What’s New in Singapore?

I love fast food so much. Especially the one which have been fried with dozens of secret herbs and spices. Believe it or not, when i was a kid, i was super thin and i all i wanted to eat is only omelette, noodles and fried chicken. Well, I think that pretty much sum up how i can grow ‘big’ after that. Haha.

I always thought that no one can compete to the goodness of  the ‘Finger Lickin Good’. But i was wrong, apparently i just found my new favorite fried chicken in town! And it’s not a fast food chain restaurant.


pic : @pickaboosg – design by: Annette S

Located at the heart of Orchard Road, this new stalls brings fresh option for the foodies. Especially those of you who is fried chicken lover. And Not only they serve uber-nice fried chicken, but they do have a lot of other good foods too!


I personally love their signatures, the BOO BURGER. Love the boneless fried chicken, the flavour is just right in all aspect, not to salty and it doesnt make you thirsty or make your throat itchy right after eating. The cheese sauce make it taste better, and it just blend well with the waffle and egg.


Chicks and Mash – If you are not sure on what to order, this would be a perfect choice. Fried chicken and mash potatoes with mushroom sauce will never go wrong. Ah ohh, if you are Indonesian, dont forget to bring ‘Saus Sambal’, i think you’ll enjoy it more with the sambal. Hahaha.. personal preference though.


Fried Rice with Mushroom – Believe it or not, this fried rice taste like risotto to me. The rice texture is so soft and buttery, also you can smell the strong mushroom aroma when they served it. I quite like mushroom a little too much, so probably this one will be a good choice, if you need carbo loading. Haha. and for the vegetarian, you probably will like this too.


Dirty Fries – This is everyone’s favorite. Fries, Spam, ‘Bolognese’-sy topping with Cheese Sause.. Oh Good. If your not on Diet, this is just a perfect combo for your fried chicken, and a good side-dish to share with everyone!



304 Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza, B1 -38, Singapore.

Asian Food Mall (Foodcourt)


One of the Highest Starbucks in The World

Who doesnt know Starbucks? One of the most popular coffee-shop chain in the world. When Seattle is the home base of Starbucks shop, Taipei has one of the highest Starbucks outlet amongst the other 23,768 outlets in the world.

Located at the 35th floor of Taipei 101, this Starbucks really grabs the foreigners and even the local’s attention. I’ve been wanting to go to this outlet since the first month of my student life in Taipei, but only gotten the chance to visit this on the very last month before i left.

Since this Starbucks really catches so many people’s attention.. So you need to book it 1 week prior your visit. When you do your booking, it is best to speak with them in Chinese since they dont really understand English. If you cant speak Chinese, maybe you can ask your hotel concierge or your AirBnb host to help you with the booking.

How to enter Starbucks 101?

It’s quite tricky since it’s not inside the mall. You need to Enter via Xin Yi Road, Sec.5, door 7. which located not far from 101 mall entrance.

There will be security guards in front and asking you where are you going? Just say you are going to starbucks, and they will direct you to the foyer. After you reached the Foyer, just wait there for a while.

As for me and my friends, it is very easy to spot the foyer, since there are already a long Q when we reached there. Starbucks already allocate the time for their customers, so all of us can enter the lift together, since they need cards to enter the office buildings.

After 5-10 minutes of waiting time, their staffs will come down and fetch you up (dont forget to give them the booking code that they have given to you to be exchanged with the table number)



And here you go, one of the highest starbucks in the world. haha.. It’s just a normal starbucks shop. Just happened that they have a good locations whereby you can see Taipei’s skyline and sceneries from above.

Some people advised that it is better to go here, rather than going to the Taipei 101’s observatory, cause you need to spend about NTD 400-500 (SGD  16-20) to enter the observatory, and get quite the same sceneries that this starbucks offered you. On the other hand, you need to order 1 drink + 1 cakes/sandwich per person, which will cost you about NTD 150-200 (SGD 6-8).

Actually it goes back to each individual, cause some people love to listen to history and want to understand Taipei more. Then, if you are that kind of person, i will still advise you to go up to the observatory and listen to all the ipod tracks that they provide you with.

My piece of advise if you are going to this Starbucks is.. When you gather downstair, Walk slowly to the lift, and let you and your friends be the last person to enter the lift. So, when you go out of the lift, you can quickly grab the best seat! hahaha.. *Kiasu mode on*

Too bad we did not get the best spot.. so, i was quite lazy to take the sceneries as well.. Sorry for no pretty pictures of the sceneries. =(

If you asked me if it’s worth it or not to go to this place.. I’ll say.. Just go if you have time. If you dont.. Hmmpp.. I think it’s still okay to give it a miss.. Unless you are a Starbucks fans or Mug’s collector. haha.


Starbucks 101.
110, Taiwan, Taipei City
Xinyi District, Section 5, Xinyi Road, 7號之1
Tel: +886 2 8101 0701

Taipei : Two Best Ramen Places (So Far)

I’ve been avoiding noodles for these past months. If i happened to go to some restaurant that have noodle and rice, i’ll go for the later option. Why so? Because i gain weight easily after i eat noodles. Yes, any type of noodles. I hate it so much when i need to avoid the things that i love. =(

I still remember there were times that i ate noodles (spaghetti, ramen, local singapore noodle and instant noodles) almost everyday in that week, and i gained 3 kgs by the end of the week. Gosh.. ~.~” And then someone told me about ‘Blood Type Diet’ and said that Type A Blood should eat more vegetables, fruits and grains than carbs and meat. Seems like a very tough tasks to do when you love noodle so much and have low blood pressure at the same time (since you need to eat meaty stuffs in order to increase the blood pressure)

After suppressing my hunger for noodles, I finally could not resist it anymore and start to eat noodles again. But this time i limit myself to once a week. So, this past few weeks ive been going to many noodle places, from local noodles, pasta house and japanese ramen. and guess whatt.. The Japanese Ramen won my heart!

– Nagi Ramen

Ximen MRT – Ximending (Located at Cinemark Movie Theater Buidling – 6th Floor, Besides Uniqlo)

They have 4 types of Ramen Based that you can choose from.

The Original , The Spicy ones, The Squid Ink-ed ones, and the Seaweed ones. What i love the most from this place is you can choose your noodles thickness, your broth thickness, your type of meat and vegetables, spiciness etc. I just love ramen places that can be customized.



*The Original King (Butao) – the safest choice if you cant eat spicy and dont really dare to try the other soup-based. This Butao bowl of goodness is an award winning. The broth is pretty thick and a bit salty as well. So if you like flavourful soup (since most of Taiwanese cuisine are pretty bland) you definitely should try this one out*


*The Black King (Kuroo) – If you are someone who has a very adventurous taste buds, you can try this squid-ink soup based. I totally could not enjoy this black king, cause they have a fishy smells (for me). Yeah, i got a bit sensitive when it comes to seafood. But my friend love it, so i guess you can try it as well if you want too*


*Red King (Akao) – This bowl of red noodles really won my heart. Well, maybe because i love spicy food in the first place, and this Akao has satisfied my taste buds. I chose normal for the richnessof taste, normal special sauce, light garlic, shoulder parts for the pork meat, green onion for the vegetables, level 4 of spiciness (you can choose level 1-10), and thick normal noodles for my ramen. And i loveee thiss so soo muchh..

The thickness of the noodles is not that thick as i expected, but it’s chewy enough for me to enjoy. The broth itself is a bit salty and spicy at the same time, since i love both, so the soup are just perfect for me. Love the shoulder pork-meat as well, cause when most other ramen house use very thick cha siew (shoulder pork meat), they use thin sliced that makes it less fats and they are pretty generous in giving the meat. Really love it to the bits.


Price : 3/5 – NTD 200-240 (SGD 8-10) *wouldnt get any nice Ramen in Singapore with this kind of pricing. haha*

Ambiance : 3/5

Taste : 4/5 – For Spicy Based

-樂麵屋 (Le Mian Wu)

No. 7, Lane 10, Yongkang St, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

(Dongmen MRT – They have 2 outlets in the same street, one outlets has break time from 2-6pm, and the other one open all the way from 11-10pm)

They have many options to choose from (Original Tonkatsu, Soya sause based and spicy based) and they can customized our bowl of ramen as well.

  Even though i love spicy noodle so much, i decided to skip it this time. Why so? Because they mixed the spicy broth with some seafood based soup. So this time i play it safe and so satisfied with my Original Tonkatsu based soup.



Chosen a normal broth for its thickness with normal thick noodle. They have less options than Nagi Ramen, which makes it easier for some people. Love the broth so much, cause it’s thick enough but not makes you ‘sick’, the soup is like ‘indomie kuah ayam’ but less salty and just so much nicer. haha. If you like to drink soup, i guess you can finish up this bowl of goodness. I think Nagi Ramen’s noodle is thicker, but this one is good enough for me too! *guess im easy to please as long as it’s not too thin and soft. haha* Also, I recommend you to order the one that has double pork-meat, because the pork meat is soo good, it literally melts in your mouth.. *slurpp*


Quite a fan of Japanese Gyoza, but i found this one is just normal towards not-so-good-for-my-tastebuds. So, if you are not into Gyoza, you can skip it.

They have the normal spicy based soup and sort of special edition spicy soup with some prawns, and other types of pork-meat. My friend chosen the later one, and it comes like this. Looks so appetising, but she said she prefers the original better. So original wins for this Ramen shop!

Price : 3/5 – TWD 190-260 (SGD 7.8-10.5)

Ambiance : 3/5

Taste : 4/5 for Original Tonkatsu Based

Taipei Must Visit : Wulai Aboriginal Village and Hot Spring

Me and my classmates went to Wulai two weeks ago, a nice mountain village located just outside Taipei. Wulai was an impromptu trip, we planned to go to Tainan city at first, but since we planned it too late, all the bus and train tickets were sold out. Eventhough we know that we can buy the standing train ticket to Tainan, we finally decided to drop this plan and decided to explore somewhere near Taipei instead.

Like many countries, Taiwan has many aboriginal tribes too. and Wulai is a home for for one aboriginal tribes name Atayal. Wulai is the closest aboriginal tribes village from Taipei, and if you are wondering what Wulai means, it means Hot Spring in Atayal’s term.

So basically what you can do at Wulai is to soak yourself in a natural Hot Spring. But other than that, you can eat a lot of Wulai’s aboriginal snacks at the Wulai Old Street, dip your feet in the cold river, see a nice waterfall, hiking around Wulai’s mountain, and take a lot of pretty ‘classic’ pictures. haha.. Let’s go through it one by one, shall we? *grin*

– Wulai’s Entrance 

If you go by bus 849 (TWD 15) from Xin Dian MRT station (end of green line), you will stop at this small bus station after about 45-50 minutes. This bus stop is located at the very end of the bus station, so do not worry of getting lost.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

– Wulai’s Old Street

After walking about 5-7 mins, you will find this bridge to enter the Old Street of Wulai. The Old street of Wulai is pretty long and narrow, with many mouthwatering snack stalls on their left and right. So basically what you can do is, buy the snacks one at a time and share it among your friends, so that you can eat more snacks. haha. Wulai is famous for their boar sausage, which is not bad.. but I personally like their suckling roast pork roll, somehow the pork is so nice, love how they do the egg roll as well (eventhough they have quite disturbing whole pig in front of their stall) haha.. And ohh.. I like their grilled mochi topped with condensed milk.. ❤

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset


-Wulai’s Hot Spring 

After non-stop binge eating on the old street, we went straight ahead to the Wulai’s Hot Spring. But since the weather was pretty hot that day, we went to dip our feet in the cold river water instead. and it feels so refreshinggg.. wish indonesia or singapore have this kind of river.. The current was pretty fast though, so i dont think you can swim in this river.

as for the Hot Spring, you can go there for free, eventho mostly are elderly. If you want more private place for soaking yourself, they have a few bathing house as well. Just stroll the street and asked around to get the best deal.

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-Wulai’s Waterfall

From the Hot-Spring place, you can walk through Lover’s Path (the walking trail) about 2 km to see this pretty waterfall, eventho not as spectacular as i expected, but it’s quite nice to see. and the walk trail to waterfall is quite pretty too.. =)

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-Wulai’s Gondola

Wulai has some hiking trails and large nature park. But because of last year Typhoon, Wulai’s nature park is quite severely damaged. So after we went up by the Gondola (NTD 150), we just hiked to the aboriginal ‘village’ and just explore what they have over there. we ended up playing archery up there, and i suck a lot. haha.

Heard that the gondola fee will help the villagers to re-build their town. Hopefully they can restore the place soon. Never thought that Typhoon can really bring such a great impact to a pretty place.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

IMG_7208IMG_7190IMG_7188IMG_7189Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Wulai is a pretty place, would love to comeback sometime for the street food and dipping my feet in the cold river, enjoying the blue sky, the warm sun rays and brezzy wind, and pondering about life. haha.

10 Must Visit Cafe/Restaurant in Taipei

Besides all the local delights, Taipei has a lot of cafes as well. From small to big, cheap to expensive, chain-cafe to hipster. Name it, they have it. I have stayed for 4 months now in Taipei and tried many cafes/restaurants. And i am gonna share with you my top 10 Must Visit in Taipei.

1.The Good Design Institute

1F No. 22 Lane 48 Wenzhou St.

The interior of this cafe is so gorgeous. It makes you wants to take pictures in all its corners. Somehow it has a little bit of the rustic feeling yet modern.  Aside from the interior, they also acts as a pop-up store for some local designers. My friend said that their coffee is good (i dont drink coffee), and i love their chocolate drink which they put in a glass beaker. They do sell simple food like quiche and desserts too.


2. A Mini Bistro

No. 2, Lane 101, Section 4, Xinhai Rd, Wenshan District, Taipei City, 116

A small pizza restaurant located in one secluded corner of Xinhai Road. This is truly hidden gem for me. Love the warmth feeling that they offer, and I love their buffalo wings and their pizzas. Normally we need to call and book the place first due to the small place.


3.Coffee Alley


This chain cafe/restaurant is so famous amongst taiwanese and foreigners. This cafe is always full be it on weekdays or on weekend. Love the chicken toasted pizza and the Strawberry Mile-Feuille. They are famous with their waffles too. Did a longer review on this place before. Do check it out here. 


4. Dazzling Cafe

No. 11, Alley 7, Lane 205, Section 4, Zhongxiao E Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

This is one of my favorite dessert place. Their dessert reminds me a lot of the honey toast back in En Dining, Jakarta, Indonesia. and guest what, i love their honey toast too! They have top 1-10 desserts that the people normally order, it should make you easier on what to choose from, but apparently it doesnt help me, cause all of their desserts looks so tempting. This place is good for afternoon tea, and they do have good spaghetti and truffle fries too. Heard that they gonna open in Singapore as well. Lets see..


5.Drip Cafe

No. 10, Alley 6, Lane 170, Section 4, Zhongxiao E Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

Another popular chain-cafe in Taiwan. Rain or shine, this cafe will always be full. Booking is encouraged, but you can always come and try to Q up. Best if you come around 11.30am just when they open. Cronut is their best selling dessert here. Normally its already finished by 3/4pm. =(. So you can try to ask them first if they still have their cronut, rather being disappointed. Their Kimchi spaghetti and the cheese steak sandwich is not bad too.


6. Melange Cafe

104, Taipei City, Zhongshan District, Lane 16, Section 2, Zhongshan N Rd, 23號號

This place is nice for their waffles too. Actually it looks like Coffee Alley’s sister cafe, they have similar menu and ambiance. But nevertheless, it is still a good place to just chill and chat with your loved ones.


7. The Sandrich House

No. 366, Section 2, Fuxing S Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

Actually this is a sandwich place, not really a cafe nor restaurant. But the offer a very good crunch pork belly sandwich served with ciabatta. They have coffee and tea to go along with too. But if you just want to have a coffee/tea, guess it should not be a problem.


8. Second Floor Cafe


Tried this chain-cafe in Gongguan area. Another American style cafe/restaurant. They served a lot of things here, from all day brunch, burger, and pasta. Tried their spicy thai chicken rice, it’s not that bad. But what my friend was having is quite good, and i guess you can try their pasta, cause a lot of people were ordering it when i was there. Ohh, you can bring your pets in too! Recommending this cause they have all range of food that you can choose from.


9. Picnic Cafe

No. 75, Wenzhou St, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106.

Nice quite place nearby Gongguan area as well. They served nice scones for afternoon tea. They have nice ambiance for you to study/work. Many foreigners go here too for their coffee. This place is rather small too, so i guess it’s best not to have the whole group to visit this place.


10. Mia Cucina 

No. 11, Lane 107, Section 1, Fuxing S Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

This is a food haven if you are vegetarian. Why? Even me who is not a vegetarian loves all the food that they serve. The portion here is rather big, so make sure you bring along your friend/partner to share with. Love their thin mushroom pizzas and mushroom carbonara pasta.


This is the best 10 that i have gone so far, the list may changed later in the future. haha. Do prepare NTD200-400/person for each cafe above, because some of the cafe requires you to order at least one drink for each.

Famous Taiwanese Breakfast : Fu Hang Dou Jiang (VLOG)

If you google on what to eat for breakfast in Taipei city, Fu Hang Dou Jiang will definitely be one of the top list. Located quite at the heart of the city, each day this place draws hundreds of customers who craves for local authentic breakfast. They diligently open their stalls that is located at second floor of Hua Shan Market. Everyday (except Monday), they will open their business at 5.30am, and you can find that people are already lining up by then. Since this breakfast place is so famous and people said it’s a must try breakfast when you come to Taipei, so me and my brother went to try how good it tastes like.

Reached the place about 10.45am, and saw a long line up. Luckily the line went quite fast that day and we only took 15 minutes to Queue.. *Rumour said that sometimes you need to line up for 45 minutes* When it is about your turn, i suggest you to make up your mind first, cause there’s no much time for you to read the menu one by one, since they are very fast in taking and serving your order, and they want the Q to keep moving.


So, this was what we ordered:


Cold SoyMilk

My favourite all time drink! They have both the sweetened/salty and hot/cold soymilk. Since i dont have much time to think and afraid that i may not like the salty ones. so i just go ahead with the normal cold soymilk. When they asked me to eat here or to take away. i said to eat here, and suddenly they served me a bowl of soyamilk, i thought i ordered wrongly, but they said it’s the soyamilk that i was ordering.. Well.. after that we decided to order one more soyamilk cause my brother wanted to have one as well, and you know what did i received.. It was a cup of soymilk. :/ Really not sure on how it works.

Anyway, the soyamilk is gooodd.. And i think there’s no awful soyamilk in Taipei. All soyamilk taste good for me. haha.

You Tiao (Cakwe / Fried Cruller)

My Favorite snack of all time! I can just eat this everyday for my breakfast. Too bad it’s not good for your health since it’s deep fried and tend to be oily/ greasy sometimes. This is very well paired with Soyamik!

You Tiao here is very different. I guess this is my very first time to eat super crunchy cakwe that cant be teared into two. It’s so crunchy that it feels like eating some crackers. Nevertheless this popular Taiwanese dish still taste good for me.

There’s another way to eat your You Tiao, which i just discovered as well. Just crack it into two and dip it to the cold / hot soymilk that you order. it will give you a whole different taste! I cant really describe on how it taste like, but as for me i felt that somehow it enhances the soymilk taste. Give it a try. =)

Hou Shao Bing (Thick Shao Bing) 

It’s a thick fluffy yet dry bread filled with omelette egg (egg is optional). The bread itself is already good and crunchy with a little bit of sweetness in it, but it may overpower the egg a little bit. This bread is savoury and one of their best selling item.


Bao Shao Bing (Thin Shao Bing)

It’s exactly the same with the hou shou bing with a thinner bread that taste less sweet. I personally like the thin one better, cause you can simply taste their savoury egg better. *And i dont know why outside omelette is just better than homemade ones*haha. Well, but i guess the thick bread will be more filling if you are looking for something to satisfy your tummy.



Fu Hang Dou Jiang
Hua Shan Market, 2F. No. 108, Zhongxiao East Rd., Sec. 1
Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan

(Exit 5 Shandao Temple, and Hua Shan Market is already on your right side)

Tried to make another VLOG (in Bahasa Indonesia) about this, and i discovered that my food vocabulary need to be expanded. Cant really describe the taste well when i record myself, i realized that i need to ponder first on how it taste to write it down. =( Bravo to the food blogger who can get the word on point when they made their VLOGs. =) Anyway, Enjoy my VLOG! ❤





Taipei Must Drink

Taiwan is so famous with its Zhen Zhu Nai Cha (Bubble Milk Tea), people said that you have not visited Taiwan if you have not drink any of it. I like Bubble Milk Tea too, but too bad i cant drink it so often cause i have Low Caffeine Tolerance. Which means, i cannot drink too much of caffeinated drink such as Tea and Coffee, especially MilkTea.

I discovered my Caffeine Intolerance when i first came to Singapore. Sat down in one of chain breakfast shop on one afternoon , ordered one small cup of hot MilkTea and found myself sleeping at 4am with a very fast heart-beat like i’m on a roller coaster that is going down the trail.

Since i dont know how to deal with it, so the best thing is to avoid it as much as possible and find good substitute drink for my sweet-drink cravings.

So below is my best substitute drink in Taipei (as for now):


One of popular hang out chain-cafe in Taiwan (i heard) not just in Taipei. and I love their Lu Gai Cha (Green Tea topped with a nice sea-salty cream) that taste like cheese cream for me. The Green tea is not so sweet as well, so the ‘cream-cheese’ really complements the taste. They have two types of tea, Green tea and Red Tea – which is much sweeter. and for you who is ‘cream-cheese’ lover, you can order for extra cream too!


2. Cheng Dou Yang Tao Bing

No. 3, Chengdu Rd., Wanhua District, Ximending, Taipei city.

(From Ximen MRT station exit 6, make direct U-turn and see the below signboard slowly)

If you like to eat Feng Li Su (Pineapple Tart), then you have to try how Taiwanese Pineapple Drink like. My friend said this shop always have a long Queue in summer, and here i am drinking it in winter time with No Queue at all. haha.. Have to admit that the Pineapple Drink is very refreshing, cause it’s cold, very sweet with a little bit of sourness. They sell other drinks too like orange and starfruits, and those sour drinks that can really refresh you in summer time.


**above picture taken from here**

3. Ba Fang Yun Ji 

It’s a Taiwanese Dumpling chain restaurant that sells many kinds of nice dumpling, from fried ones to steamed ones. and they serve a very nice Dou Jiang (SoyMilk). I am a ‘milk-person’, i literally drink milk everyday for my breakfast and i will feel something is lacking if i skip a day without it. haha. Since i love sweet stuffs, i always have chocolate milk every morning. And too find out that there’s very nice soymilk that taste sweet and light, indeed it is the best feeling ever. I literally crave their Dou Jiang everyday, and i can drink 2 cups of it. Too bad that people said it is not good to consume SoyMilk everyday. =(


4. Chen San Ding 

This is a really must drink when you are in Taipei, cause i guess it is only available in Taipei. It’s a Bubble Fresh Milk! or Zhen Zhu Xian Cha. They dont sell Bubble tea here. So what makes it so special? They make their pearl (made from tapioca) with brown sugar and use Fresh Milk as their drink. And whereby other Bubble tea shop ask you level of sweetness, Chen San Ding  get natural sweets from the ‘brown-sugar-pearl’ itself. And it taste like Heaven! i really dont exaggerate on this one! Probably the best ‘bubbletea’that i have ever drink. The pearl taste so chewy and not as sweet as i thought. Even though some people may find it too sweet for them.

Located at : Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 100, Lane 316, Sec 8 Nongkou Roosevelt.

Nearest MRT is Gong Guan Station. They always have a long queue and a big signage. Guess it will be easy for you to find it.



Happy Trying people! ❤ ❤

TAICHUNG : Feng Jia Night Market (VLOG)

When there is opportunity to travel, i will definitely pack my bag and go to see the world. Since ill be staying in Taiwan for a while, i hope i have the chance to see all the beauty that this big island can offer.

I got a chance to visit Taichung on the first day of 2016. Taichung is the third largest city after Taipei and Kaohsiung. There are so many ways to get to Taichung from Taipei :

  • You can rent a car and drive there (which is quite impossible for me, cause i’ve never drive on the left side of the road)
  • Take High Speed Rail (HSR – which take about 1 hr journey with TWD 700 / SGD 30 ) OR
  • Take  any available inter-cities buses which take about 2 hrs 20 mins with TWD 230 / SGD 9.

We decided to take the afternoon bus at Taipei Main Station, because its much cheaper compared to the HSR (High Speed Rail) and the travelling time is not that bad too.






The bus that we took (HoHsin Bus) is very decent and comfortable too. The have allocated seat number, seat is adjustable, and they have mini TV on the side where you can turn off/on whenever you want, but do prepare your own headset.

Once we reached Taichung, we head directly to Feng Jia Night Market. My friend who has stayed in Taichung said that this Feng Jia is a must visit night market. They have lots and lots of street food and many clothing shops as well.

That night was a crazy night, the holiday has turned the night market into a sea of people. I didnt take many pictures that night, but i took some videos for you to see! hehe

What i did over there was basically eat and eat.. haha.. Well. i just ate 3 types of street food there and 1 milk tea with coconut jelly.



Gold Left Leg – Baked Chicken with Cheese Topping and Salsa Sauce. This is quite nice for cheese lovers, but overall it’s just a normal baked chicken ( TWD 70 // SGD 3 )



An Mo Ji Pai – Massage Chicken (directly translated) haha. Basically they grilled this chicken with charcoal and topped it with peppers. This is much much nicer than the first one. The chicken is very tender, that it melts in your mouth (literally). Queued for about 15-20 minutes for this. and eat this for less than 10 minutes. haha (TWD 60 // SGD 2.5)


I first came to Taiwan for holiday 4 years ago. Tried this ‘chinese hotdog’ and considered this as must eat food when you are in Taiwan. Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang – which directly translated as Large intestines wrap small intestines. So the ‘large intestines’ is one big glutinous rice acting as the bread, and the ‘small intestines’ is the meat-sausage (which i assume is pork meat). I really like it cause it taste sweet, sour (cause they put pickled vegetables), and taste a little bit spicy (you can request Da La – super spicy). I think the combination is just great. i can eat this everyday if they sell it nearby my house. haha. It’s just so so good! (TWD 40 // SGD 1.7 )


Milk Tea with Coconut Jelly at Just Tea Shop (Cha Ben Wei). My friend said this is one of the bubble tea stores in Feng Jia Night Market. and guess what? This is just so good! Wish i can drink this everyday and not getting any fatter. haha. Love the coconut jelly, since i dont really like pearl. haha. ( TWD 40-50 // SGD 1.7 – 2 ) *i cant remember how much it was =(

Actually i wanted to eat more food. But it was really really crowded (as you can see from the video). You really need efforts just to Queue for few-bites of street food.

Since the three of us didnt have enough sleep the day before (cause we went to watch the fireworks at Taipei 101 – that is Not as nice as Singapore and Jakarta. *sorry*), we just felt so tired that night. so we decided to go back earlier, get some sleep and get ready to go to XinShe Castle and Carton King for the next day!

Stay tune for more Taichung stories.. ❤ ❤



TAIPEI : Best Beef Noodle – Lin Dong Fang (VLOG)

Taipei is so famous with Stinky Tofu (Chou Dou Fu), Xiao Long Bao and Beef Noodle (Niu Rou Mian). and Talking about Beef Noodle, im gonna take you to Taipei’s Best Beef Noodle!

Lin Dong Fang is located near Zhong Xiao FuXing MRT station. I guess some of you already know or even tried it out already. But there are still some people (even the taiwanese) who doesn’t know that this small great stall is exist.

I have been here 4 years ago, but that time i wasn’t passionate enough about travel writing. so here i am now, writing my heart out about best noodle in Taipei city. *psstt..* even CNN said that this is a must try when you are in Taipei !

Well, i guess enough of introduction. It’s picture time now! haha.




I ordered a small bowl of ‘Ban Jin Ban Rou’, which means Half Tendon and Half Beef. I really love everything inside that bowl, the soup are just nice, the Noodle is chewy or CNN said it is Al dente. haha. The Beef is so soft that it melts in your mouth, and the Tendon is just so delicate, not hard at all, and doesnt have any funny smells.

This portion of goodness cost me (TWD 190 // SGD 8), and as for normal Beef Noodle cost (TWD 140 // SGD 6). If you want small bites like Tofu Skin Pig’s ear or others, you can grab it for (TWD 30 // SGD 1.2) for one small bowl. Actually It is considered not cheap, cause normally most meals in Taipei is around TWD 40-120 max (not restaurant). But when you convert it to SGD, it is just soooo worth it!

Ohh, actually i made my first VLOG on this ! hehehe. It wasnt on purpose. Suddenly i just have this though when we were on our way to Lin Dong Fang. It is NOT as good as the other travel blogger, i cant do video editing, guess this one is my best already. haha.. but hopefully i can make the next one better and i hope you can enjoy this one! =)

P.S : All pictures and Video is taken by IPhone 6, with no edit. Thinking to buy new mirrorless camera with tilt-able or articulating monitor, so i can do self-recording. hahaha.  Any recommendation? =)

Lin Dong Fang

274 Bade Road, Section 2, Zhongshan District, Taipei City.

+886 2 2752 2556

Taipei Cafe : Coffee Alley

Things are getting better in Taipei. Found new friends who is so nice and friendly to show me around, getting used to the public transport here (even though it is still hard to read bus directions and destinations in Chinese), love the food and the good manner of Taiwanese people, catching up with the traditional chinese writings, and so glad that i can get along very well with my classmates and other international friends.

One of my Japanese friend said that she has one favorite cafe in town that serves Japanese and Western influenced food. Since I am new in town and love to explore the food here, of course i did not say no. We went last last Friday, right after we finished our class. The cafe that is located on the second floor was pretty full when we reached there about 4pm. It was 5 of us and we need to wait about 10-15 minutes for the table to be ready.


They have house rules for everyone to order one drink in this cafe, so it’s okay when you dont order food. Just order one drink will do.

I Decided to order Iced Fresh Fruit Tea (TWD 180 // SGD 7.5) for my drink, i thought it will come in a glass, but it came in a jug!  Me personally dont really like it cause i feel it’s just too sour.

Another one is  Smoked Beef Sandwich with Egg Salad (TWD 150 // SGD 6.5). I love their egg salad! But for the Sandwich, it’s just a normal ones, the beef meat tastes like luncheon meat, but i like the dressing that they put inside the sandwich.


Smoked Chicken Toasted Pizza ( TWD 160 // SGD 7 )This is super recommended! i just love this pizza bread. It’s like, the bread, the chicken meats, and the cheese are just perfect. I think i can eat this everyday! haha. The bread is very soft, and the chicken are just nice, and look at that cheesy topping! Cheese lovers will definitely love this!


This one my my Japanese friend’s favorite dessert! Sesame Ice Cream Waffle ( TWD 170 // SGD 7.2). The sesame ice cream is gooodd.. The yellow one is custard, and the it’s the chocolate-like sauce for the waffle’s topping. The waffle here is quite different. It tastes like bread here. It’s thicker, spongy, very filling, and not crispy. Was thinking that this waffle could be like the A&W waffle in Indonesia. but i was so wrong. haha. Worth the try, but for me, i wont specially come here just for this.


I like this one muchh better, Strawberry Mile-Feuille (TWD 130 // SGD 5.5). The Strawberry is very fresh, can be a little bit sour, but most of it are sweet. Love the texture of the puff-pastry and the creamy filling. Dont be fooled by this picture, actually the size is rather small. Good for 2 people (max), if you really want to share.


This cafe chain is quite famous amongst Taiwanese. Apparently they have this in Tokyo and Hongkong too. Guess the cafe price over here is quite cheap compared to Singapore. But the drink price is almost the same. If you like to hop from cafe to cafe, guess Taipei is a good place for you to venture.



Zhongzheng District, Taipei City Hall, 2nd Floor before Road 18 (next to the house before the road UNIQLO, Watson 2nd Floor)

+ 886-2-2388-3000