Universal Studio Japan – Osaka : Day 5

been a while since i posted about our Japan trip.. been busy latelyy.. huu..

since 4 of us like theme park quite a lot.. we decided to go to USJ as well.. it was Friday and we are afraid that USJ will be darn crowded. so we decided to go there earlier.. *dan pas nyampe, ya bener aja dongg.. ruame buanget*

SONY DSC SONY DSCIt is so crowded over there, so we qucikly find the way to Harry Potter Castle, since it’s one of the major reason that we go to USJ. haha.. they limit the amount of people who’s going in to the Harry Potter castle. so we must go to one corner to get our entry ticket first. our entry time is from 12.45-1.45pm.

it was still around 11 by then. so, we quickly find the Biohazard to get another entry ticket. this Oka was really really eager to shoot some dead people. another one major reason that we go to USJ. and just nice that we got the entry ticket for 3.45-4.45 pm.

after getting the 2 entry tix. we walked around to see what we can play before we enter to Harry Potter Castle. since we only have around 1 hr left.. we decided to grab a quick lunch first, which is a Pizza store beside the Spiderman rides.


The food there is expensive.. i only ordered 1 slice of pizza + soft drink and it cost about 700 Yen? if im not wrong. haha..

after eating, we saw the single rider in Spiderman only took 30 minutes. so we decided to Q for the single riders. *ceritanya mau memanfaatkan waktu sebisa.nya. jadi sendiri2 juga gpp dehh. haha*

Actually i ride this Spidey before in Universal Studio Orlando few years back. it’s the same exact thing.. but it’s still cool tho. for those of you who already ride Transformer in Universal Singapore.. it’s quite the same thing.. just way much cooler i may say. haha.. so basically it’s a 3-D rides where we are the hostage of Doctor Octopus, Electro, Hydro-man and etc, and Spiderman come to the rescue. haha..

after Spidey’s we need to rush back to Harry Potter Castle.. but first, let us take some picture!


Harry Potter Castle 


SONY DSCIMG-20141003-WA0008


Feel so magical, right?? How i love Harry Potter Castle.. haha.. and it feels like you are in the Harry Potter movie.. i grew up with Harry Potter. i watched all the of their movies.. and the feeling when you are in it is like surreal and unbelievable. haha.. *lebay*. The place is so amazing and breathtaking yaa. hehe..  They only have 2 rides if im not mistaken. the 4-D rides and the roller coaster.. since the 4-D rides is the must thing to ride.. then we sacrifice our 2 hrs time to Q.. below are the pictures while we are q-ing. hehe.

SONY DSCIMG-20141003-WA0006IMG-20141003-WA0011i’ve ride this 4-D rides in Orlando too. but the excitement is still there.. i love the feeling when they fly us with the broomsticks and bring us to the quitddich game. And it’s still scary when you face the Dementor and went in to the spiders cave.. it’s just feel so real deh pokok.nya.. the best and the longest 4-D rides ever.. so it’s really worth it for the Q.

after the 4-D rides, we just stroll around for a while, because we need to be in Biohazard soon!


This game was the scariest game among all.. i think i rather go for 30mins non stop roller coaster. haha..

Biohazard itu sama dengan Resident Evil. Im sure all of us know what resident evil, right.. i love to watch zombie movie like Resident evil and walking dead.. haha. but to put it in real-life.. hmmpp.. makasih deh. hahaha.. its just very daunting.

sumpahh ini game serem banget. haha.. basically they put you into a situation whereby you need to shoot the zombies. they already equip us with a big gun and all we need is to kill the zombies.. they formed us to a group of 8 to enter the rooms. there will be an ‘Umbrella’ office who lead us from room to rooms. so at least we know here are we going. but again, all the instructions are in Japanese.. so we dont even know whats happening.. all we know is just to kill all the zombie.. haha..

*makin lama zombie.nya makin aneh2 lagii.. pertama si zombie2 biasa.. terus masuk ke room yg lain ketemu zombie yg kyk lizard gt.. trus di room yg terakir ktmu nemesis yg guede bngt.. horror deh pokok.nyaa.. haha.. ada 1 room yg ada jendelanya. dan gw berdiri pas bngt d depan jendela itu.. gw pikir. shark man pasti ada yg aneh2 bakal kluar dr jendela ini dehh.. ehh. bener aja dong.. pas bngt pas gw minggir.. ehh ada kepala zombie yg kluarr.. uanjirrr.. kalo gw ga minggir sihh udah bs kecium zombie.. hoekkk.. hauahua..*

they have several rooms inside the place. each room have different zombie. so lets say the first 2 room are just normal zombies. then the 3rd room is the lizard zombie then the last room you will meet the nemesis. it’s just getting scarier and scarier. well. maybe to make it clearer.. you can watch the video below.

*ini game sih super seru sbenernyaa.. cuman yaa super serem juga. hahaha.*

after this mentally exhausting game.. we went to Back to the Future, just another 3D rides.

SONY DSC and Finally i got the chance to ride the Hollywood Dream. It’s a roller coaster that really worth the Q as well. since im a roller coaster junkie. of course this ride is a must ride! haha..



*last picture taken from mycars.guru*

We Q-ed for this roller coaster about 2 hrs as well. but it really worth the Q.. this roller coaster considered long, the thrill is there and the best of all, you can play your own music.. yes.. they have 5 songs to choose. and you can listen to the song while you ride and scream on the roller coaster.. haha.. *pokok.nya fun abis dehh* The only thing that made us quite scared is their safety harness. they only have one safety harness around your waist.. normally the safety harness will be on your shoulder right? so you can hold it as well if you are scared.. *yg ini.. kagak ada coyy pengaman yg kyk gt. jadi cuman 1 pengaman di dket perut. haha* but it supersafe.. just that it bothers me a bit, since they have the 360 degree turns. haha..

the most happening thing is.. this roller coaster have a Backdrop ride. so, if you want to experience riding the roller coaster on the other way around. you can re-Q for it. they are still using the same rail, so after 2 times of normal ride.. they will change the track to the other way around. and it’s very veryy fun!! *seru bangett bangett deh pokok.nyaa* it’s a different feeling to ride it backwards.. and a very fun-thrilling feeling to experience the backdrop. for roller-coaster lover, you should ride this when you visit USJ-Osaka.

This backdrop Q takes longer than Hollywood dreams. so we decided to take the single rider that only took about 45minutes only! what i like about universal studio is that they have the single rider Q, so at least we can save some of our time..

since it was already quite late and we were super hungry (only eating 1 slice of that expensive pizza. haha), we decided to go back and try some random ramen along the Dontonburi area.


The gyoza and ramen was just normal compared to Ichiran.. but it was not bad at all.

They said Osaka is very famous with its Takoyaki, they have a lot of Takoyaki stores along the Dontonburi road.. so, we just grabbed which ever that looks nice to eat. and we decided to buy the Takoyaki from this place..


The Takoyaki taste is gooddd..just that we already quite full, so we couldnte enjoy the takoyaki to the fullest. =(

and we ended the night with taking pictures with the most well-known ‘Glico’ signboard. they said they just changed the Glico signboard to a woman.. so previously was a guy and they put light on the signboard.. not sure why they changed it to a woman and no more shining lights on it.. but since we are there already.. of course we must take some pictures with their signature pose right. haha.. *ya masa udah sampe sana ga jadi voto gara2 signboardnya ganti jadi cewek. hahaha*


stay tune.. because tomorrow we are going to Kyotoo!


Disneysea Tokyo : Day 2

continue-ing my story..

so, after we spent our 1st day at Shibuya.. we went to Disneysea on the following day..

it was our first encounter with Tokyo trains.. and the trains are just purely complicated.. *yg ga percaya.. ya boleh liat map di bawah ini.. haha


*picture taken from greggman.com*

kelar bangett ga sihh map.nya?? haha.. liat.nya aja udah jereng ini mata.. haha.

so we already googled on how to go to disneysea from our apartment.. and we already followed the direction from google map. but tadaaa.. we still got lost somewhere in the middle. googlemap said we need to take the train from shibuya to osaki (remain on-board) to shin-kiba and the changed line to maihama station. we thought remain on-board meaning you need to literally remain on-board.. and we were wrong! remaind on-board here means remain in the platform.. so you need to go out from the train and transfer to the other train opposite you.. *tepok jidat banget dehh*


*where we are still very sure that we took the right train*


*and tadaa! after that.. we didnt even know where we were.. hahaha..*

from a few wrong turns, finally we learnt that :

– one platform can be used for several trains *jadi 1 jalur kereta.. mungkin aja bisa ada 3 kreta yg lewat yg tujuannya beda2.. jadi lu harus tau bener lu harus ke arah mana and timing here are very very important.. beda semenit aja tuh bisa jadi bukan kereta yg elo mau naikin*

– the train may not be as long as the train platform *jadi bayangkan misalnya platform itu mulai dari nomor 1-10. mungkin kereta elo itu panjangnya cuman dari nomor 1-5.. jadi kalo lu tunggu di tempat yg salahh.. tetep aja lu bisa ketinggalan kereta.nyaa*

pokok.nya rempong poll dehh..

Trust me google map is your very bestfriend in Japan.. you just need to understand a little bit more on how to take the trains and ask people around you if you want to make sure.. hehe.. find those business woman / man. they surely know how to speak english. or at least simple english.

okay.. enough with the tokyo trains.. you must go there to experience it yourself. haha..

and finally we reached Disney! one of the most wonderful place in the world.. *yg setuju angkat tangan!! haha*

we bought the Disney Ticket in Singapore’s Japan travel agent that cost us about 80 SGD. so we dont need to q anymore.

Disney always give me some magical feeling that i live in a ‘happily ever after’ life. *mungkin kebanyakan nonton disney princess jaman dulu kali yee.. hahaha*


Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.48.49 am

*ada yg bilang gw kyk anak SD dsini. apakah benar? hahaha*

It’s a little different here in Tokyo Disneysea.. somehow i could not feel that magical feeling.. not sure if i already grown up *ciyehh. sok tua yee gw.. haha* or it’s just the place that doesnt spread the magic well. haha.

i feel that the whole place is so dryy.. *kyk kurang sentuhan cinta dari orng2 jepang.nya sendiri*




my friend said maybe we need to wait till evening, so we can feel the ‘magical’ feeling when all the lights is on. so there we were, waiting for the night time to come and see if they can change the ambience. dont get me wrong.. disney sea is a beautiful clean and fun place.. just that i dont feel the touch of Disney’s magic over here. haha.. i dont know how to describe it.. *mudah2an pada ngerti yaa. hahahha*

Many people said that Disneysea is a better place for the adults, because more thrilling rides are there.. and since im quite an adrenaline junkie and love to ride rides a lot.. of course we chose Disneysea than Disneyland.. even though maybe Disneyland will be more dreamy than Disneysea..

we reached Disneysea around 11am. and bought some quick lunch (rice hotdogs) because we dont want to waste our time there eating.. somemore most food there are ridiculously expensive. i think 2 snacks is equal to 1 bowl of ramen. haha.

*jadi sambil bawa makanan.nya, kita lngsung antri ke Tower of Terror. hehe*

we immediately go for Tower of Terror once we bought our ricehotdogs.. we tried to take the fastpass.. but only available at night time.. since we dont want to go back so late. we decided to queue for 1.5 hrs.. =(


not sure if that Tuesday was their public holiday or what.. all rides require us to queue for at least 1.5 – 2 hrs.. hurr.. but since we are already there.. then we just queue for all the rides that we passed by.

okay. firstly is Tower of Terror. the infamous haunted lift hotel that will drop down out of a sudden. *macem mainan di genting gt yg free fall.. tapi yg ini ga segitu ngeri.nya. haha*

since all storyline and all the instruction are in Japanese.. *sumpaahh ga mudeng.com* i dont feel scared at all. haha.. of course right? haha.. *mau ceritanya sehorror apa.. ya karena ga ngerti ga berasa serem sama sekali. haha*

i think Disney is the same everywhere, they will decorate the place as nice as possible so we can feel the ambiance.




well. yg gw mudeng sih yaa.. ceritanya tuh ada 1 om2. macemnya indiana jones ambil 1 boneka gt dari negri antah berantahh.. kyknya bonekanya terkutuk gt.. trus tiba2 pas di dlm lift.. yah lift.nya jadi gelap trus jatoh sendiri aja gt..  dan sampe skrng si om2 itu ga tau lagi dimana keberadaannya..

The ride itself was so fun.. i kinda like the feeling when the thing is about to drop and the tickling feeling in my stomach. haha.. *ya intinya gw suka deh perasaan deg2an sebelum di jatuhin gt.. dan lucu aja gt perasaan geli2 di perutnya. haha.*

owh.. the tipping point where they want to drop us has a very amazing view.. i think everything that we look from far above is always breathtakingly great!  *jadi abis gelap2an gt.. tau2 ada bolongan gt dimana kiat didiem-in sekitar 3 detik dan kita bisa liat view hampir 1 disneysea.. itu yah.. bagus bngt donggg.. mungkin mangkanya bnyk quote2 sering bilang.. jngn liat dr batas kemampuan kamuu.. coba bayangin view dr Tuhan yg atas.. pasti si Babeh udah siapin hal yg indah buat kitaa. hehe*


*if you see the tall building behind me.. that’s the Tower of Terror. pretty high yaa? haha*

after this.. we directly go to Storm Rider. It’s like a 4D show, if you have been to Shrek 4D show in Singapore, this one is similar to that. just that we need to wear seat belt because the chair is keep moving throughout the rides.


The story is about a new device that is invented to pass through the storm.. but suddenly a bigger storm is coming, will the device still work in that kind of condition?  *dan ceritanya kita di dlm si device ituu.. mangkanya kursi.nya goyang2 teruss.. haha*


Finally they gave us an English translation on the screen, so at least we know what the story is about. haha.. so it’s like we are in the device and cutting through the storms. *sayang.nya mnurut gw layarnya ga gede2 amatt.. kalao full screen yg bentuk.nya agak mangkok kan lebih enak yaa liat.nya. hahaha.. banyak mau.nya ye gw. haha*

before we continue to the next rides.. nyemil popcorn dl kitaa.. hehe.. ade gw tertarik bngt tuh gara2 rasanya strawberry. untungnya not bad. hahaha.


our third ride was Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of Crystal skull


*sekali lagi.. niat.com yaa disney buat beginiannya. ahhaha.. oh ya btw.. kalo kalian perhatiin, baju gw yg paling tertutup. alias pake stocking dimana yg lainnya cuman pake celana pendek.. pas siang2 sihh biasa aja cuaca.nyaa.. tapi pas malemm.. beuhh.. untung bngt gw pake stocking inii.. dinging anginnya menusuk sukmaa. hahahah*

Indiana Jones was the longest queue ever. we q-ed about 2 hours and 30 mins.. ~.~` and it was not worth the q at all..


It was just a normal truck ride that shows us the temple ruins and Indiana Jones adventure with the supernatural crystal skull..

maybe this ride suppose to be more exciting and feel more dangerous IF you understand the language.. but yeahh. too bad.. cant understand a single of it. so we just enjoyed the ride. haha.. i expected more shocking turns, or drop, or back drop, or what so ever since it’s Indiana Jones.. but i think the whole ride is just normal for me..  it’s like only see the nice decoration. haha. *tapi mungkin buat anak2 ini udah seru bngt sihh.. bnyk hal menarik di dlm.nya untuk di liat*

actually i wanted to ride the roller coaster from Indiana Jones as well. but they didnt allow us to go in anymore, since its already quite latee.. so sad.. huuu.

and the next attractions of the day was The Magic Lamp Theatre (Aladdin)

indeed this place is far more beautiful at night.. haha



This Aladdin is a 4d show that mix with some magic show. again, if you understand Japanese, this show supposed to be funnier.


Above room was the showcase room where they will tell you some story first before you proceed to the magic show.. it’s quite interesting i may say. since they really do the live magic show and we get to wear the 3d glasses where we can see Geenie popped out from the screen here and there doing his magic.

and this was our last attractions of the day.. since we were already very tired of q-ing and we were starvinggg.

i managed to get a few night pictures before we left..





just when i started to like this place.. its a time to go back already.. =( *beneran lebih cantik yahh klo pake lampu2.. lebih berasa magical gimana gt. muhahahaha*

and for the dinner, we decided to try Sukiya, one of the most famous chain restaurant in Japan. it is something like Yoshinoya.




this is soooo much better than yoshinoyaa..  the beef was tender and juicy and taste gooodd.. and the rice.. well.. nothing can beat japanese rice i think. haha. and the miso soup below.. omaigadddd… it tastes like heavenn. ahhaha.. i can drink the soup only.. *itu slice pork ngambang2 enak bngt. spring onion.nya juga enakk.. semua di miso.nya uennakk pol dehh..*


 very very recommended, and the price is very cheap! only 520 yen (beef bowl) + 120 yen (miso soup) which is less than SGD 10 for both goodness..

ahh.. pengen balik skrng buat makan soup.nya aja.. hahaha.. nighty night!  ❤