Famous Taiwanese Breakfast : Fu Hang Dou Jiang (VLOG)

If you google on what to eat for breakfast in Taipei city, Fu Hang Dou Jiang will definitely be one of the top list. Located quite at the heart of the city, each day this place draws hundreds of customers who craves for local authentic breakfast. They diligently open their stalls that is located at second floor of Hua Shan Market. Everyday (except Monday), they will open their business at 5.30am, and you can find that people are already lining up by then. Since this breakfast place is so famous and people said it’s a must try breakfast when you come to Taipei, so me and my brother went to try how good it tastes like.

Reached the place about 10.45am, and saw a long line up. Luckily the line went quite fast that day and we only took 15 minutes to Queue.. *Rumour said that sometimes you need to line up for 45 minutes* When it is about your turn, i suggest you to make up your mind first, cause there’s no much time for you to read the menu one by one, since they are very fast in taking and serving your order, and they want the Q to keep moving.


So, this was what we ordered:


Cold SoyMilk

My favourite all time drink! They have both the sweetened/salty and hot/cold soymilk. Since i dont have much time to think and afraid that i may not like the salty ones. so i just go ahead with the normal cold soymilk. When they asked me to eat here or to take away. i said to eat here, and suddenly they served me a bowl of soyamilk, i thought i ordered wrongly, but they said it’s the soyamilk that i was ordering.. Well.. after that we decided to order one more soyamilk cause my brother wanted to have one as well, and you know what did i received.. It was a cup of soymilk. :/ Really not sure on how it works.

Anyway, the soyamilk is gooodd.. And i think there’s no awful soyamilk in Taipei. All soyamilk taste good for me. haha.

You Tiao (Cakwe / Fried Cruller)

My Favorite snack of all time! I can just eat this everyday for my breakfast. Too bad it’s not good for your health since it’s deep fried and tend to be oily/ greasy sometimes. This is very well paired with Soyamik!

You Tiao here is very different. I guess this is my very first time to eat super crunchy cakwe that cant be teared into two. It’s so crunchy that it feels like eating some crackers. Nevertheless this popular Taiwanese dish still taste good for me.

There’s another way to eat your You Tiao, which i just discovered as well. Just crack it into two and dip it to the cold / hot soymilk that you order. it will give you a whole different taste! I cant really describe on how it taste like, but as for me i felt that somehow it enhances the soymilk taste. Give it a try. =)

Hou Shao Bing (Thick Shao Bing) 

It’s a thick fluffy yet dry bread filled with omelette egg (egg is optional). The bread itself is already good and crunchy with a little bit of sweetness in it, but it may overpower the egg a little bit. This bread is savoury and one of their best selling item.


Bao Shao Bing (Thin Shao Bing)

It’s exactly the same with the hou shou bing with a thinner bread that taste less sweet. I personally like the thin one better, cause you can simply taste their savoury egg better. *And i dont know why outside omelette is just better than homemade ones*haha. Well, but i guess the thick bread will be more filling if you are looking for something to satisfy your tummy.



Fu Hang Dou Jiang
Hua Shan Market, 2F. No. 108, Zhongxiao East Rd., Sec. 1
Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan

(Exit 5 Shandao Temple, and Hua Shan Market is already on your right side)

Tried to make another VLOG (in Bahasa Indonesia) about this, and i discovered that my food vocabulary need to be expanded. Cant really describe the taste well when i record myself, i realized that i need to ponder first on how it taste to write it down. =( Bravo to the food blogger who can get the word on point when they made their VLOGs. =) Anyway, Enjoy my VLOG! ❤





Taipei Must Drink

Taiwan is so famous with its Zhen Zhu Nai Cha (Bubble Milk Tea), people said that you have not visited Taiwan if you have not drink any of it. I like Bubble Milk Tea too, but too bad i cant drink it so often cause i have Low Caffeine Tolerance. Which means, i cannot drink too much of caffeinated drink such as Tea and Coffee, especially MilkTea.

I discovered my Caffeine Intolerance when i first came to Singapore. Sat down in one of chain breakfast shop on one afternoon , ordered one small cup of hot MilkTea and found myself sleeping at 4am with a very fast heart-beat like i’m on a roller coaster that is going down the trail.

Since i dont know how to deal with it, so the best thing is to avoid it as much as possible and find good substitute drink for my sweet-drink cravings.

So below is my best substitute drink in Taipei (as for now):


One of popular hang out chain-cafe in Taiwan (i heard) not just in Taipei. and I love their Lu Gai Cha (Green Tea topped with a nice sea-salty cream) that taste like cheese cream for me. The Green tea is not so sweet as well, so the ‘cream-cheese’ really complements the taste. They have two types of tea, Green tea and Red Tea – which is much sweeter. and for you who is ‘cream-cheese’ lover, you can order for extra cream too!


2. Cheng Dou Yang Tao Bing

No. 3, Chengdu Rd., Wanhua District, Ximending, Taipei city.

(From Ximen MRT station exit 6, make direct U-turn and see the below signboard slowly)

If you like to eat Feng Li Su (Pineapple Tart), then you have to try how Taiwanese Pineapple Drink like. My friend said this shop always have a long Queue in summer, and here i am drinking it in winter time with No Queue at all. haha.. Have to admit that the Pineapple Drink is very refreshing, cause it’s cold, very sweet with a little bit of sourness. They sell other drinks too like orange and starfruits, and those sour drinks that can really refresh you in summer time.


**above picture taken from here**

3. Ba Fang Yun Ji 

It’s a Taiwanese Dumpling chain restaurant that sells many kinds of nice dumpling, from fried ones to steamed ones. and they serve a very nice Dou Jiang (SoyMilk). I am a ‘milk-person’, i literally drink milk everyday for my breakfast and i will feel something is lacking if i skip a day without it. haha. Since i love sweet stuffs, i always have chocolate milk every morning. And too find out that there’s very nice soymilk that taste sweet and light, indeed it is the best feeling ever. I literally crave their Dou Jiang everyday, and i can drink 2 cups of it. Too bad that people said it is not good to consume SoyMilk everyday. =(


4. Chen San Ding 

This is a really must drink when you are in Taipei, cause i guess it is only available in Taipei. It’s a Bubble Fresh Milk! or Zhen Zhu Xian Cha. They dont sell Bubble tea here. So what makes it so special? They make their pearl (made from tapioca) with brown sugar and use Fresh Milk as their drink. And whereby other Bubble tea shop ask you level of sweetness, Chen San Ding  get natural sweets from the ‘brown-sugar-pearl’ itself. And it taste like Heaven! i really dont exaggerate on this one! Probably the best ‘bubbletea’that i have ever drink. The pearl taste so chewy and not as sweet as i thought. Even though some people may find it too sweet for them.

Located at : Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 100, Lane 316, Sec 8 Nongkou Roosevelt.

Nearest MRT is Gong Guan Station. They always have a long queue and a big signage. Guess it will be easy for you to find it.



Happy Trying people! ❤ ❤