Giant Swing in Ubud, Bali

Happy new year, everyone! Hope your new year has been aca-awesome this far! #pitchperfectfever haha

It was still fresh in my mind how i started my first day in 2017. Woke up late after new year’s eve celebration, and decided to went out for early dinner. That time my brother just bought a new car and asked me to drive cause he was still very sleepy. I told him that im not good at parking. And he was like, ‘you can’. Anddd, i ended up my first day of 2017 by stratching my bro’s car so badly.. grazing it against the rough wall. #goshhh.. luckily it was still under insurance.. since then, my bro and my dad never asked me again to park their car in that ‘letter L’ position in my house. Hahaha.

So, It has been 2 days of 2018 and ive spent it smoothly.. pray that the rest of 2018 will be as smooth and even smoother! *Amen!

Anywayy, i spent most of my December in Bali, one of the most beautiful island in Indonesia. I had some MC gigs to do, and some collaboration to work on. And it felt so good, when you can do things that you love and get the chance to travel too!

And on this trip, i got to try the Giant Swing in Ubud! Well, actually we found this place by accident. Haha

We initially wanted to visit Pulina, the coffee plantation in Ubud area. But since it was raining that time of day, and we need to pay Rp 100,000 (SGD 10) for the entrance fee. So, we decided to give it a pass and look a for a cafe to hangout instead.

When we were driving around, my friends in the first car just randomly stop at one little place. I was like, are you sure we gonna stop here? But i was very wrong.. This cafe might look little and ordinary from the outside, but it offers a very cozy ambiance and beautiful view for the guests! And what’s more amazing is they have a giant swing! We were super excited when we saw that! I guess we are just a bunch of kids that trapped in adults body. Hahaha.

Not long after we reached the cafe, the rain slowly stopped. Super yeayyy moment! cause we finally can play the giant swing! Wohhoo!! SO, We asked the waiter on how to ride the swing? Do we have to pay for it as well?

They said only adult can play the giant swing, and no particular rules to follow. the only thing that they asked us is, NOT to release your hand off the ropes. And, as for the fee, the cafe should have charged us Rp 75,000 ( SGD 7,5) for each ride. But the kind-hearted owner gave free rides for all of us as long as we ordered something to drink, which only cost Rp 30,000 – 40,000 per drink. This cafe is super recommended. Just opened for 2 months only, and they have nice drinks and snacks with affordable price.

Anddd, my experience playing with the giant swing is super awesome!! The feeling was like you’re riding some rides in universal studio. Super thrilling yet exciting. And the very first swing was the best feeling ever! It feels so tingling in your stomach and your heart beats so quickly more than ever.. Haha.. But the view up there is so worth it, so beautiful until you dont want to go down. so pretty that you want to go even higher and higher. haha.. I Really love this experience, and want to go for more giant swing now!

See below for my Giant Swing VLOG! ❤

Jl. Raya Tegallalang, Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561
9AM – 6PM Daily

Ubud : Sari Organik – The Healthy Option in Bali

Bali is so well known for its porky meals and their Jimbaran seafood. Those food are indeed super nice, but for those souls who hunger for more hearty food, afraid not, because Bali does offer a lot of healthy and organic food.

One of if is Sari Organik, which located at Ubud. To go to this organic restaurant, we first must walk about 800metres from Ubud’s main road. The walk there is a bit hilly and narrow, so if you want to go there, take off your heels, and get your comfortable slippers / shoes.

it took us about 20-30 minutes to go there, we walked up slowly as we enjoy the beauty of the paddy-fields, breath the fresh air along the way, see how clear the sky is, and of course, taking pictures is necessary since we dont get to see the nature often. Do take note that you have to be careful, as many locals are using motorcycle as their main transportation.


SFOC8897And after a refreshing walk, finally we reached Sari Organik. Since all of us just ate huge breakfast, we first decided to share our food. But when we looked at the menu, we felt that everything there are very enticing. at the end, all of us ordered a menu and 2 juices for each. we felt like some buffalos that never drink for days. haha.



** The Juices**


**Warm Feta Cheese Salad** – If im not mistaken


**Sari Burito**


**Balinese Nasi Campur (with Chicken)**


**Rainbow Sweet Potato Ball*


Above are only one third of our order, we ordered a lot more than that until we couldnt find anymore place to put anything else other than food. I think, the food there is good enough for a non-vegan like me. I dont really eat salad and other organic things, but all the foods here are very edible even for a carnivore type of person.

Personally, i like the feta salad and the Tempe on my Balinese rice. The salad are so fresh and yummy, and the Tempe are crunchy and simply tasty. The price here are very affordable too, the foods are about Rp 30.000 – 50.000, while the healthy juices are about Rp 20.000 – 30.000.

The place itself is very green too. If you are looking for an affordable healthy food with a nice tranquil view, maybe it is one of the best option in Ubud. And for those of you who smoke, they dont prohibit you from smoking. But if other guest are disturbed, you will be encouraged to put it off as they want to keep a healthy environment as well.




But afterall, it doesnt matter what the food is, and where is it at, as long as you have a great company!


Overall Experience:

Ambiance : 4 / 5

Food : 3,5 / 5

Price : 4 / 5

Sari Organik

Subak Sok Wayah (go in from Jalan Raya Tjampuhan)
T: (0361) 972 087

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