now, many tourist aim to go here for relaxation. All the snacks and food are a little pricy. But compared to Bali, this place is quieter and seems less touristy, eventho mostly are tourist.. haha.. Overall, i had a good time in this island, and looking forward to come back next time to dive here with the Manta Rays *hopefully i can go for diving lessons soon, so i can dive there. hahaha*

How to get There

You must take speedboat from Sanur Beach, Bali to Nusa Lembongan. The journey takes about 45 minutes to get to Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan. You can buy the tickets at Sanur Beach. They have many boat operators over there that ranges from Rp. 60,000 – Rp 100,000 / one way.

I cant remember what operator that we were using, but we had it for Rp 140.000 for 2 ways. The speedboat can fit about 30-40 people. so we must share it with other people.

If you only want to go to Nusa Ceningan, you still have to go through Nusa Lembongan first, as they dont have direct boat to Nusa Ceningan. From Lembongan, you can rent a motorbike for about Rp 75,000 (half-day) and Rp 150,000 (full day). There’s no car in this two islands. Their main transportation is motorbike. if you cant ride a motorbike, you can rent the motorbike with the biker, but the price is much higher.

Until Next Time Beautiful Islands.. Closing this entry with our ‘remaja kekinian’ pictures. haha. Thanks for reading, awesome people! ❤

kekinian 2 kekinian

** Some pictures are taken from my friend (Yohannes) Olympus Pen camera**

Sentosa – Megazip Adventure Park

What is Adrenaline Rush?

They said it is a state whereby your body produces some chemical in moment of fear or excitement..

and this chemical (read:adrenaline rush) can make you do things that is beyond normal. ex: running faster than normal or being braver than ever.

 I love to raise up my adrenaline every now and then.. *in a responsible way of course*

I love to ride roller coaster, or went in to haunted house, or as simple as talking to some handsome guy across the street. hahaha.. *okay. the last one is a joke*

 I do think it is important to pump up your adrenaline, because it just makes you feel ALIVE.

 It’s the time whereby most of the oxygen travels to your brain, and somehow you feel freshened and lively all of a sudden.

 Last week.. Me, Bern and 9 of our friends went to Sentosa to raise up some adrenaline.. haha.

*yeah, i know.. sentosa lagi.. sentosa lagi.. baru juga pergi di minggu sebelumnya.. hehe*

 So, in the other part of Sentosa Island.. there’s something like an outbound park called Megazip Adventure Park. 

If you are taking the monorail from Vivocity, you should stop in Imbiah Station and just follow the way up, take the escalators, pass through the jungle..  hike a little bit more.. and voila! you’ll reach the adventure park. *yess.. this place is freakin far from the monorail.. but distance means so little when you walk with your loved ones! so, please do not walk alone. haha.. dehhh..*


 the jungle selfie

the hiking selfie

 They have 4 challenging activities that you can choose,

– Climbmax : it’s like a normal outbound, but i think it’s very hard.. whereby there’s huge trees, ropes, some wood-logs,  and they made 24 obstacles out of it..

– Northface : basically its a rock climbing

– Parajump : freefall from about 4 storey tall. They said it simulate parachute landing

– Megazip : flying fox

They have their own pricing for individual activities,

but you can mix and match activities if you want too.

so, to make things easier.. they have made the pricing table for you.

so, some of us took the Kangaroo package and some others took Chimpanzee package.

right after we purchased our ticket,

we need to sit down to be briefed by their crew.

you are not allowed to bring backpack or totebags.. only small sling bag allowed.

and all valuables will be put aside in one bag which you can bring along with you later on.

 okay, the first thing to do was weight yourself ! haha

i know.. its very embarrassing for some of the girls. but it’s for safety reasons.. so, you cannot skip this out.

 after they weighed our weight.

we proceed to the ‘Buckle up’ ground *actually i dont know what to call that place.. haha*

so, in this place, they will put the safety harness around you..

they have 2-3 types of safety harness according to your weight. most of the girls normally will get the yellow colored ones.

 okayy.. now, we are ready to hit the park !


First ‘Adrenaline’ stop was the Parajump – the ‘free fall’ from 4th storeys *well.. the poster said we gonna jump from the 5th storey, but idk it’s that high.. so 4th storey it is. hehe*

we already did ‘eenie meenie mainey moo’ aka cap-cip-cup in bahasa..

and Cindy is very first one to jump, followed by others, me in the second last, and Manda for our lucky last.

 before you jump, they will ask you to turn your back and attached a ballast *pemberat* to your back.

The ballast holds a bit of your gravity, so we will turn into pieces after we jumped down.

 if you see from below pictures, maybe it doesnt seems so high.

the dangling wooden block with all the ropes are the Climbmax – which we did not take

Buttt.. Let me tell you the feeling when you are on the tip of the ledge.

the feeling was much complicated than the nano nano sweets *i think only indonesian understand this. huahua*

my heart beats faster, my hands turn cold, i cannot breath properly.. i can feel all the symptoms of the adrenaline rush.

i want to show you the video that Cindy took for me.

but the video goes upside down, and i dont know how to rotate a video.. haha

please see at my Instagram @jendluvu if you would like to see.

again.. it seems slow..

but it really takes tons of courage to step out from the ledge.

*rasanya pas mau lompat itu.. aduhh.. pengen lngsung pipis gt. hahaha*


but we all made it.. hehe..

and we all agreed that the scariest part was when we step our leg out from the ledge.

the rest of the process is just normal. haha..

*many experience falling after they touches the ground.. because they still cant balance themselves.. well.. including me. hahaha*


Secondly is the Northface aka Rock Climbing  for the Chimpanzee team.

 But first, let me take a selfie! *chainsmokers effect*

 The Chimpanzee Team

The Kangaroo Team

The Chimpanzee team waited for quite awhile, because the rock climbing can only accommodate 3 players.

You can try to climb for 20 mins.. if you still cannot reach the top to ring the bell, then the guards will stop you and let the others to take the their turn.

got this 2 taiwan couple tried to climb up for the umpteenth times.. but they cant even pass the red lines.

i think their hands are too tired already..

 and finally, it’s Bern’s time to climb..

the guard will ask you to climb a bit and go down again, only to test ropes that will bring you down.


and you know what??

Bern succeeded to reach the top and rang the bell..!! woohoo.. *proud girlfriend* muahahahha,, **

 he said he unlocked one of his life achievements. hahaha.. *sama lebay.nya* hahaha.

 anyway.. Dedi was very funny. he stuck in the middle with this position. haahha. *im sorry dedi*

 and finally, our last game of the day..

 The Megazip aka flying fox.

This flying fox is 450 meters long and 72 meters above the sea level.

too bad i dont have any Go-Pro camera to record a video.. =((

i only have below pictures for you to see..

yes.. we are sliding from one Island to another Island!!

Me and Niko getting started

compared to Parajump, this one is scarier, because they will hang you first and nothing to seat in. after that, they will just released you all of a sudden, and your body can just turn back and front anytime.

i faced the front side at first, but halfway down the road i turned around and facing the canopy jungle.

but i love this ride the most.. because you can feel the adrenaline rush longer and whiz and breeze over the canopy jungle and siloso beach.

oh ya.. you can do tandem as well if you like.. or if you are a little bit afraid to go alone..

but i think they have maximum weight to go..

another funny thing also happened here..

2 of my friends (lets say C &D).. they went tandem for this rides, because one of them afraid to go alone.

then suddenly.. they stucked at the middle! hahaha..

they are fine.. no injuries.. no faulties.. we assume they are just a little bit too heavy. haha.

so the guard came along and pull them to the other side of the island.

so, my suggestion is.. just go solo and enjoy the ride yourself.. haha..


overall it was a very very great experience.

I recommend you to go at least once in your lifetime, and just feel the adrenaline rush that travels within your body..

this makes me wants to go for skydive or bungee jump..

but i dont know if my heart can take it or not. haha..

My last memorable ‘feeling’ was X2 roller coaster in LA’s six flags : magic mountain. *it was the craziest roller coaster that i have ever ride*

and i think those skydive and bungee jump is a new whole level of raising up your adrenaline. haha..

*ngebayanginnya aja udah super deg2an*

so, please do share with me if you have did those crazy things before.. i would love to hear your magnificent stories.. hehe..