What’s for Dinner?

Life is about decision making. From the moment that you woke up to get up or to snooze your alarm. to bath or not to bath because you are running late, which dress / suit to use, etc etc. your daily life is about decision making that makes you, You.

And talking about, What’s Your Dinner? indeed it is one tough baffling question for most of the human being to decide on.

Even though Singapore is only 1.30 hours away from Jakarta, it is very seldom for me to come back. Blame works that only allow me to take 18 days paid leave per year. Well, actually is already quite a lot for a newbie like me, just that i would rather go somewhere that i have never been to instead of going back to Jakarta.

Since 2 years ago, going back to Jakarta doesnt feel like a holiday anymore. it’s because there’s something that i must attend, like close friends weddings or attending family’s events. and this makes me so outdated with what’s ‘happening’ and what’s ‘IN’ now in jakarta. i only know Senopati area and Pasar Santa is so ‘hip’ these days. haha

When i went back to Jakarta last month for the interview, me and some of my cousins decide to catch up and we spend hours just to discuss what’s for dinner? The main problem is, we want to go somewhere that all of us have not tried before. it’s easy for me, since i seldom try out new things in Jakarta. but for them, it’s quite a tough decision. haha..

Finally we decided to go to Kuningan, Central of Jakarta, to taste Blue Grass Bar & Grill

IMG_0801 IMG_0803We ordered some dishes to share, since we intended to grab some dessert after that.

1. Nacho Supreme – Rp. 65.000


I love the cheese so much! but i think the meat is a little bit too dry.

2. Grilled Sirloin – Rp 210.000


a nice tender U.S Sirloin, and just nice mashed-potato. A safe choice if you do not want to try other things

3. American Classic Burger – Rp 85.000


The least tasty food of all =(.. Found the meat is too dry, and nothing special about the burger. Not sure about other burgers, but you can skip this and try other things instead.

4. Pork Pepperoni Pasta – RP 75.000


I Love the pasta, it feels al dente and creamy. Only the Pork Pepperoni doesnt goes well with the pasta, it tastes weird because it so salty and taste like ‘Lap Cheong’ or chinese pork sausage. for me chinese sausage and italian pasta is not a good fusion.

5. Bluegrass Crazy Rice – RP 65.000

IMG_0808    Our favorite among all dishes that we had. it was quite a surprise that their ‘Nasi Gila’ or Crazy Rice is so tasteful. Basically it is a buttered rice topped with diced beef meatballs, stir-fry chicken and beef sausage. everything is just so nice on this plate. Love to come back and eat this one more time. =)

iRate Bluegrass : 7.3 / 10

Ambiance : 8

Service : 7.5

Food : 7.5

Value for Money : 6


**One-Third of Darmento Cousins**

Bluegrass Bar & Grill

Komplek Rasuna Epicentrum, Bakrie Tower lantai GF, JL. HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan, Jakarta Pusat,Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12710, Indonesia.

+62 21 29941660

What to Eat in Bali

Yellow peeps, I just went back from Bali ! *teehee..

went there to attend one of our best friend’s wedding.

and of course.. we went there to enjoy ourselves too!  haha..

I think Bali is always a fun place to go,

it is a destination that will never go wrong. *well.. unless there’s another attack from terrorist*

It’s an island of gods, island of beauty, island of paradise, island of peace, island of love, island of party, and an island of food..! 

Yes.. our goal there is somehow to eat and try new cafes as much as we can. haha.. 

Our first night was a bit sucky, we just reached bali about 7pm, and

intended to eat Menega – Jimbaran, but all the ‘bumbu/saos’ spices/sauce were already finished.

the waiters said we were too late already..

we just knew that most Jimbaran are closing at 9.30.. 

always thought they will open until very late.. with all the ‘bumbu’ still in stock. =(


since Jimbaran is quite close with Rock Bar – Ayana,

so we proceed directly to the hotel..

as like the other bars, they only have small bites and drinks..

so, we consumed the calamari rings and potato sets with some juices. *didnt dare to drink alcohol since our stomach were still empty*

It is indeed a pretty place but rather expensive.. 

also, please go during the afternoon – sunset time, so you can feel the breeze and take pretty pictures.

that night was so stuffy and cant take any decent pics. =(.

so, we went for revenge on the next day..

our first stop was Nasi Pedes Ibu Andika – just opposite Joger (Jalan Raya Kuta)

well. who does not know this Indonesian mixed rice with their glorious ‘sambal’ chili.

people said Nasi Pedes Ibu Hanif – located beside BCA ATM in Pasar Kuta  is way better than Ibu Andika, but too bad it was closed when we wanted to go there at 11.30pm. maybe it’s weekend, so they sold out early. 

Not like Ibu andika that somehow always open.. Ibu Hanif only open from 18.00-24.00.


after Nasi Pedes Breakfast, we went to Mulia Hotel – Nusa Dua to chill out, meet some friends who just nice were staying there and eat some cute cakess.. hehe


all are cakes ! can you imagine? hahaha.. so cute ya..

Mulia is so pretty ! i dont know who the architect is.. i found it so awesome.. hihi.

i think i can stay here forever. ahahhaa.. *lebay*


after we indulge our sweet tooth, we went to Potato Head – at Petitenget to grab our lunch before we go for SPA.

but too bad, the western area are full, and only left with the asian food.

so here we are, just enjoy our self in the bar and drink some mocktails. hehe.

after 1 hour of relaxation and rejuvenation that i will show you on the next post,

we headed to Ultimo – seminyak area to grab our lunch.

Ravioli Di Polo – Chicken ravioli with mushroom and butter cream


i think this place is best for their Italian food.

and they also have a very reasonable price.

interior wise is not too fancy, but decent enough to have a proper meal and to hang out.


after a very late lunch,

we went back to hotel to get ready for our best friend’s bridal shower at The Bistrot – seminyak 

which means, we have early diner !

i personally cannot eat any more. haha..

but, since we already there, i just ‘comot-comot’ tried a few bites from my friend’s dishes and ordered a tea that i hopes can burn some of today’s fats. haha.


the place is pretty vintage, and i love it..

We cannot make too much noises there, cause the manager said some of the ‘bule’ tourists complained to her. haha..

well.. what to do ? you know what to expect when you put 25 girls together in the same table..

*kita ga naik2 meja buat bridal shower udah bagus bngt waktu itu* haha..


the following day we ate Warung Made – Jalan Raya Kuta for brunch before we got ready for the wedding event.

chicken sate lilit

nasi campur made – if im not wrong. hehe

too many things inside until i dont know what i eat anymore. haha

aahh.. the fried rice is super nice.. very comforting in my mouth and stomach. hehe..


right after the wedding event, we went for supper to Mamas Germany restaurant – Jalan Legian Kuta.

they open 24 hrs if im not wrong. hehe.

Cheese Spatzle *super fattening*

Spatzle is traditional German pasta.


the next day we need to go back to Singapore already.. ahhh.. =((

so, we just eat Ayam Betutu Pak Man – Jalan kubu anyar tuban near by our hotel.

this restaurant got feature in Kompas few years back, they say the crispy duck is the bomb.

but too bad, i dont fancy duck at all.

 the ayam betutu is not bad.

but i love the sate lilit – its a fish satay. so yummss.. hehehe.

yeah.. thats all for my gastronomic adventure for this 3 days.

please let me know if there’s anymore nice things to eat in Bali.

would love to try it when i have the time to go there again next time. =)